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August 1, 2015 - I've done the best jethro tull songs, so now its time to do the hard task of picking 10 albums in the amazing Jethro Tull repertoire. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

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Thick As A Brick
a truly innovative album where poetry and folk-rock gets together in an eclectic way they (the band) we're looking for. this format is the most perfect on this album. a true work of art which is still relevant. I love the cover as well, a statement for vinyl's presence, still
I know "Aqualung" was great, but there were certain moments in that album that really were not that good, such as any of the acoustic links in the album. "Thick As A Brick" has no filler at all, and is just plain fantastic.
Something that had never been done before. Progressive and innovative, a true masterpiece!
[Newest]A filler less album that is just perfect.

Aqualung is, of course, the Tull album that first got me (and other Tull fans not old enough to witness the 60's) into the band. To be sure it is a great classic rock album and it really set the tone for the bands unique sound, but as much as I love it, it doesn't have enough of what makes me love Jethro Tull to be any higher than #6 on this list. It seems to be number 1 or 2 on most Tull fan lists.
Martin Barre shows why he is the king of riffs here in this album which showcases his excellent talent sounding formidable in both the acoustic and electric side of his guitar playing; oh yeah and Anderson writes great tunes too!
babu ba bu ba ba, (that was supposed to be the riff from aqualung, which is awesome)

3Heavy Horses
A great all round album, but song for song I probably like "Stormwatch" more. But if I was trapped on a deserted island I'd pick Heavy Horses over Stromwatch because of the the title song. The song Heavy Horses is not just the best Jethro Tull song, but the greatest song ever. I love the music and the words of this song so much. But don't get me wrong, I still love the whole album.
I wasn't into Tull in the seventies, but thirty plus years later they're in my 2 or 3 all time favorites. Heavy Horses is truly outstanding and the title track is my favorite Tull song. The melodies and arrangements of the songs are exceptional.
The best out of the trio of folk-rock albums. Not a bad song on the album. Just a SOLID collection of songs. One of my top three favorites!

4Songs From The Wood
I really like what Ian Anderson does with old English folk music. So it should be no surprise that I love "Songs From The Wood. " Maybe the most beautiful album to be found in the Tull Discography. The most folky of the Tull Folk Trilogy for sure. It would have made a better follow up to Minstrel In The Gallery than Too old To Rock N' Roll: Too Young To Die did.
My favorite for sure. So much creativity. Evocative moods and images. Great performances all around. Between this album and Heavy Horses, the rhythm section of Barlow and Glascock were at full strength; exuberant, but never self-aggrandizing. Everything works in perfect balance on this record. Truly an experience.
I'd call this album underrated, but the critics dug it and die hard Tull fans understand it for what it is (a masterpiece). But I have introduced many a casual fan to Tull with this album, and though to a person they did not recognize any of the songs, they all walked away wanting more. From the Fire at Midnight to the acid rock Pibrach, this album has it all.

5Crest Of A Knave
Crest Of A Knave was a great comeback for Tull after Under Wraps went against their usual musical format. Favorites of mine are Steel Monkey, Farm In The Freeway, Said She Was A Dancer and Budapest. This album won a Grammy too! It's one of Tull's greatest albums.

6Catfish Rising
Stay away from this one. Generally regarded as one of the worst albums made by an otherwise brilliant band. Everything below it on this list is far superior, as well as Benefit, Stormwatch and a string of other masterpieces.

7Minstrel in the Gallery
Minstrel In The Gallery is with out question the greatest Tull album. The title song is Tull at their absolute best. The whole album is truly a masterpiece. Every song is not just good, but great. Most of them are my favourite Tull songs. The whole rang of Jethro Tull's sound can be found in fine form.
Baker St. Muse. 'enough said.
Totally agree. Genius. Off to the Albert hall 30th June to see Thick as a Brick performed live (part 1 and 2). But Minstrel is my all time favourite album...
[Newest]Listened to this on YouTube recently (have also on vinyl) I d forgotten how good it is. a tull classic indeed.

8Stand Up
This is a great jethro tull album. It's very unique compared to the other music of jethro tull. Every song is very listenable with so many different influences. This one should be in your tull collection.
For me Stand Up is Jethro Tull's real first album. Not as unique as the Tull albums that would eventually follow, it is never the less a great album that still rocks just as loud now as back in 69.
Tull's second album marked a turning point because Ian Anderson took control of the band and added much of the folk rock elements the band is now know for. Martin Barre makes his debut here. Favorites of mine are New Day Yesterday, Bouree, Nothing Is Easy, We Used To Know, and Reasons For Waiting.
[Newest]Excellent early Tull album. Rated way too low here. Should be near the top,

Not the best but a little underrated one. anyway its very good one
A very underrated album yet excellent and eclectic!

10A Passion Play
A passion Play is so-o-o-o underrated. The slightly darker flip-side of TAAB. This is a rich musical tapestry which makes 40 minutes or so pass in the blink of an eye. Like many of Tull's albums of this period, what value for money! If I had to pay a penny for every time I listened to APP, it would have cost me the price of a small house
This album is extremely addictive that would have you listening to it for hours, especially between the parts at 9:o5 all the way to 20:00. True masterpiece and an album everyone should listen to sometime or another!
A Passion Play will always be the most intense Tull album of all time.

The Contenders

11The Broadsword And The Beast
The Broadsword And The Beast", like "A", could not escape the influence of the 80s. But unlike "A", "The Broadsword And The Beast" manages to pull it off. In Fact, It does more than pull it off, it is actually a better album for it. "The Broadsword And The Beast" takes the synthesizer sound of the 80s and uses it with the same wisdom as Peter Gabriel or Pink Floyd did in the 80s. Ian Anderson uses it to make the songs sound more epic like in a movie score. Plus, there are some songs that sound like they could have been taken strait off of Tull's earlier work. So even though "The Broadsword And The Beast" sounds totally different from any of Tull's earlier work, it sounds uniquely like Tull and is a solid work... dare I say it, a great album if one is willing to be open to Tull's new sound. Sadley, Jethro Tull would not return to this sound.
Synthesizers done right. Most 80's stuff sounds dated and old school but a listen to Broadsword is a listen to timeless sounding music from the master. I'm going to have to go with this one being Tull's best. Yes I love the 70's stuff and other than the weaker voice I love 90's tull as well. Broadsword has Ians voice still intact and at his songwriting peak. An overlooked album that all the fans of the 70s stuff really need to give it a good listen.
An absolutely awe inspiring album. I'm doing an art project where I have Ian (who the cover figure is based off of) in a climbing position coming out of the canvas.


This is by far the best Tull album as a true band and not a Ian Anderson solo effort with backing that so many later Tull albums became. Also the last album with Glenn Cornick on bass, incredible player. Ian was just a band member and songwriter at this point, he sure put an end to that... Starting with Aqualung.
Stand Up should be seen as Jethro Tull's real first album, and not This Was, for it is on Stand Up that we first see the musical soul of Tull. Not as unique as the Tull albums that would eventually follow, it is never the less a great album that still rocks just as loud now as back in 69.
To me, far and away their most consistent album. From start to finish not a weak track. There are other Tull albums with higher highs but none with the overall depth of Benefit
[Newest]Never get fed up listening to this fantastic album.made me a fan for life.

Stormwatch is arguably the hardest and softest of the Tull Folk Trilogy. I do believe that it is possibly the last great Tull album. I say that despite the fact that I have placed "Broadsword And The Beast" at #10. "Stromwatch" also has the song Elegy which I think is the best instrumental (or at least tied with Bouree) of the bands catalog.
I've never understood why this album is so underrated. It's got everything that makes a great Tull record, save the humor. It's dark and sounds just like the album art suggests. Beautiful interplay between the instruments. Incredible work by Barry Barlow and David Palmer. Even the lyrics are some of Ian's best. Why oh why is this not considered one of Tull's best?
A great album, fantastic tracks. This was to be the bookend of a great era for the TULL. The last of the supposed folk trilogy which started with "Songs from the Wood". This album is quite dark and not exactly an album I would put on to get a party going (who needs parties anyway... CRANK IT UP LOUD! Tull RULES!

14Rock Island

15J-Tull Dot Com

16This Was
An incredibly underrated album. Tull's debut with a much more blues/jazz influence, thanks to guitarist Mick Abrahams of Blodwyn Pig fame. Favorites of mine are My Sunday Feeling, Beggar's Farm, Serenade To A Cuckoo, Darmha For One and Song For Jeffrey. This album is neat because Ian Anderson wasn't quite the leader of the band of this point.
This album gets so much flack for supposedly sucking, so many people just dismiss it. It is a very simple album with a number of instrumentals, and its not my favourite, but it is certainly far from the worst in the collection.
Beggars Farm, My Sunday Feeling and Song for Jeffery are all excellent. Vastly underrated in this collection.

17Living In The Past
Often mistaken for a compilation it is surly not. It is a must have album for any Tull fan. It showcases Tull's range in ways that no other album does.
Living in the Past should definitely be in the top five. It's very well crafted album. It'll put you in a good mood for sure!

18Too Old to Rock 'n' Roll: Too Young to Die!
Totally underrated album- I was well and truly locked into the punk thing in '76, and can't even remember why I bought this record!... But I did, and to this day I love it.
I love the conceptional continuity of this album. I also think it is totally underrated.


The Tull album that symbolizes the end of the 70's era for the band. The traditional sound of Jethro Tull is missing in this album.

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