Best Jewel Songs


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Foolish Games
Such a sad and beautiful song.

2Who Will Save Your Soul




6You Were Meant for Me

7Standing Still

8Break Me

92 Become 1

10What's Simple Is True

The Contenders

11St Louis Blues

12Make It Last

13Quest for Love

14Proud Mary

15Serve the Ego

16V-12 Cadillac

17Stay Here Forever
My fave song of hers. This is such a feel good song, whenever it starts playing I feel like cycling around the countryside on a sunny day, eating ice creams and stuff. This song is also on Valentine's day ost.
Just cannot see why not many people know this song. Such a beautiful one

Why is this not even on the list!.. This is a Grammy nominated one. And such an emotional song with Jewel's ever beautiful and soothing voice. Love this

19Have a Little Faith In Me

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