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The lyrics even though you've failed yourself drifting. What not happen again and please do not complain handheld always dream.. Until one day your dreams come true..

This song brings the spirit and the meaning is enough good

Good song and very nice to listening

Not to give up, keep moving forward for our dream..

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2Kimi No Koto Ga Suki Dakara

Because as good and memorable song...
J...K...T... Forty-eight

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3Ponytail To Shushu

Good song! I think this song is the best song of 48 family!

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4Hissatsu Teleport

Simple songs, but expressions :D

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5Heavy Rotation

This song is truly lovely. Everything is wonderful, the melody, the lyrics, the voice. It reminds me to my childhood, to the animes I grew with.

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7Futari Nori No Jitensha

A cool arrangement, uplifting melody, and the members' voices sound so good. Better than AKB original version.

8Boku No Sakura
9Shiroi Shirt

Amazing song, Love Love Love!

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11Baby! Baby! Baby!

I love you jkt! Jkt! Jkt!

12Kiss Shite Son ShichattaV1 Comment
13Fortune Cookie In Love

Good Lyric, very good

This is the best song from Jkt48

14Yuuhi Wo Miteiruka?

Nice to hear and pretty much relaxing. Love this song!

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15Heart Gata Virus
16Hikouki Gumo
17Gomen Ne, Summer
18Kimi Ni Autabi Koi Wo
19Tenshi No Shippo
201! 2! 3! 4! YoroshikuV1 Comment
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1. Ponytail To Shushu
2. Hissatsu Teleport
3. Shiroi Shirt
1. River
2. Heavy Rotation
3. Shonichi



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