Top Ten Best Joe Satriani Songs

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41 Why Why

Awesome rhythm... Not too heavy not too light. Just epic!

This is such an underrated song. Should be higher.

42 (You're) My World (You're) My World
43 Hands In the Air Hands In the Air
44 Luminous Flesh Giants Luminous Flesh Giants V 1 Comment
45 Asik Veysel

Simply a great song with great riffs especially intro is awesome. It is very unique

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46 The Crush of Love The Crush of Love

Please this is one of the best Joe satriani's songs ever!

This is an awesome song, and one of my favorites, this should be in the top 10.

Definitely top 10 song... At least top 20

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47 Premonition Premonition

I can listen to this song 20 times in a row. The ride that the picking technique takes you on just feels like the guitar truly is singing... So much drama love it.

48 Until We Say Goodbye Until We Say Goodbye
49 Rubina Rubina

There's so much emotion in this song. Such a simple, but awesome, riff. Watch him play it live in 1988

This slower song has a lot of feeling. Great version on Time Machine.

50 The Souls of Distortion The Souls of Distortion

Wow. I am just shocked this is not in even in the top 50.?

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51 Big Bad Moon Big Bad Moon

29? What? This song screams "Rock 'n Roll" more than any of his others. And it's real catchy, just like his other songs. His singing is really good, and it makes you wonder why he doesn't sing that much. But I guess that would ruin his style.
And the music video for this song? BAD. ASS.

52 Lights of Heaven Lights of Heaven

This is good song, if You want to have a party with playing with guitars, You should stream this song. I like it.

This song is so underrated and so epic. It gives a clue about lights of heaven. Best satch song for me.

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53 Midnight Midnight

One of his greatest works,genius time stamps with such emotional gutar parts

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54 Unstoppable Momentum Unstoppable Momentum
55 Time Machine Time Machine

Time machine is for sure one of his best.

56 Borg Sex Borg Sex
57 War War

The best song on the best album

58 Redshift Riders Redshift Riders

This song, for me, has really taken a spot among the very best of Joe's. Every time I hear it I just stop what I am doing. Possibly my favorite.

Its one of the song, that motivate me 2 love various styles of music... I'm very much inspired by satraini

59 A Love Eternal A Love Eternal

Is best song I've ever heard

60 Back to Shalla-Bal Back to Shalla-Bal

The solo is a legend. He most likely broke all of his strings.

I listened to this song 10 times in a row, I'm not kidding

This was my introduction ot Satriani, for me is this is in the best musics with summer song

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