Best John Wayne Movies


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The Searchers
HE deserved the Oscar for this performance
It the best iv ever seen it makes me cry the last part of the movie thank you mr john wayne and mr john ford
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2The Cowboys
I LOVE this movie! With all the little boys and john it's a perfect movie I think it should be #1!

3Red River
Red river is the best


5Big Jake

6The Shootist
The best was last.
This movie just summed it all up. The most honest movie I have seen to date.

7The Sons of Katie Elder

8The War Wagon

9True Grit
This movie defines the meaning of a man with 'grit'. John Wayne shows many sides to his talents, grit, compassion and determination... a real treat. The Best in my humble opinion.
A more mature performance being someone other than john Wayne.

10The Quiet Man
A colorful film very beautifully directed.

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Good movie to watch

12El Dorado
How could this movie not be in the top 5.


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