Best John Wayne Movies


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The Searchers
I was inspired to watch this movie because I listened to a band called The Searchers. The Searchers named themselves after the John Wayne movie. Also Buddy Holly wrote the song "That'll Be The Day" because of John Wayne's catch phrase in The Searchers


I agree this should be one of his top 10 movies, however I think The Shootist should be #1, based on what was going on in his personal life.
HE deserved the Oscar for this performance
[Newest]God movie but I don't think its #1 big jake, rio lobo should be top movies

2The Cowboys
I always remember this movie when I was young. John Wayne at his best! This shows that young boys were true men and respectful.
I LOVE this movie! With all the little boys and john it's a perfect movie I think it should be #1!

3Red River
Red river is the best
My top two john Wayne movies not listed. The quit man. McClintock.


5Big Jake
I belive this to be best jhon Wayne movie ever

6The Shootist
John Wayne played a dying man when he himself was dying. He played a gunslinger whose glory days had passed as America was at the cusp of a new century. He played the role in a very moving, heartfelt manner. It was if he knew this movie was a symbolic passing of the torch as western movies' glory days were also passing, but he wanted to go out on a high note. In my humble opinion, this silver screen giant gave the best performance of his legendary career. There will never be another like him.
This movie just summed it all up. The most honest movie I have seen to date.
What courage it must have taken to make this movie, as he in real life was also dying of cancer.

7The Sons of Katie Elder

8The War Wagon

9True Grit
This movie defines the meaning of a man with 'grit'. John Wayne shows many sides to his talents, grit, compassion and determination... a real treat. The Best in my humble opinion.
A more mature performance being someone other than john Wayne.

10The Quiet Man
A colorful film very beautifully directed.
The story content was exceptional.
This might be one of the best movies about Ireland ever made. It has a little of everything and is great fun.

The Contenders

Good movie to watch

12El Dorado
How could this movie not be in the top 5.
Best JW movie because of Dean and Walter.

13Rio Lobo
I can't belive this isn't in top 10


15Tall in the Saddle

16Rio Bravo

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