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1When You Look Me In The Eyes

Lovely and heart-touching song...
With meaningful wordings...
Must watch...

All the guys can gift a set of romantic songs to their gals...
Specially including this one...

just love this... nothing much to say.. any1 who heard dis song... will agree.. great lyrics... first song of JoBros.. I really liked... & can keep on listening a 1000 times...

its a karoke version
it's slow but touching heart
everyone should listen this at least once

Bomb ass song. hits me right in the feels

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2Burnin' Up

I love it. Nothing more to say :D Listen to it! :P The video (with Selena Gomez! )is amazing and so is the song!

I can't get out this song on my mind. Hearing this song MADE ME THEIR FAN

I like selena gomez and the song is really nice.

I love Burnin Up I mean how can it not beat When you look me in the eyes

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I like this song with my heart. It is a amazing song it gives music sense and shows the musical abilities. This song rocks, brothers sing this song very rockingly, I listen this song every time when I was use my laptop

This is the very best of the Jonases. The song has no comparison.

Its my favorite song

I love lovebug

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Why is this song at the 19th place? I mean is a masterpiece I am inlove with the lyrics, I don't actually pop, but this one touch my heart

And I got say Is about that song to and yea it made me feel when you say sorry is something you never to a person is who forgot somebody's birthday form August 13 when you say sorry it means nothing to you but it dose to me to that's I love that song to

I'm madly in love with this song. And joe's voice is so perfect!

Best song of Jonas Brothers! Should be number 1! Miss them :(

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I started to listen this song since I was 15. I think there can't simply be someone who doesn't like this song. This song gives me joy every time I hear it. I had many memories of this song. If I listen to this song, it reminds me my friends. I really thank Jonas brothers for singing such a good song for me. Hope you like it.

An awesome song. Joe has a very unique voice and a damn good modulation. It feels better everyday to hear this song.

This was the first Jonas Brothers song I ever heard and I am still in love with them. :)

I know all your song

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6Can't Have You

Why the heck is this song #41? This is there best song! IT SHOULD BE #1 ~I don't wanna fall asleep 'Cause I don't know if I'll get up And I don't wanna cause a scene But I'm dyin' without your love Begging to hear your voice Tell me you love me too 'Cause I'd rather just be alone If I know that I can't have you~~ like those are the best lyrics ever this is my favorite song since I was 8 and now I'm 13! ~ forever in love with this song man.

This song makes me cry, Their vocals so good, Kevin's guitar riffs are amazing and Nick vocals in "Tell em what we're fighting for" asdfghjkl omj

7Pushin' Me Away

Mg I can't believe that people forgot about this one, this one of my total favorite songs I used to listen to it over and over again and I still love it, never gets old

This is the best song by j bros. I think this should be on top ten.

9Play My Music

This song is for the true lovers of music and they have sung it as the true lovers of music... Great

This song is awesome... It makes you wanna jump around and dance and party.
Really nice song... Great music!

This song changed my life... I played for the local band competition and rocked the BALLS off the crowd!

It makes me pick up my guitar every time I listen to it

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10One Man Show

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11Fly With Me

This song is an amazing one... Can understand why is so down! Please people vote for this song!

When I think of that song and it makes me whoever I wanted to be is like. Every part of me makes me feel and it is the way I was telling my mom about my solo like around the world and it makes to be flying about and so that song just made my day perfect

It's my favorite song when I'm a kid. It's absolutely amazing! I'm still listening to this song. Love it

One of the most amazing songs on the album... Gets me every time!

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12A Little Bit Longer

I was very excited when this song came out. Not only because it was personal and special to Nick, but because it showed that they can write about things other than girls and their relationships. I get teary eyed each and every time I listen to this song as well as the speech Nick gives when he performs it live.

Oh I have the same thing but I'm speechless they're is no word to say What my heart fell on I stay alone no friend no family nick baby

It so touches me that every time when I hear this song I cry. But also it makes me feel better, leke it tells me, "hey, you're not alone, there is a reason to stand up"

This has been my favourite song since I was 11. It still makes me cry to this day.

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it's amazing? true fans will say this is definitely one of their best

I love so many songs of them but if I choose only one, it's inseparable! Love this song!

Ahh, they broke up :( but this song is truly their best.

It's so good, I miss them as a band

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14Year 3000

This song makes my day the best ever. The Jonas Brothers music has alway's been here for me because their lyrics truly inspires everyone around the world and it helps me through the worst and best situations (: I am a junior and I still love them and I still can say that the Jonas Brothers still make me happy and I will always love them.

They didn't steel it from busted okay. They probably got an okay from someone before they recorded this song. Seriously it's only 2 songs they did that are simaler to busted so just shut up about it.

My favorite Jonas Brothers song next to S.O.S.. I love it & I like the hints to Back To The Future, which I also enjoy.

15Hold On

The most inspirational song! I'll never get over it!

Because an empty room.. Can be so loud.. Its too many tears.. To drown them all

Truly rocking man... And the lyrics are inspiring too... And I m listening to this song from 2 years but it is as new as it was before... Rocking.. And sensational woa..!

Wow, not only they made a terrible song named Paranoid, but they also made a terrible song named Hold On. Kansas has a great song with that name.

It's not that hard to be a friend! (hold on! ) beST

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It's so damn good man I vote for this each week better than tonight better than love bug woo - SmoothCriminal

Im PARANOID about this song but it's so damn good

Jonas Brother's "Paranoid" Sucks! Black Sabbath has a much better song with the same name! Black Sabbath's "Paranoid" Rules!

JONAS BROTHERS SUCK! Black Sabbath made a GREAT song with the same name. - AggressiveBlaze

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17Hello Beautiful

This song almost makes me cry when I listen to it. Listen to how gorgeous Joe's and Nick's voices sound. Sometimes I'll just put this song on repeat on my iPod at night and fall asleep to it; it's just so beautiful

When I hear of those songs makes me to cry every night and or day but I couldn't help if thanks to you mad from my heart never says that I was beautiful and it pains to me to say about the Friday night when I turned 23 birthday and that reason why my heart was in pain for no thanks to you and I thought that song was made to me that's why I love that song and that's why

When at the start nick says hello beautiful it gives me shivers its so gorgeous. Definitely should be in the top 5. The only word to describe this song is beautiful.

18Video Girl

This song rocks! It has a good beat, and excellent guitar! What's not to love!

19BB Good
20Live to Party

How can it be on 22?.. Who are rating on this site? Kids?

Come on friends vote in the top ten at least.

Best song by jonas without any question... Please get it to the top

19 for this awesome song?!

Oh god people are deaf.

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