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1You Raise Me Up

A great song all lies in the last part when everybody sings together that really creates a goosebumps a really really great song

A really good cover of The Secret Garden's "You Raise Me Up". Josh Groban's powerful vocals are quite mind-blowing plus the music makes it a song that will never get old. And a cover that will be remembered for a long time.

Quite inspirational! Gave me goosebumps d first time I heard it... Awesome!

This is probably the best song of Josh Groban's songs. It gave me goosebumps the first the second and the third time I listened to it. AMAZING!

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2To Where You Are

The first song I ever heard by Josh. It made me cry and I was driving the car at the time. I had recently lost my husband and it really spoke to my sentiment. I have been a die hard fan ever since. His voice touches me like no one else! I live in the Eastern part of Canada and really really wish he would come to our area.

I first heard this song in 2002 on my way home at 2:00 in the morning from being with my mom who was dying from colon cancer. I immediately pulled out pen & paper & scribbled down the artist and the song name. I had never heard of Josh Groban before. She died the next night and on my way to make funeral arrangements I heard it again. I bought the CD and I told my dad, brothers and aunt I had a song they needed to hear. I played it for them and we agreed to have it at her funeral. My dad then told me my mom had the CD. It must have been a sign ( and I usually don't go for that kind of thing). I've been a fan ever since, have been to 2 of his concert and even got to shake his hand at one. Thanks Josh for such a beautiful song. It makes me think of my mom every time I hear it.

I lost my husband recently and this song helps me think in terms of where he is and how he was able to reach me by having this song on the radio at just the right time one day. I had never heard it before and was in a sad mood, changing channels trying to find a song I liked - and there it was! Of course, I have a few albums now!

I heard this song after my husband the love of my life passed away and it bought me so much peace thank you Josh you bring joy and happiness and peace with your glorious voice and smile God bless you and may you continue to share this amazing talent and gift for many many years.

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3February Song

I really enjoy listening to this it sends goose bumps my back and it makes my eyes water

I've been listening to Josh for about 1 hour and this song is just mind blowing! It makes me cry, for real...

This is the song that made me fall in love with Josh. So beautiful and one he wrote.

Absolute magic this from a rock fan

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4In Her Eyes

I Liked It the first time I heard this song, the lyrics were so romantic and I listen to it over and over. Josh is such a great singer of our time. I couldn't think no singer could sing it like JG!

5Per Te
6Remember When It Rained

Brilliant song and arguably the second most impressive in terms of his vocals - only bettered by Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring.

I love this song... It's amazing, just like all his other songs!

This is in my top five Josh Groban favorites!

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7War at Home

The beat and tempo and melodies are gorgeous!

8You Are Loved (Don't Give Up)

I promise you that this is a song for all times. Absolutely perfect.

This song helped me remember that, although I don't know anyone so far that likes me, there will, someday, be someone out there that will love me. For now, I know that God will lift my heart, He will break the silence, and He will shine to guide me in my times of trouble. Thanks Josh!

This song is so inspirational and beautiful and his deliverance of the song makes it so powerful that I can feel so much better about myself after listening this this gem of a song! Love, love Josh Groban!

Love it! It is so beautiful and the lyrics so right. If I feel a bit down I listen to this song and it lifts me.

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9My Confession

I can listen to just this song for hours, and it still feel as amazing as the first time I ever heard it.

This song deserves to be no. 1.Simply amazing!

Why isn't this in top 10?
The only song I can think of that can beat this one would be #1- You Raise Me Up

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10Broken Vow

This song is good I can't believe its not in top 10

In all his music we hear a voice in a world noise

Love his voice, he could sing me the alphabet and I wouldn't care lol

Always deeply touched when I heard he sing this song

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It s great songs... When I feel alone, I use to hear it... Wow... Nice composition and great lyrics... Thanks josh... You r awesome...

Even though the main lyruc is "Remember Me", the title of the song is "Remember". It is from the 2004 movie "Troy", and is possibly the most hauntingly beautiful song in the history of music. Makes me cry every time.

This songs rocks every single fibre in my body! Josh is awfully awesome! "Remember when it rained" is my second favourite"

Times can be transcended

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One of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard, if not the most...

The atmosphere this song creates is unique.

Incredible song. As an incredibly huge Groban fan (pre-illuminations mostly), It's easily in my top five. Along with February song, my top two in the album. Can't not like it...

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13Higher Window

One of the best song I have ever heard that make me wanna cry

Great inspirational song. Awesomely uplifting

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14I Believe

Absolutely amazing version of this stevie wonder song! Makes me want to get married just to have this as my wedding song..

When I first heard the song you raise me up I decided to find more about josh groban. This is what I disovered, his songs are meaningful, full of wonder and melody. I just can't have enough of his songs!

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15Hidden Away

This song really gets me into believing in the Christmas spirit and always makes me want to cry.

17Changing Colors
18Un Alma Mas

I love all of josh's songs I especially love this one because I'm Italian

I love every song Josh: D Now maybe this is my favorite... Very well with the soft voice of his. I really really love this song

19Anthem From Chess

Oh my god, this is too good and brilliant!

"My land's only borders lie around my heart! "

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20With You

I can't find words to discribe my pleasure for this song. Thanks Josh

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