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Love Will Tear Us Apart
Love Will Tear Us apart is the best post-punk song ever, and one of the best singles of all time.
Stands as one of the best rock songs of all time. I would then go with Atmosphere and Transmission. So original.
Lyrics to die for! Literally in a way...

Listen to these lyrics - Truth when you know that a relationship has ended!
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The bass and drum combined are electrifying, and Ian Curtis delivers his trademark haunting baritone vocals with fast-paced hooks.
So sad, so haunting, so atmospheric, so nostalgic, with so many feelings feelings feelings feelings!
Love that song, it reminds me of stuff. Now the stuff are dead and gone but music remains beautiful
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3New Dawn Fades
Few songs manage to transmit so much feelings like this one, truly the best song of Joy Division
Prefer the cover by Moby and New Order, but this song is still amazing.


Best song ever written. With no hyperbole.
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I can only understate how much I like this song. There isn't a word good enough to describe it. RIP Ian.


Just amazing and so original
Haunting and gut wrenching
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The most depressive JD song. As it is the last track on their last LP, it is like the last breath of Ian Curtis before his death. It's simply the best one.
Gothic Rock, Prog Rock and Post-Punk all blended in probably best Joy Division's song.
Hauntingly beautiful song. The sequencing of the three last songs on the album could not have been better chosen.
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6She's Lost Control
Love this song, especially how the rhythm of the drums and the melody of the guitar go along. One of the best Joy Division songs.
I prefer Closer as an album, but this is by far the best Joy Division song, followed by Decades.
This is a theme song to when I lose control, again.
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7Shadowplay Listen to sample

This should be in top 3! Dance, dance, dance to the radio!
Ian sings like a desperate soul trapped in an automaton's body. Haunting. Sad. Touching.
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9The Eternal
'No words could explain, no actions determine,
Just watching the trees and the leaves as they fall. '
dear god
Slow, atmospheric, and depressing. This song is what got be into Joy Division.
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10Twenty Four Hours
It builds up constantly, leaving you wanting a climax, but it never comes, it just burns out. And that, in my opinion, is the song's strength, it emphasizes the emotion and the hopelessness of the lyrics.
So much energy in there. Makes you keep on going ahead.
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The Contenders

Back to the good old days, I remember seeing Joy Division about 10-12 times in the good old days. Still the only song in which I cried to, the final performance at Birmingham uni (I was there) and after hearing it in 1981 it was the definitive Joy Division Song
Their saddest song, and unfourtunatley true
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It can make me cry...
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13In a Lonely Place
Both versions. The original is incredible, a unique blend of Joy Division classic atmospheric sound with western movie's harmonica features, something never heard from, never made by and even never approached by any other bands on the earth. Then the New Order remastering in Anton Corbijn's Control motion picture is a true rebirth for this song, at the same time powerful, modern, deep and insightful. Definitely a can't miss.


Not only the most depressive song by Joy Division, but perhaps even the most depressive song ever written. The poor quality of rehearsal recording only adds to the gloomy atmosphere of the song. Along with "Decades" my favourite song.

14Ceremony Listen to sample

15A Means to An End Listen to sample

16No Love Lost
I really like 'no love lost' by joy division because of the intro.. It's very hypnotizing... What a magnificent song!
One of the best... top ten certainly
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17Ice Age Listen to sample

All time favorite. Beautiful.
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19Day of the Lords
"This is the room, the start of it all..."
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20These Days
Classic post-punk hymn where you already guess the roots of New Order later works. It's also one of the most accessible to the ears of the general public.


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21Candidate Listen to sample

22Atrocity Exhibition
The song "The Fly" by U2 has been described as a phone call from hell, but this song takes that to much higher levels. A carnival of the grotesque, this song is full of distorted guitars, brilliant vocals and terrifying lyrics, and one of, if not the, best by Joy Division.
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23Warsaw Listen to sample

This song is Ian saying the "live life to it's fullest" propoganda given out by society so you
Go out and use its facilities instead of saying safely indoors.
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25Colony Listen to sample

26Passover Listen to sample

27Heart and Soul Listen to sample

28Dead Souls
This is one of, if not my favorite Joy Division song. I think it's very underrated.

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