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1 Baby Baby

I love justin bieber and this song too. It's up beat and cool. Definitely the style now a days. That's why it's like the most popular song in America

Isn't the most popular "Let it Go" by Idina Menzel? Even though both songs are annoying... - Navylexi

Best JB song By far! It is melodious from head to Toe! Ludacris makes it even more good. JB rocks!

I think that "Baby" is the greatest song EVER not only because justin bieber is my favorite person. I truly love "Baby" I love Canadian guys (justin bieber )

You should seriously listen to some good music. This piece of crap is not the best song ever. It is completely pointless. Now listen to "Imagine" by John Lennon, the true best song ever. It carries a great message, is beautiful, has good singing, and has good piano. - SammySpore

A very nice song. I just loved Justin Bieber and his song and one of the biggest fan in the world

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2 As Long as You Love Me As Long as You Love Me

Oh man this is such a great song and its stuck in no 45? Second single from believe super hit album and stuck at no. 45 well I think this is crazy this song is great so be grateful and vote for it! You won't regret!

Being a proud JB hater! (I still am)

I don't usually give ears to his songs...
They Suck!

But this song is Really great...!
Truly melodious!

JB looked good throughout the video!

He now looks better than before with his new hair style!

Greatest SONG in the history of GREAT SONGS!

I couldn't stop listening to this song

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3 Boyfriend

What? I am surprised it isn't in the the first or second place! Gosh it's the best song ever! Please vote for it.

It's nowhere as near as, Bohemian Rhapsody, World is Mine, Don't Stop Me Now, Hey Jude, and more. - Derpyderpderpderp

Gosh I so need my crush singing this song to me! I seriously want him as my boyfriend. Come on please vote for it.


Its NOT the best pop song. Justin does NOT have a manly voice, And nobody is gonna VOTE for any Justin Bieber songs except his little "fangirls" - billielric

Best song ever...this song just stolen my heart

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4 Never Say Never Never Say Never

I love this song including justin bieber. He is just brilliant... This song gives you confidence and strength. The video... Makes me crazy... A perfect song that you can hear or watch the video anytime.. A perfect way to make you happy and cheerful

It is not perfect. A perfect way to make you stupid and retarded - Gamecubesarecool193

Cool song
I love this it gives you confidence.. I say this song of karate kid is the best song of justin bieber and always love to hear and see this songs video.. Makes me crazy about the song he have made I would love to hear it at any time

JB and J smith are the best I am number one fan. I saw all never say never videos(From the original motion picture, never say never trailer, baby/never say never/ at grammys etc) you are the best

This song tells people not to give up on your dreams to keep trying no matter what to never say never it can inspire people to be a better lead and not to give up and to work harder on stuff not to give up

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5 Beauty and a Beat Beauty and a Beat

Nice beat good lyrics and absolutely love nicki minajs rap part!
You gotta love JB!
Go beliebers!
We love you Justin!

Its something new for bieber, but its working. This song has got some great lyrics and catchy beat a lot more mature justin...
Love you jaustin

Such an amazing beat. Can't compare with his singing and Nikki's rapping.

I hate Justin Beiber but I love this song so much.

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6 Love Me Love Me

This song is really (in my opinion) one of JB's best songs...
I never really liked his music till I heard Love Me, now I adore most of his songs

Jb's voice is cracking. The best one for me. I NEVER get bored hearing this one. Even better than baby this the best of min and it rocks

I don't like JB. But, I like his song : love me, stuck in the moment, favorite girl, bigger and never let you go

I love this song so much. It's my favorite song.

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7 Eenie Meenie Eenie Meenie

I just love this song its 1 of my favorite all together

nice song :) though sean kingston performs better of the two


This is the only Justin Beiber song I like even though I'm not a fan. Though, Sean Kingston WAS WAY BETTER. His voice, and... yeah.

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8 One Less Lonely Girl

I think it's the hardest JBs song to sing, can't sing the karaoke version very well Very good song though!

theres qonna be one less lonely qirl. - perfect sonq for a relationship.

This song makes me happy.. I wouldn't mind being the one less lonely girl! haha. And how he brings girls up on stage during his concerts and sings to them.. seriously. Could he get any cuter?

I love him I love it and I love the music video

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9 Somebody to Love Somebody to Love

This is one of my favorites of his, and I think it should be higher on the list!

Any way better than so many other songs on top, favorite girl is ok.. It's definitely better than.. LOVE ME how did it get into the top ten list? This should definitely be second best next to only baby n one time...

It is a very good song... Bigger is so yuck I hate it please vote for never let you go or this song stuck in the moment or eenie meenie... Please

It's a disgrace to Freddie Mercury's favorite song. - malamJONES

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10 One Time One Time

"imma tell you one time... "... Nice song, I don't really listen to bieber's songs but this one's tune is stuck in my ears... Awesome song...

I don't really like justin beiber but I kinda like his music and "one time" and "baby" are my favorite.

I don't exactly like or love justin bieber but this song I have got to admit was good. It's talking about that one person, that special someone who completes you and telling them how much you love them. It's really really good.

One of the best songs I've listened in my life. Justin is the best singer in the world.It's so rocking cool

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? Swap It Out Swap It Out

This song is amazing and I'm not even a fan how is it not up there

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? Lolly Lolly

This song rocks just when you listen to it you automatically wanna dance, and it shows a kind of different side to Justin.

I am crazy about this song! It's one of my all-time favorites!

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11 Pray Pray

I just love this song especially the two lines,
"but I know there's sunshine behind that rain
And I know there's good times behind that pain"
It has a cool video too.

Pray actually has Justin with a mature voice and its meaning is expressed even better than that of Michael Jackson's heal the world!
I salute this song!

This song is for the poor people and Justin is telling us to pray so please vote because this song it true.. I love Justin Bieber the world please vote for this song.. X

The true JB's power unleashed in this song. This one should be in top 5 and addictive

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12 Take You Take You

Greatest of all.
Why only 1 comment?
Because they have no words to tell.
It got the best music & good lyrics.
It is far better than any other songs of JB.
Keep on voting...

Come on guys...
Vote this song, because it got perfect music & lyrics...
JB is back...
We believe in JB for releasing much awesome song of Take You...
Keep voting till reaches the top...
And by the way it is his best song of all time...

Holy crap.
Greatest one has not voted...
Come on guys...
Only one comment and 2 percent of votes.
Perfect music, best chorus, great lyrics...
Please listen it once because it deserves to be listened and voted...
and I mean it...

I'm obsessed with Justin Bieber music. anybody who doesn't like at least his music has got no good music 2 listen 2 and music is probalbly boring for them. JUSTIN BIEBER IS LIFE!

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13 All Around the World All Around the World

The tune is amazing Justin Bieber's voice is very much auto tuned but the song is perfect... Something very different from the original Justin Bieber

I don't like justin beiber but when I heard this song I checked to see who it was by and I was like justin!? I don't have ANYTHING against justins songs but him well idont know but the only one I'm NOT okay with is beauty and a beat I mean nikki says watch out for "selener" I was when I heard that I was like: watch it! That's my absolute favorite singer your talking about! Well anyway this song is just rocking. Oh and justin thanks for being there for selena. (most of the time)

This song shows that he sees that everywhere people want to be loved not just in certain place but everywhere people need someone to love them

As much as I hate him, this song was my 10th favorite song when I was younger. - 906389

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14 Nothing Like Us Nothing Like Us

Cause nothing can ever, ever replace you.

Love this song whenever I hear I am like MY EMOTIONS... Ha ha Follow me on twitter? @BieberbuckIndia I follow back

This is on the best song from Justin Bieber, I love it cause the lyric make every girl special

This song has helped me through a lot of hard time but it shows that he truly loves you and cares about you and he would never leave you

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15 Mistletoe Mistletoe

This is his new album song is fabulous amazing. I bet this song satisfy you keep on vote it


This is my one of the favorite song. Very very cute song. I am from India love you jb so Mmmmuch I am ishita

I am a big fan of Justin Bieber I love Justin Bieber and all of his songs I had seen it live on X Factor and it was too amazing if you guys are really fan of Justin Bieber please watch it

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16 All That Matters All That Matters

I've never really been a belieber, but sone of the songs on his new album are pretty cool. Love this!

I do not really like it that much

It shows that you are his number one and you matter to him more then anything in the whole world and he would do anything to keep you

Dope beat and dope song to blast out - Forhad_765

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17 Favorite Girl Favorite Girl

This is my favorite song ever
My favorite part is My prize possession, one and only
Adore you girl, I want you
The one I can't live without
That's you, that's you

You're my special little lady
The one that makes me crazy
Of all the girls I've ever known
It's you, it's you

I love that part

"I just love this song too much... And Justin Bieber more than too much. Because the song is just perfect for every girl to be sung for"

JB's alright, don't like him that much, Eenie Meenie is the best, this is the second best. Good song

Favorite girl will forever be my favourite jam and favourite song of Justin's :)))

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18 Backpack Backpack

Best song of "Journals", very heart touching lyrics
Lil Wayne's rap adds beauty to this song

This song has 2 be in the top 10.
Please listen and vote Beliebers.

What a great song.. Please vote 4 it..

I love this Song

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19 Never Let You Go Never Let You Go

Wonderful lovely passionate song every one should really listen
This song is one which describes love

Such emotional, I love this song because he will never let you go... Notice it, if I'd be his oNE LESS LONELY GIRL, probably I will have a lot of haters like selena did, because his fans is so so many and oh their just jealous

Amazing song I love it very well... Justin rocks
This single song can create a lot of emotions on human heart.

This songs makes my heart emotional.

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20 Roller Coaster Roller Coaster

This song has some seriously upbeat cool tunes and also really gives us a lesson about life

A really sweet song truly madly in love with it

This song is very much poping I love this song and jb too. I am from India

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