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I love justin bieber and this song too. It's up beat and cool. Definitely the style now a days. That's why it's like the most popular song in America
Best JB song By far! It is melodious from head to Toe! Ludacris makes it even more good. JB rocks!
I think that "Baby" is the greatest song EVER not only because justin bieber is my favorite person. I truly love "Baby" I love Canadian guys (justin bieber )
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2As Long As You Love Me
Oh man this is such a great song and its stuck in no 45? Second single from believe super hit album and stuck at no. 45 well I think this is crazy this song is great so be grateful and vote for it! You won't regret!
Being a proud JB hater! (I still am)

I don't usually give ears to his songs...
They Suck!

But this song is Really great...!
Truly melodious!

JB looked good throughout the video!

He now looks better than before with his new hair style!
Greatest SONG in the history of GREAT SONGS!
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What? I am surprised it isn't in the the first or second place! Gosh it's the best song ever! Please vote for it.
Gosh I so need my crush singing this song to me! I seriously want him as my boyfriend. Come on please vote for it.
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4Never Say Never
I love this song including justin bieber. He is just brilliant... This song gives you confidence and strength. The video... Makes me crazy... A perfect song that you can hear or watch the video anytime.. A perfect way to make you happy and cheerful
Cool song
I love this it gives you confidence.. I say this song of karate kid is the best song of justin bieber and always love to hear and see this songs video.. Makes me crazy about the song he have made I would love to hear it at any time
JB and J smith are the best I am number one fan. I saw all never say never videos(From the original motion picture, never say never trailer, baby/never say never/ at grammys etc) you are the best

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5Love Me
This song is really (in my opinion) one of JB's best songs...
I never really liked his music till I heard Love Me, now I adore most of his songs
Jb's voice is cracking. The best one for me. I NEVER get bored hearing this one. Even better than baby this the best of min and it rocks
I don't like JB. But, I like his song : love me, stuck in the moment, favorite girl, bigger and never let you go
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6Beauty and a Beat
Nice beat good lyrics and absolutely love nicki minajs rap part!
You gotta love JB!
Go beliebers!
We love you justin!
Its something new for bieber, but its working. This song has got some great lyrics and catchy beat a lot more mature justin...
Love you jaustin
Such an amazing beat. Can't compare with his singing and Nikki's rapping.
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7Eenie Meenie
I just love this song its 1 of my favorite all together
nice song :) though sean kingston performs better of the two
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8One Time

"imma tell you one time... "... Nice song, I don't really listen to bieber's songs but this one's tune is stuck in my ears... Awesome song...
I don't really like justin beiber but I kinda like his music and "one time" and "baby" are my favorite.
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9Somebody to Love
This is one of my favorites of his, and I think it should be higher on the list!
Any way better than so many other songs on top, favorite girl is ok.. It's definitely better than.. LOVE ME how did it get into the top ten list? This should definitely be second best next to only baby n one time...
It is a very good song... Bigger is so yuck I hate it please vote for never let you go or this song stuck in the moment or eenie meenie... Please
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10One Less Lonely Girl
I think it's the hardest JBs song to sing, can't sing the karaoke version very well Very good song though!
theres qonna be one less lonely qirl. - perfect sonq for a relationship.
Dis 1 song.. I can relate 2 my own... Bttr dan baby.. Nvr say nvr.. Love me... N al d odr sngs above... Dis z 1 song.. Every girl dreams of... That her spcl 1 will sing 2 her... Love you justin... Though u'v got selena now! LOLZ!
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The Contenders

This is his new album song is fabulous amazing. I bet this song satisfy you keep on vote it
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I just love this song especially the two lines,
"but I know there's sunshine behind that rain
And I know there's good times behind that pain"
It has a cool video too.
Pray actually has Justin with a mature voice and its meaning is expressed even better than that of Michael Jackson's heal the world!
I salute this song!
This song is for the poor people and justin is telling us to pray so please vote because this song it true.. I love justin bieber the world please vote for this song.. X
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13Never Let You Go
Wonderful lovely passionate song every one should really listen
This song is one which describes love
Such emotional, I love this song because he will never let you go... Notice it, if I'd be his oNE LESS LONELY GIRL, probably I will have a lot of haters like selena did, because his fans is so so many and oh their just jealous
Awesome song... I love the emotions that is depicted throughout the song... ^^ his voice, man it is simply superb..!
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14Favorite Girl
this is my favorite song ever
My favorite part is My prize possession, one and only
Adore you girl, I want you
The one I can't live without
That's you, that's you

You're my special little lady
The one that makes me crazy
Of all the girls I've ever known
It's you, it's you

I love that part
"I just love this song too much... And Justin Bieber more than too much. Because the song is just perfect for every girl to be sung for"
JB's alright, don't like him that much, Eenie Meenie is the best, this is the second best. Good song
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15Down to Earth
Its Just Amazing, words struggle to Describe it. I love most Of Justin Bieber's songs but this is definitely my favourite! Justin Bieber
I love this song and justin bieber too. and I love this song because its so sad and I like sad song not only.
In this song he talks about his parents and his girlfriend


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16Take You
Greatest of all.
Why only 1 comment?
Because they have no words to tell.
It got the best music & good lyrics.
It is far better than any other songs of JB.
Keep on voting...
Come on guys...
Vote this song, because it got perfect music & lyrics...
JB is back...
We believe in JB for releasing much awesome song of Take You...
Keep voting till reaches the top...
And by the way it is his best song of all time...
I liked it when he performed this song at the billboard awards he is so sexy and I love every skngle song he mde I just really love him he has great talent this song is the best in the world all of the songs are the best I can neber get enough ofhis music but this one I love the most I love justin more then anything in the world he makes me smile when I'm down
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17All Around the World
The tune is amazing justin bieber's voice is very much auto tuned but the song is perfect... Something very different from the original justin bieber
I don't like justin beiber but when I heard this song I checked to see who it was by and I was like justin!? I don't have ANYTHING against justins songs but him well idont know but the only one I'm NOT okay with is beauty and a beat I mean nikki says watch out for "selener" I was when I heard that I was like: watch it! That's my absolute favorite singer your talking about! Well anyway this song is just rocking. Oh and justin thanks for being there for selena. (most of the time)
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18Die In Your Arms
Love this song.. Whenever I hear it, it feels like I'm listening to a symphony... It makes me say wow every time I hear it... It describes the love between the both
Its to amazing song with a very god lyrics a damn od song
All people will be enter in romance scene whenever they listen this amazing love song, great vocal, lyric, music, instrument, lyric structure, and the scene whats this song made.
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19That Should Be Me
Definitely the best song ever! it is AMAZING! Genius ;) I love jb <3 People who haven't voted for this DEFINITELY have not listened to it. This and love me are phenomenal. Why is this not in top 10? Top 5? 1st?!?!? What a beautiful song. Well done jb OnCE AGAIN.
I thought That Should Be Me would be on top 5 or at least top 10 cause this song is so amazing! I really love it! One of best song of JB I think
omg I can't stop singing this song I have on my phone and in my head I love this song and justin bieber
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20Nothing Like Us
Cause nothing can ever, ever replace you.
Love this song whenever I hear I am like MY EMOTIONS... Ha ha Follow me on twitter? @BieberbuckIndia I follow back
Awesome song must listen
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21Stuck In the Moment
Its superb... It should be in top 10... Bigger is so yuck... vote for this...!
I love this song
My favorite part is:
"Now you don't wanna let go,
And I don't wanna let you know,
That there might be something real between us too, who knew?
Now we don't wanna fall but,
We're tripping in our hearts and it's reckless and clumsy,
'cause I know you can't love me
I wish we had another time,
I wish we had another place,
But everything we have is stuck in the moment,
And there's nothing my heart can't do (Can't Do),
To fight with time and space 'cause,
I'm still stuck in the moment with you...
Reminds me of my girlfriend every time I hear this
Best song ever!
Better than anything on the top ten list right now!
One of my faves!
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Its obvious those who havnt voted for this have never heard it


I am a huge fan and I love ALL his songs but I never EVER skip this one. I love it
When ever I play this osng on my I pod I always sing the jessica jarrel or miley cyrus part and think like that is me on stage with him and if you think that to thios should be number 1
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23Live My Life
I love this song because its so now and he's gonna live his life and he's saying everyone should live there's
Best song ever mostly because of the beat and I also love it because its different and no one would expect him to make a song like this love it muchness love you justin you the best ever live my ;ife is the best song ever love love lo
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24All That Matters
I've never really been a belieber, but sone of the songs on his new album are pretty cool. Love this!
I do not really like it that much
Awesomme definitely his best
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How is this ranked as 72! 111 seriously! I expected it to be among the top twenty in the very least! BELIEBERS if you really like Justin please vote for this song from his journals album! 1 it's amazing! Plus the music video!
Best song I ever heard
Come on guys this should be in the top ten! Love the beat and everything about it. It shows his mature side and the lyrics are great "nasty but she fancy, Mona Lisa masterpiece" laugh out loud
Come on, be confident and vote for it. Swag.
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26U Smile
This song is about the girl he likes. Her smile He is so memerized by her smile.


This is my second most favorite song of all time next to Human Nature by Michael Jackson


How is this not in the top ten? This song is amazing!
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27Next to You
This song totally rocks... I love it...
It shows affection of a person towards his/her partner!
This song is superb, you must listen to it
I really love this song and this one is best by justin feat chris brown
I love this song so much... Its amazing... I think it should be number 10...
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28Be Alright
This is the best justin bieber song ever I listen to it everyday if you see this comment take a listen.
I LOVE THIS SONG I all ways listen to this song every day
Justin's voice in this song is like an angel
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29Born to Be Somebody
ONE OF THE BEST SONGS IN THE WORLD. It gives me so much inspiration. I love all lyrics of this song but the lines I love are " I can feel it I Believe it ". If anyone hates him then they should listen this song cause it's amazing. This song is for people with a dream. Justin You were born to be some body
Man I love this songs. It gives me courage
Really an inspiring song.
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30Fa La La
The most awesome song
I've ever heard

Highly romantic
JB rocked this song

I love JB!

The best contribution by JB to the music world
Listen to sample

It's and amazing some that resembles a story of my love life, I fell in love with my boy but it took me awhile dice I've been hurt by guys and he was my best friend and I was his. It took us awhile to go out and this song shows how love really is in reality it's not just a fairytale. It's a fairytale that comes true. I love songs that are like these types, as it resembles realitys life of living I prefer these songs that he writes. Their amazing. Belieber forever!
This is Justin's best song!?!? It shows that Justin has matured and he is able to handle songs about strong feelings and the lyrics of this song is so beautiful it makes you want to cry. It talks about love between two best friends. There is nothing more beautiful than that. By the way it has no electro as in Beauty and A Beat it is just pure voice and guitar.
How is this song not in the top 10? Possibly one of Justin's best songs and it comes from the heart. Its the song every girl wishes her life was like. It truely is a fairytale. The story how two best friends fall in love. It's beautiful.
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I think Maria is a very good music. Of course I think all of Justin's songs are great, but Maria, Baby, Love me like you do and Uh-oh are pretty fantastic. I, as one of Justin's fans, want him to sing the musics like these. Iranian people are really interested in your musics Justin. Come to Iran. Wish see you.
I'm 10 it was hard to pick one song but this was my random chose but I love justin so much I have his perfum loads of posters and more
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33I Would
Best song I ever hear its really touch my heart jb I love you so much
I could listen to this song all day. His vocals are beautiful on this track.
It's so beautifull son I like it very much
Justin you are very beautiful before but now your beauty has exist now!
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34Turn To You
I'm not a JB FAN. But I love this song... Best one dedicated to momsys... Its one of my favorite. I like somebody to love 2.
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35Right Here
WoW! Drake and Justin! Perfect combination with perfect song
Come on guys, this song rocks. I just fell of my chair when I saw that this song was not even present on the list.
As usual sweet voice of drake and a little falsetto voice of Justin, yup great combination
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36Kiss and Tell
Best Song of his I don't know why it isn't in the top 5 at least! Listen to it, good song to dance to
Love this song. Jb is the best
Listen to sample

It's a wonderful song made by carley rae jepsen and Justin Bieber.
I love Justin Bieber and he is the best singer.
Listen to sample

38Latin Girl
Love the lyrics
I learn this song because I love it
this song is so cool rhythm is gode and the lyrics to but I like to justin get a vedio of the song

39All I Want for Christmas Is You
It is such a wonderful song.
It is the best Christmas song ever
It is a brillant song ft mahirah cariey it is just amazing and a good chrismas song aslwell this should be number 16!
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It is the best on itunes and this song is going on the top of the list
It super song in 2014 and Justin I am grate fan of you
So good! I can't get it out of my head!
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41One Love
Well its a truely good song, little boy justin has grown up...
Was not a fan of justin bieber.. But after listening to this, I became, this is the best song I have heard... I don't know why it's so underrated! I can't believe, it's at 30th? It should be at least in the top-ten!
Love it! How the hell is it in no.31?
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42Thought of You
This is very different! It makes me always happy and the song lyrics is awesome because all will understand him and his message! <3
It is brilliant I think it should be in the top 12 because it has a good beAt
Thought Of You is a very upbeat song and is catchy. It is one of the best JB songs in my opinion.
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43Common Denominator
It is such a beautiful song with really light and lively background music. his voice is just awesome
I love this song so much
It is the best song in the whole world by him its just amazing I love the lyrics so much I just want to marry him so much this song is my favorite song of all time its just the perfect song ever its so cool and justin will you marry me when I heard this song I fell in love with justin bieber I hope you never stop making awesome song because your awesome
the lyrics are amazingly amazing <$
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this sonq reminds me of a lot of certain people. it makes me happy that I don't need them in my life anymore.
Justine your my idol
It is so cool with the beat.
Listen to sample

Best song of "Journals", very heart touching lyrics
Lil Wayne's rap adds beauty to this song
This song has 2 be in the top 10.
Please listen and vote Beliebers.
What a great song.. Please vote 4 it..
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46Roller Coaster
Awesome song... Love it
Listen to sample

47First Dance
Best best best song of all time listened almost 1000 times but still looks fresh
Best song ever by anyone to dance with your girlfriend
I want this song on my first dance
Listen to sample

48Where Are You Now
Where are you now? when I need you the most. where are you now? I wanna be close.
Can I kiss you and sex wiht you justin bieber no are yas
And I love you so much
I want to see you
I miss so much justin bieber
And I big fss of you justin bieber

49Out of Town Girl
I like him. Every my music apparatus is fulled by his music.
Really he what a good boy. I like him. And I am sure I will never hate him
This is aMazing why is thiS it even in the top 2
This is amazing why is this it even in the top 2
Listen to sample

50That Power
This is one of the songs of feat. JB. Its cool and the chorus by justin are good too..
I like these lines:
" Whatever doesn't kill you
Only makes stronger
So I'ma get stronger "
Because they possess a truly effective meaning!
Best ten seconds of any song
It sucks! Listen to taylor swift, adele, avril lavgine, and 1D for better music.

51Hold Tight
Nice song, I love it
Listen to sample

52Santa Claus Is Coming to Town
How old is he 7?
Listen to sample

53Love Me Like You Do
Best JB song From BELIEVE...
Amazing! That's all I'm going to say! Cause his voice is deep now so that adds to the amazingness. All in all I would have loved to see this song up in the top 10s!
Listen to sample

54Catching Feelings Listen to sample

Starting part was good but the lyrics make no sense. But still I am a great fan of yours
Listen to sample

56All Bad Listen to sample

57Omaha Mall
I love Justin Bieber so much, sometimes I think oh all of those other girls love him so loving him is just a cliche, and then I'm like, who am I kidding I'm future Mrs. Bieber... (I wish) lmao

58She Don't Like The Lights
I see the reason why many boys hate justin. Its as simple as that, justin knows how to seduce girls towards him and many boys don't... So yeah you can be jealous of him;)
Damn it! Why on earth this song is not in top 10? Old songs of justin are pretty good but its time for his new classy songs like beauty and a beat, as long as you love me, cathing feeling;to take the limelight..
Such a catchy song and good music
Listen to sample

59Pick Me
We all look forward to his albums justin bieber next album. Adrian romania
It is cool than I have ever senn
Why is this here it must be beating the ratings
Its a true love man
Please vote folks pleasz
You should pick me

60Baby's Love Story In My Head

61Drummer Boy
Really love the beat to this one, but the lyrics are really good as well, definitely a whole new kind of Christmas song.
The best rap ever
I have the album and even though it's not Christmas I still listen to this song (best song ever)
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62Bad Day
Truly melodious and heart-touching song. Best one to describe the recent condition of my heart - sd.
Its a song part of #musicmondays and honestly sounds beautiful, has a big meaning to it
Listen to sample

63Uh Oh
Its one of my favourite song and music is superb

64All I Want Is You Listen to sample

65Rich Girl

66Slave to the Rhythm
Its nothing but over the top amazing who doesn't like the song its so catchy and it has such a heavy dance beat I love it and it is really creative to combine the song with Michael jackson's voice WOW LOVE YOU JUSTIN
Love this song... this song should be top 30's
Thrilling song. all because of MJ
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67Mi Amor

68You Want Me
This song has a catchy tune.

THIS SONG IS AWESOME! This actually should be in top ten.
Really it should be the first one course justin was totally cool in the song
Melody and lyrics are just perfect. My favorite
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70Christmas Love Listen to sample




74We Are the World 25 for Haiti
It. Is a very sad and happy song I just love it

75Dr. Bieber
Yep.. he has to be 7.

76How to Love
I know that you know it. This song is really good such as you.

77Wait for a Minute
It starts with a heavy bass guitar tune which I guess is the best part of the song..
This is so far the best JB song. And I'm not a Justin Bieber fan at all. This songs suits his voice so well. And Tyga's part fits perfectly! I love this song!
Listen to sample

78Recovery Listen to sample

79Put You Down
Why is this song mentioned twice?
It's already mentioned in the list as pyd!

80One Life
I flipped when I fund out that this song wasn't on the list. Best song from Journals.
Worst song of JB ever..
Listen to sample

This song rocks just when you listen to it you automatically wanna dance, and it shows a kind of different side to Justin.
Oh it is so innopropiate
Listen to sample

82Hard 2 Face Reality

83Christmas Eve Listen to sample

84Someday at Christmas Listen to sample

85Yellow Raincoat
BELIEVE acoustic is amazing just added this song in the list VOTE! Follow me on twitter? @Bieberbuckindia I follow back :) #Beliebers only! 1
Listen to sample


It's truly Justin Bieber best song till yet! So different from his other songs and really Journals is his Best work till yet... So mature album... And Big sean back again
Listen to sample

88The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On an Open Fire) Listen to sample

89She's Taken

90I'm Not Famous
Everyone is ignoring thus song because it hasn;t released.. But when it will release it will break all the billboard records
It is amazing song

91Up and Down

92Hey Girl
Justin Bieber sucks and pewdiepie is awesome

93What's Hatnin'
I'm a Belieber and I love all songs of Justin... but that song have a nice beat, and I love it ♡
Listen to sample

94Silent Night Listen to sample

95Swap It Out
This song is amazing and I'm not even a fan how is it not up there
Listen to sample

96Only Thing I Ever Get for Christmas Listen to sample

97Flatline Listen to sample

98Looking for You
Really shocked, this song is 97! How could it be, maybe no one has heard it yet but seriously this is one of his best songs! Love it
This gives me chills!
Totally awesome. Heck yeah!

99We Were Born for This

Why isn't this on the list?

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