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141Jinyoung (Jimin & Hayoung)

The hottest boy and the gorgeous fairy tail. I adore this couple

142Sooyoung & Kris
143Golden Voice - JongNa (Jonhyun & Luna)

Golden Voice of SHINee and f (x)!

144Panty (Panda Seungri & Cat Chaerin)

The most cute couple of YG. The real LOVE & HATE relationship! :) Who can forgot what Seungri said when CL ask why do he exist? Of course he exist because chaerin exist! ^_^

145Jewels Couple (Eunhyuk & Tiffany)
146YongBear (Yonghwa & Yogie Bear)
147Charming Couple (Lee Donghae & Park Shin Hye)
148Lovely Couple (Lee Sungmin & Park Shin Hye)
149JaeNa (Jaejoong & Yoona)
150Sexy Love Jongsica (Jonghyun & Jessica)

Let's not forget about their moments at SMTOWN concerts and how Jonghyun picked Jessica as his favorite. Also how they always got paired up with each other during the Juliette era.

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151ExoU (EXO & IU)
152Kryber (Krystal and Amber)
153YoonYul (YoonA & Yuri)V1 Comment
154YoonSic (YoonA & Jessica)
155The Cutie Couple (KyungSoo & MinAh)

The cutest little couple! Their cute faces go so good together! A little Joker and an angel!

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156KaiHyun (Hyuhyeon and Kai)

They are both good in dancing, they have blonde hair, and the same smile

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157ZhowToria (ZhowMi & Victoria)
158JongSica (Jonghyun & Jessica)V1 Comment
159Junseung (Junhyung and Hyun Seung)

It's so cute! Matching couple bracelets?! Adorable! This could is kind of.."No More" but I think they are all cuties!

160Drunk Love (Mario and Junhyung)

What happens when Junhyung is drunk? He plays with Mario! Talking to a figure... So cute!

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