Best K-Pop Couples

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201KaiYul (Kai /Yuri)
202DaeRi (Daesung & Minzy)
203LuYul (Luhan & Yuri)
204Khunhee (Nichkhun & Sohee)
205KyungSeo (D.O & Seohyun)
206Chanseo (Chanyeol & Seohyun)
207Kristal (Kris & Krystal)

Their names are similar 'Kris' and 'Krys' and they both are beautiful

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208Yulhae (Yuri & Donghae)

Donghae and Yuri are both 2nd main dancers of their groups!
Donghae called Yuri over just to tell her she was a goddess and how she overshadows them.

They are cute couple, I hope they will married soon,2nd Dancing machine couple, I love them so much, I hope they are real, Amin,

I love this couple! I know YoonHae fans or HaeSica were more Moments but if you watch Yulhae moments their are something special! OCEAN DEEP LOVE! MICKY MOUSE AND MINNIE MOUSE!

No special words to describe their closeness. They're real, for sure, no doubt, at all.

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209MyungZy (Myungsoo & Suzy)

I love them, because they are my destiny, in my eyes, they are the most perfect, ideal type myungsoo is Suzy this pure girl, while Suzy like single eyelids, smile is very good-looking boy. So, they are each other's fate!

They are perfect and real couple, when myungsoo express hie feeling about suzy, we know his love for suzy, when he can't help but stare at suzy, we konw this can't lie to anyone, when he always nervous and excited just for have the chance close to suzy, I know they should live together forever!

I love them and I think they are a perfect match. I will support them forever!

I'm a MyungZy's fan

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210Chanlli (Chanyeol & Sulli)

Two beautiful and cute giant babies

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211HunLli (Sehun & Sulli)V2 Comments
212TaengSic (TaeYeon & Jessica)
213Woogyu (Woohyun & Sunggyu)

Woohyun & sunggyu sweet couple and cute couple and childis couple I like that, Saranghae WooGyu

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214MyungSoo & NaEunV2 Comments
215LuSica (Luhan & Jessica)

They're So cute! Jessica mentioned that she liked Chinese guys! Plus they both look amazing in blonde!

They are have a same HOBBY! And their same Likes Mancester United!
Jessica say that she's like Chinese Guys! And they are really like a dol! They a really amazing! Jessica and luhan really like to sleep, sleepy couple! ^^ - babyjung

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216SWAG (Siwon & Agnes Monica)

I think they are perfect couple, I think..
Love 'em so much

Because they are perfect couple

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217G-Dragon & Krystal

I just like both of them, and I want more people choose them

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218SooNa (Soohyun & Yoona)
219WooMin (Wooyoung & Hyomin)

The Thousandth Man who played in the couple, sweet two people will eventually embark wedding red carpet to accept a blessing!

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220YoonBum (Yoona & Kibum)

Best visual couple.. Seriously love the music video they shot together.. By the way they are acting partners during trainer.. No wonder make them into great actor & actress

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