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41Yoonwon (Yoona & Siwon)

They are REAL couple...
They are main center of the group, yes we can say that they are the most popular...

They look great each other
Nobody can ignore it
I love them so much
Oh, they also have so many facts about them

YoonWonited always support both of you...
Simba love Deer

I like this couple.. Yoonwon the real.. Hamdsome and beautiful... I love them so much..

YoonWon For The Win. The perfect couple. They are the face from their group. Hope Yoona Siwon become the real couple. And because Yoona and Siwon is misterius. Go YoonWon..

I love this couple

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42Kyuna (Khuhyun & Yoona)

DAMN! I really really love this EVIL couple...
KyuNa jjang!

see KBS Love Request with SJ and SNSD as guest star and you all will know why I ship them...

Watch their body language around each other and you'll know that they're more real than what others give them credit for.

Kyuna.. I feel something happened between them, hopefully they are real couple

Sweet couple

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43Onsica (Onew & Jessica)

One year later
They're so fantastic!

When they sang their duet together they had chemistry and they look so cute together.! ^^ It may not be that they are going out but when they sing together there is something...

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44Luseo (Luhan & Seohyun)

The perfect couple is Luyoon!


Luhan like seo,and seo like sweet potato

Ace baby! My favorite k pop couple. There are so many shipper of luseo. Smtown in tw he wanted to stand next to seohyun, but when he saw minho touching her hair he went back to his member
I think on 2012 this couple became so famous.
They are such a beutiful couple

Vote for this

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45YeYoon (Yesung & Yoona)

They look cute together..

46Hunstal (Sehun & Krystal)

They were the forever maknaes of SM. They are both 17, and, when you look at them, you always feel like they're perfect for each other. Besides the photoshoot, they always eye each other. They're the Eternally Maknae Couple and I'm an Eternal (is that how Hunstal fans are called, right? ). I just look at them and I feel like they're so perfect for each other... I feel like they're SM's best couple of something, along with others I ship so hard. They're both cute and super-talented and they are part of my bias is both EXO and F(x). I feel like they're meant to be.

They are very good, is a pair of lovers, the best care of them, in the SM, the only than sehun small artist's show crystal.

They are best perfect couple, I like

They're so cute! When they stand together in a photo you literally think someone cut a picture out from a fashion magazine!

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47BumSso (Kim Bum & Kim So Eun)

I am so glad with this couple also, I really hope that they can meet again in the same drama. Even the drama is not the boys before flowers anymore. I don't know how this will happen. Should us make an asian voting for this couple. Is there anyone can help this matter happen? I hope so...

They are really cute...
Kim Bum and So eun is the best couple =))
I love them!
There are many fact about them...
Always love this couple

Kim bum and kim so eun perfect couple

They are really cute...

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48JongSica (Jonghyun & Jessica)

Jongsica has way too many moments, of course other jonghyun or jessica pairings have heaps but the way they look at eachother is so different, they even held hands!

Jongsica is so adorable! I really hope they get together someday! ~

I really really love JongSica. They are a best couple in the world. Please ship them

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49Skydragon (GD & CL)

It's not about wearing nor sharing the same things. Not just in their show (concerts, reality show, attend on formal agenda), but they showing how they spent their time together with posting it on instagram, or just mentioning each other in their activities

I love them because every moment they are together they make it seems like the world revolves around them... Love these two with all my heart... They make the impossible possible..

Not if they are couple or are really friends, but their chemistry is so natural, showing how close they are and do not care, what others say, it fit perfectly, I really like that they are in a relationship would be perfect!..!

The best leader couple, I have known

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50Wootae (Wooyoung & Taeyeon)

Win Win + Gayo Daejun. Enough said.

I love them! Wootae is perfect! Wait to see them together again!

I really love wootae because they are so cute and funny

51SooKris (Sooyoung & Kris)

I super love them together ;O even if they haven't have any interactions OmO
I just so love these 2, they look so perfect together
Tallest and Hottest of their groups ;O
Ninjas for the win!

My SooKris! I hope all of you will vote for SooKris

If people pass them by, they missed lot of things! SOOKRIS makes you wild :D I can't get enough of them. I really wish they would be together, for reals :P

I really ship these two! Good couple. I wish they will have a project together.

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52MyungStal (Myungsoo/L & Krystal)

They're perfect fit. Ice prince and Ice princess. Also known as Ice couple.

They're cute, and not to mention, they have some of couple stuffs too. Do you ever see Myungsoo and female idol have a couple stuff except with Krystal? Never.

Their own moments is just cute and everything on them is related like amber is close with myungsoo and krystal is close with lizzy -we know that lizzy and myung is close, and so does KryBer-. Well, all their facts is true and looks they're perfect together. I ship Myungstal hardcore :D

Perfect Couple

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53Myungyeon (Myung Soo & Ji Yeon)

The best visuals go together! That's simply why I voted for them. They never had any real-life interaction, did they? Well no problem, eventually they will belong to each other

MyungYeon is love! They're so perfect to the extent that I want them to be together for real! MyungYeon hwaiting!

They makes me feel comfortable. Theis faces are perfect in my mind. I like this couple because no reason. They are the first I love and I will like this couple forever. I believe I will see their connection soon. - LenaLi

I love myungyeon please be real

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54HyunZy (Soo Hyun & SuZy)

Love hyunzy! They are perfect! I command that bring them to top 10! :/ please... You know without Korea or kpop I can't live so please. I love hyunzy! I command! Top 10! Top 10 top 10 bring them to top 10!

Except so Huyn, I will not accept anyone who are couple with Suzy

Don't be mad, but I think HyunZy Couple could be at the Top 10 Best K pop Couple, because they both pretty good looking together. HyunZy Fighting! I Love This Couple So Much, So Bring Them at the Top 10, Especially "Top 1"

L and Krystal both like black, and the clothes are black.

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55Yulsung / Yesyul / Yeri / Yy (Yesung & Yuri)

The real couple super generation
No bashing for non imperfectionist

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56YoonKai (Yoona & Kai)

I love them... The way Kai look at Yoona is just something! Seriously... Kai always glance at her.

I think they're actually really compatible. So what if YoonA's older? The two dance so well together and they're both so charismatic. Plus, they are both GORGEOUS. People, imagine what their kids would look like! (I think I'm getting slightly ahead of myself here) Beautiful couple.

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57ExoYoong (EXO and Yoona)

I say that exo's relationship is strong for yoona they always support her exoyoong

That's right!

#Alright rocking' Roll to the world

58Kim SoEun & Kim Hyun Joong

Kim hyun joong I love fighting from argentina

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59YoonHun (Yoona & Sehun)V2 Comments
60GBom (G-Dragon & Park Bom)

GD with many female stars have an affair, but he for these gossip girl friend is very high! Only on GBom very low-key! Why is that? Because the GBom is true! GD see Bom's eyes and smile are really special! His feeling of Bom is unique!

Gbom is so cute, they have something special between them, you can see it especially when you see 2NE1 T.V... Even for non-gbom shipper can feel it!

We know GBom is true! No matter how many fans are Gbom couple not change the facts! They contribute to the development of a low-key point

Gbom is the best

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