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141Jiseob (Yoseob & Jiyeon)

Seriously their interaction at ohmyschool really no joke. Haha I mean when they are in one team yoseob and jiyeon shout "seoul fighting" twice while make a heart sign with their hands. Really cute to be honest

It's so bad for me but I want to see Yosoeb have a good happiness. jiyoen you should take care yosoeb instead me.

From yosoeb fan in cambodai

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142JongKey (Jonghyun & Key)

Why is Jonghyun and Key not in the top 10? Really, I am surprised. Those two are so real, they are the most obvious couple. JongKey is so hot, but cute at the same time. They really are perfect for each other and I think their really do have genuine love for each other.

Probably one of the realest K-POP yaoi shippings, after YunJae

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143Dooley Couple (Jung Yong Hwa & Park Shin Hye)
144TopZy (Choi Seung Hyun / TOP & Suzy)V1 Comment
145GeunShin (Park Shin Hye & Jang Guen Suk)
146GTOP (G-Dragon & TOP)

They work beautifully together, both charismatic, talented, handsome, and fit really well!
Honestly I don't know how you could deny this couple?

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147SuYoon (Suho and Yoona)
148BaekMi (Baekhyun & Bomi)

C'ome on guys... everybody know Baekhyun love Bomi. His eyes are always on top of the Bomi. He is really love Bomi! 2014 Dream Concert have a lot of BaekMi moments... They have beautiful "eye contac". THİS COUPLE İS THE BEST! They have got a lot of shipper in the WORLD & BAEKHYUN ALWAYS LOOK BOMİ AND SO BOMİ SHY... They are have a lot of fan made video & Baekhyun's ideal type fun and crazy girls Baekhyun's ideal type Bomi! Baekhyun look Bomi at Melon Awards MAMA... Bomi and Baekhyun wear similar dress similar shoes. I ALWAYS SUPPORT BAEKMİ. - fardosee

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149YongShin (Yong Hwa & Shin Hye)

Very3 sweet best friend that can replace boyfriend.. Their face looks same.. I really3 love them!

MY FRIEND! Actions speak louder than words you know

Really love them, very match! Wonderful couple! Dooley couple, fighthing!

Love their chemistry.. Support each other..

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150BaekStal (Baekhyun & Krystal)

I ♡ baekstal.. I dunno why.. Keke I really love if I read baekstal fanfiction.. Ship them forever!

They really look cute together! Eventhough they only have a few interactions, I still ship them. A beautiful and simple young woman deserves a handsome young man. BaekStal for the win!

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151Krisber (Kris & Amber)

YEP. I'm sorry but I love them both. They are different and looks legit. At least as on what I see when other people talk about them both or when Kris looks at Amber.

Yep. They both got swag. I don't know but I like the way they both react when other people talk about each other. It's plain cute. Really, really cute.

I love them, they are both Chinese and both can speak Chinese and English, they are both my love

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152Myungyeol (Myungsoo & Sungyeol)

They are so epic together- their canon-ness is overwhelming and just- This couple is love! There are couples that I would have voted other than this, but since this is the couple that is highest rank that I support, then, MyungYeol, Fighting!

They are the first couple that I adore so much, and until now they are the best, none of other couple can compare them, besides I really love Sungyeol and Myungsoo, they are so lovely...

They say that they are best friends but there is something more

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153HaeDara (Donghae & Sandara Park)

Dara deserves someone like Donghae. I believed that Donghae will treat Dara the best way she should have been treated. And Dara is the one fitted for Donghae, she can definitely make Donghae smile.

Match made in heaven... hope they'll be together in real life...

Darahae is cute couple, Dara have a good smile, and Donghae have agood smile too. They two is so cute in smile

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154YunJae (YunHo & JaeJoong)

I love YunJae so much and I hope this couple is real

The most beautiful couple in the world

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155MyoungSuzy (Myoungsu & Suzy)

When they appear in the screen, I even can't use the words to describle the perfect couple, no one can replace each other, and the evident also show to us that L have the good felling towards suzy, just like suzy!

Actually, I love myungsoo at first sight, so when I heard that his ideal type is suzy, I just wonder what kind of the girl is? Then, throug the search and programme, I need to admit they are so match, and L always stare at suzy, that kind of feeling can't cheat anynoe. So I think if L have a wife, the girl is suzy, can't change, They should live together!

Sometimes we don't have words to describe one couple so perfect in the world, of course, the couple is myungzy! They have good-looking and personalities, the obvious evident is myungsoo always stare at suzy...


YoonTeuk is cute couple, they love to play together and joke with each other. They can be their selves when they are together, even sometime they do something embarrassing they still laugh at it. They can be lovers and friend at the same time, isn't it good? Ned to see their interaction more.

157Woozy (Wooyoung & Suzy)

Love them since classic.. Woozy is in my heart.. I am Hottest in China.. Wooyoung&suzy!

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158Sulhee (Heechul & Sulli)V1 Comment
159Gayoon and Doojoon

They are really cute together. I vote for them!

160TaecZy (Taecyeon & Suzy)

Suzy so beautiful and Teacyeon so Handsome, I love them &

Perfect and real couple

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