Best K-Pop Girl Group Members

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21No Eul - Rainbow
22Park Jiyeon - TAra
23Krystal Jung - F(x)

She is cute and nice

24Victoria Song - Fx
25Park Bom - 2NE1

I really love Bom. She looks like a real life doll.

She has the best personality especially when she was caught on 2ne1 T.V. eating corn. :) Park Bom is the best! - kpopcraze

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26Tiffany - SNSD

Tiffany is the best and no one is better than her except for taeyeon Taeny fighting

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27Han Suhwa - Secret
28CL - 2NE1

Her rap and vocals are both great, her personality is also very good! CL-roo deserves to be in a higher rank

29Yura - Girls Day

Most beautiful in every way and great dancer.

30UEE - After School
31Alice - Hello Venus
32J.L. - S.O.S.
33Jia- miss a

Beautiful and all rounded girl

34Kim Hyoyeon - Girls Generation

She is the best dancer and is not the worst singer either.

35Eunji - A PinkV1 Comment
36Gyuri - Kara

She is more as an adult, however she is the best looking idol

37Irene - Red Velvet

She is really good at raping and super pretty. Her group just started and they are one of the biggest groups of the moment already.

38Jeon Ji Yoon - 4Minute
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