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62Silence of the Darkness

One of my favourite!

63Once and Future King

How in the hell is this one not on the list?! This is the song that got me into Kamelot!

64Like the Shadows

One of their greatest hits. One reason why this is not in the top ten is that it was just a bonus track on the Japanese album (as far as I know). One of the great hidden gems of the music industry.

The wailing "like the shadows cover me" hold more emotion than any pop song I have heard. This song definitely should be well inside the top 20.

65Leaving Too Soon
66Fallen Star
67My Therapy
68End of Innocence
69Here's to the Fall

I love this song buts its sad at the same time

72The Ties That Bind
73At First Light
74The Edge of Paradise

An awesome metal song with a great, artistic breakdown section involving Gregorian chants and a tempo-change for the solo. Purely awesome!

76Season's End
77Pendulous Fall
78Once Upon a Time
79Where the Wild Roses Grow
80The Light I Shine On You
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