Best Kansas Songs

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Carry On Wayward Son
Supernatural Made this even more famous.
I really love this song
Maybe because of Supernatural... I always see Sam and Dean in my head whenever I hear it.
Or it could be because of South Park, I loved that episode with Kyle and Stan as Guitar heroes
Absolutely the best. Period. I spent the 70s and early 80s spacing out to this song. Just close your eyes and let it take over. Moves you from the reality of the day to the fantasy of the momment.
[Newest]My 2nd favorite song. I didn't find this because of Supernatural but because of introduction from my dad.

2Dust In the Wind
Hands down the most beautfiul song of Kansas. I found the band to be extremely mellow, but this song in particular made me feel respect towards them.


Famous even here in Brasil and the whole South America

Very smart song people should start listening to real music and stop to listen to those crap
By far the best song of Kansas. An ode to the living that died and will die. Huge lyrics, unbeatable and true to the core. One of the rock songs of all time.

3Song for America
Most serious Kansas fans adore this song for the lyrics and amazing musical arrangements it comes from a great album

4Miracles Out of Nowhere
Hands down. This song is a lyrical masterpiece, and the instrumental is unprecedented. The break down at around 2:22 of the song is simply perfect. I love Kansas, and I love every song on this list, but this one for me, easily takes the cake.
This is one of those songs that makes me listen and listen again without getting tired... Just listen to that spectacular instrumental solo! AMAZING!


One of the most underrated songs! Amazing violin contribution!
[Newest]This is an amazing song! So glad to see it so high up!

5Icarus (Borne On Wings of Steel)
Cannot believe this is not on here. The only song comparable to The Pinnacle
This song not only is THE best Kansas song but it is one of the best songs ever written as well
This song along with sparks of the tempest are the best I've found so far!

6The Pinnacle
This, is the number one song on this list. Kansas' ten minute masterpiece that displays vocal, violin, guitar and bass harmony. Excellent, but underrated. Much like Icarus (Borne on Wings of Steel)
This song is the pinnacle (pun intended) of Kansas progressive rock trajectory. A pure masterpiece through and through.
I don't understand why this is not on top 4.
One of my favorite songs

7Journey from Mariabronn
Truly an undiscovered prog masterpiece. If you only listen to Kansas's mainstream radio songs, then you are missing out majorly.

8Point of Know Return

9Questions of My Childhood


The Contenders

11A Glimpse of Home
Like really, listen to the orchestral format of this song. So amazing! Best of Monolith!
How is this lower than it takes woman's love? I mean, listen to the song! It's amazing!

12Child of Innocence

13The Wall
Simply perfect message in its lyrics. At the end he finds out that everything he needs to tear or set down the wall is inside himself, by finding self inner harmony.
This song says so much about obstacles in life. There is no loss when you get beyond the wall. And when you follow Christ, nothing is lost.
By far one of the most moving songs ever! After all, haven't we all come to a "Wall" at some point in our life's
[Newest]It's perfect. It's the sum and proof of Kansas instrumental and composing potential. Magnificent!

14Portrait (He Knew)
Great song! Lots of time signatures and over all its worth listening to repeatedly.. lyrically has high quality range and meaning..

15It Takes a Woman's Love (To Make a Man)

16Death of Mother Nature Suite

17Closet Chronicles
The storytelling in this song is unequaled. I am sad to see it this low on the list.

18The Devil Game
Those lyrics mean so much that you can only understand if you sing along to the song, which is wonderful.
The song rocks, and I love the message!
Phil Ehart grooves a great beat on this one. Kudos to Dave Hope for a fine contribution to one of my favorite albums.

19Hold On

20Bells of Saint James

21No One Together

22Can I Tell You

23Cheyenne Anthem

24Opus Insert

25What's On My Mind

26Play the Game Tonight
"Do you see yourself in a white spotlight
Then play the game tonight"

27All I Wanted


29Lightning's Hand
No One Will Defeat Me no one Can!

30Two Cents Worth

31On the Other Side

32People of the South Wind

33Icarus II
It's the sequel to #12, so why not it be higher?


35One Man, One Heart

36Hopelessly Human
A joyous occasion, no reason to doubt! What a way to send the Point of Know Return album off in style. The epic, Medieval-type instrumental passages, hard rock freakouts, melodic vocal passages, and memorable, thought-provoking lyrics.

37Mysteries and Mayhem

38Lonely Wind

39Going Through the Motions
Its like a rising spiral

So emotionally deep! Thanks 1992!
Why is there no sampkle?

41Distant Vision
The most underrated song

42Hope Once Again
Gimme hope! Hope once again!

43Sparks of the Tempest
Out of all the songs I've heard by Kansas This is my favorite, Carry on my wayward son, point of no return and dust in the wind are over rated

44Reason to Be
It was 52 on Billboard, so why not better here?

45Away from You

46Back Door

47Need to Know
Best from always never the same

48Magnum Opus: Father Padilla Meets the Perfect Gnat / Howling at the Moon / Man Overboard / Industry On Parade / Release the Beavers / Gnat Attack
Great track to conclude Leftoverture

49Nobody's Home
Great song why did I have to add this

50One Big Sky
Great song, best one from In the Spirit of Things.

51Magnum Opus

52Lamplight Symphony
An under the radar gem from the song for America album. The progression of the instrumentation section is so great. It really does sound like a symphony, and the emotional shifts in the song are breathtaking. The sound is huge and epic then suddenly sad and subtle. It's incredible.

53Incomudro (Hymn to the Atman)

54Fight Fire With Fire
Pump Song! Great song to get up in the morning to. This song has a great work-out motivation like "Eye of the Tiger".

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