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41 Power Power
42 On the Other Side On the Other Side
43 Icarus II Icarus II

This tale of a WWII bomber pilot not only shows that Kerry could still pen thoughtful lyrics but also a terrific instrumental section that shows off just how creative drumming and guitar playing can be.

It's the sequel to #12, so why not it be higher?

44 Belexes Belexes

Ok, so most of the song is ok, but what really made this song great was the good intro. - AggressiveBlaze

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45 All the World All the World

A really powerful and beautiful song. The lyrics are hopeful and the emotional scope of this song is very wide. There are also some bold transitions which I love. The violin also works really well in this song and Steve's keyboards and vocals shine particularly bright in this one. I strongly recommend checking this one out if you've never heard it before.

My personal favorite! Been listening to Kansas since 1974, Love their music! Always have! If you have never heard this song, do yourself a favor and give it a listen!

46 One Man, One Heart One Man, One Heart

The lyrics are beautiful. Chorus is powerful. Easily a rock classic. The guitar solo is a little drowned out and not quite as impressive as Hold On, but the harmonics screech and whine.. So good!

47 Hopelessly Human Hopelessly Human

A joyous occasion, no reason to doubt! What a way to send the Point of Know Return album off in style. The epic, Medieval-type instrumental passages, hard rock freakouts, melodic vocal passages, and memorable, thought-provoking lyrics.

48 Mysteries and Mayhem Mysteries and Mayhem
49 Going Through the Motions Going Through the Motions

Its like a rising spiral

50 Wheels

So emotionally deep! Thanks 1992!

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51 Distant Vision Distant Vision

Second best track off of Somewhere to Elsewhere.

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52 Hope Once Again Hope Once Again

Gimme hope! Hope once again!

53 Reason to Be Reason to Be

It was 52 on Billboard, so why not better here?

54 Away from You Away from You
55 Back Door Back Door
56 Need to Know Need to Know

Best from always never the same

57 One Big Sky One Big Sky

Great song, best one from In the Spirit of Things.

58 Windows Windows
59 The Spider The Spider
60 Everybody's My Friend Everybody's My Friend
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