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Kataklysm is a Canadian Death Metal band who have innovated the musical style 'Northern Hyperblast'. Vote for the best Kataklysm songs in this list. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

As I Slither

2Like Angels Weeping (The Dark)

3Let Them Burn

4Taking the World by Storm


6Push the Venom

7Determined (Vows of Vengeance)

8To Reign Again

9Breathe to Dominate

10The Ambassador of Pain

The Contenders

11Serenity In Fire


13It Turns to Rust

14The Road to Devastation

15Open Scars

16Blood On the Swans

17The Resurrected

18Blood In Heaven

19Where the Enemy Sleeps...

20As Death Lingers


22Chronicles of the Damned


24The Renaissance

25Caged In

26The Night They Returned

27Under the Bleeding Sun

28The Chains of Power

29A Soulless God

30The Awakener

31Breeding the Everlasting

32As the Glorious Weep

33Manipulator of Souls

34Face the Face of War

35Beyond Salvation

36The Tragedy I Preach

37In Words of Desperation

38Crippled & Broken

39Temptation's Nest

40Dead & Buried

41The Darkest Days of Slumber

42As the Walls Collapse

43Faith Made of Shrapnel

44As My World Burns

45Shivers of a New World

46What We Endure

4710 Seconds from the End

48For All Our Sins

49Bound In Chains

50Years of Enlightment / Decades In Darkness

51Centuries (Beneath the Dark Waters)

52In Shadows & Dust

53The Unholy Signature

54In Parallel Horizons

55Point of Evanescence

56To the Throne of Sorrow

57Blind Savior

58Suicide River

59Under Lawless Skies


61The Last Effort (Renaissance II)

62The Vultures Are Watching

63Tear Down the Kingdom

64Real Blood, Real Scars

65Numb and Intoxicated

66Kill the Elite

67Damnation Is Here

68Il Diavolo In Me

69When Time Stands Still

70Enhanced by the Lore

71Exode of Evils

72I Remember

73Courage Through Hope

74Extreme to the Core


76World of Treason

77Gateway to Extinction



80Feeling the Neverworld

81Mould In a Breed

82Imminent Downfall

83Portraits of Anger

84The Promise

85Like Animals

86Empire of Dirt

87Beckoning of the Xul

88Fathers from the Suns

89Laments of Fear and Despair

90Era of the Merciless

91Astral Empire

92A View from Inside

93Garden of Dreams

94Maelstrom 2010

95Embracing Europa

96Feared Resistance


98Once... Upon Possession

99Whirlwind of Withered Blossoms


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