Top Ten Best Keane Songs


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The Top Ten

Somewhere Only We Know
This song belongs at #1. I am a huge fan of Keane and I love all the songs on this page. But this song is best suited where it's at because it has a beautifully addictive magic within the very depths of what this masterpiece truly is. This song will always be at #1 forever.
The lyrics, piano and the guitars blend together in a magnificent way... The song takes you to a distant place.. It simply 'makes you complete'!
like the vocals and piano
[Newest]I'm very Keane on this song!

2Everybody's Changing
I believe this should # 1... It's keane's identity song... You know the first time I've heard this song... Until now it is still keep playing in my heart and mind... The best song ever made... Very inspiring... Whenever I'm upset I just listen to this song... And that's it... My day is complete... I hope keane knew how much I admired the band... Not just because their hot guys... But I fell in love first with the song...
One of the very best. Really loved this song. One of my favorites. Should have been number 1.
A truly beautiful song that'll make you sing whenever you hear it...
[Newest]This song is awesome

3This Is the Last Time
Although it is propelled by the fantastic piano like many Keane songs, this gets my vote due to the Coldplay-esque emotion Chaplin puts into singing the excellent lyrics. The high point of the bands best album, it should be No. 1
I feel happy when I play this songs
Beautiful song, beautiful lyrics, beautiful melody. Definitely the best!

4Crystal Ball
Come on! THIS IS KEANE'S BEST SONG. I have loved Keane and their music and I found it hard to choose a song to vote for but I would have expected this song to be at least in the top 5!
My second favourite after 'Somewhere Only We Know'. Deserves so much more attention.


Best of the best after everybody's changing
Love it so much like I never stop singing I love keane keep singing... Indonesia loves you

5Perfect Symmetry
How can this song not be no. 1. It's by far the best keane song ever and one of the best songs of all time.
I like the part when Tom sings, "Or may be you'll find life is unkind... " The melody is so nice.
a truly an underrated song off a truly underrated album...
[Newest]Even Tom Chaplin stated that he thought this was their best song! So underrated.

6Sovereign Light Cafe
This song definitely deserves a spot in the top 10. This songs has an amazing beat and a great meaning. To never forget where you came from. Even though you might be born somewhere and end up somewhere else during life, you should never forget about where you came from, because where you came from makes you an individual apart from others.
This song means a lot to me and is poignant of my childhood. It is also masterfully sung. The lyrics are beautiful and evocative.
How can this be possible! This songs totally deserves to be #1!
[Newest]We were friends and lovers and clueless clowns

This one brings tears to my eyes. I just love it.
This song is angelic and poignant to anthems. I believe it is one of Keanes best songs and should be voted as an all time classic.
Bedshaped is the best song for me. Hopes and Fears the best album. It is sad that they did not continue with the same style like Hopes and Fears.
[Newest]The beginning is so delicate and beautiful...

8Silenced by the Night
This is song is probably the most underrated of all. This one is a piece of art and should be among the best 3 without a doubt.
Well actually most of 'all' keane's song is beautifull and amazing the way they are. But this one extremely makes me feel I really had the experience silenced by the nights haha
This is just a great song, its emocional, great, I just love it
[Newest]This song is majestic!

9Nothing In My Way
I has a good beat and they sing it really well
Simply one of the best songs from Keane. Good beat, good vocals, but the best part of the song are the lyrics! Top notch music!
[Newest]This song is simply out of this world... I just drift away to a different state when I listen to this song

10A Bad Dream
This is one of my favourite songs ever! It's really catchy and generally amazing, cannot believe it isn't number one!
Really catchy. I was suprised it only just made the top 10. This one has been in my head for weeks and I don't know if I will ever get it out.
This is the song that got it all started for me. I challenged myself to listen to all the other potential top ten songs and this one wins out easy for me. Catchy lyrics and full bodied sound.
[Newest]This song is just so meaningful and beautifully relaxing! Can't believe it isn't higher up!

The Contenders

11Can't Stop Now
This is just an amazing song. I can't live without it
Amazing vocals! Especially the first version of it (not the one in the album!)

Extremely underrated, not just on this list but in general. It should have been a number 1 hit in the UK when it first came out. Never gets old.
The most catchy song I listened in a long, long time.
I came here to vote this song.Its that good...- mask7
[Newest]Brilliant song. Never gets old.

13Bend and Break
What did I just witness? This is by far my favourite song by Keane. This should at least be at the top #3.

It has great meaning and every time the song starts to play, it sends me goosebumps and breaks my heart to pieces. I get the chills whilst listening to the lyrics and the dominance of piano throughout the whole song. He sounds sweet and melancholy - it gives me the thought of vulnerability and "getting through bad times together". I will always find the song captivating and genius.
I'll met you in the light! Great techno wave and make it freak with the lyrics! Let just listening this music and make your soul fly!
Keane has a lot of beautiful songs, but I think Bend and Break is special
[Newest]Bend & Break is such a good song!

14Hamburg Song
This is one of the best Keane songs. The lyrics are so deep and powerful, and the rhythm is catchy along them
One of the prettiest songs ever written
One of the keane's best.
At least should be in top 20s.
[Newest]Amazing... Just gorgeous and full of meaning <3 I love this song

15Leaving So Soon?
Phenomenal on every level!

I hear this song every day. This is my favourite!
This song is at the top of my list with all you songs especially everybody's changing them are the best song ever Natasha finnigan age:12

Best Keane song by far. A bit different from their regular stuff but excellent! Shivers every time. Can't believe this isn't #1
Be honest, Atlantic is definitely 1 of TOP10 in my view!

18The Frog Prince
Not so much (or at all) for the subject matter as the music--this song just wipes me out and evokes memories of growing up. I haven't been this smitten with a song in many years. I had to buy the sheet music and I'm writing my own lyrics to it just for myself.
Awesome the piano in this track is tremendous

19On a Day Like Today
This is the best song in the world FULL STOP! Only linkin park's crawling and muse's uprising come close
It might be a little repetitive but the song has a melancholic tone partnered with varying vocal, triggering emotions within the listener.
It is music genius, emotionally brilliant

20The Lovers Are Losing
I really love this song, the part where the chorus starts brings me a electric feel, but all the song give me a strange feeling. Definitely one of the best of one of the best bans ever
HOW IS THIS AT NUMBER 27! This song deserves to be at least in the top 5.


This song should be 1st place because its al emotional don't you think! Natasha Finnegan age:12

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