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The Top Ten

Somebody Like You
Can't GET ENOUGH OF THIS SONG! Biggest Kieth Urban fan ever! Laugh out loud
Love this song. One of the best song by keith urban.
I love the steady beat, it makes the song sound wicked
[Newest]I hate country music and everything it stands for

2Kiss a Girl
My #1 Keith Urban Song it's been so for a about 6 years now and I still listen to it!


Worst Keith urban song ever in my opinion I'll give you anything to put it last. I mean it's not that bad but not this good
This is the best song from Keith Urban Ever made

3Long Hot Summer
This song hooks you from the first sentence! It deserves to be in the top ten!
Why isn't this song the first one?
Really is an incredible catchy song. Should be #1
[Newest]Amazing Summer song! Love Keith!

4Cop Car
Too amazing. This song should get the first place here!

This is a new song, so em not really surprised finding this song at 6th place. It's about time!
This is the best Keith urban song. Why so low it should be number 1 in my opinion please please please try and make it one it is too good
Keith urban has come back again with another amazing bunch of songs and this song is certainly he best out of the album
[Newest]This song is so beautiful

5You'll Think of Me
This song absolutely for those who wanna move on yet can't forget about their love and feeling. I really enjoy every single word in this song.
My favourite song ever and I mean it it is so good and Keith urban is so passionate when he sings this song. Go you'll think of me
I like "Somebody Like You" but this song! This song is clearly his best.


6Days Go By
I like this song..
. _.

7Tonight I Wanna Cry
Why is this not number one? The emotion in the lyrics is so heart wrenching and the piano at the beginning is just amazing!
Love this song, I don't live a good life, and this song always makes me cry. It has a beautiful sad melody.
This song should be in the top 3! Why it's here? Great song
[Newest]So beautiful should be top 1

8For You
Such a beautiful song about the brotherhood that forms between military members. I love this song and it has such a deep meaning.

9Stupid Boy
This is a really good song and is the best song from his 2006 album

10Little Bit of Everything
This song is perfect. My favorite Keith Urban song. Should be rated higher than this.
This song definitely has little bit of every good thing...
I love this song so happy

The Contenders

11Making Memories of Us
One of the greatest love songs by Keith
This song is beautiful. definitely going to be my first dance when at my wedding.

12You Look Good In My Shirt
I love this song is so natural so cute. Love it.

13'Til Summer Comes Around could anyone not be mesmerized by this song...its such beautiful song I get lost every time I hear this song. A true masterpiece..I recommend it to anyone who loves slow romantic songs and who loves keith and his'll see why I love this song so much!
This is such a great and heartfelt song it makes me cry each time I listen to it. Plus he won a Grammy for this song. It truly is amazing and I recommend everyone to have a listen to it
The best Keith urban song and is so fresh and has the best tune I have ever heard and also from his best album defying gravity
[Newest]This should be top one it's so good

14Sweet Thing
This song rules YAH laugh out loud
Keith urbans songs always take deep meaning to me. Sweet thing took to a all time new meaningin point of spective. One of his best for sure. Please please please make more songs like this one

15Somewhere In My Car
Best song by Keith Urban


I love this it should be top 1
It should be in the top ten

16But for the Grace of God

17Raining on Sunday
This is the best keith urban song

18Who Wouldn't Wanna Be Me

19Put You In a Song

20Once In a Lifetime

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