Best Kendrick Lamar Songs

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Kendrick bodies this beat. Lyrics are amazing as usual but he really connects with a lot of today's issues in society. Metaphors are great as well, they actually work with the song unlike pointless metaphors thrown in by other rappers to get spins
Might be the best rap song of the past decade, in my opinion, it's definitely up there. So deep, an incredible beat, good performance as a whole.. It's just amazing.


In this song he shows that he is one of the best young rappers at the time and one of the best to come, sick beat and sick flow but he also addresses topics that other greats like pac looked at, just his best watch the video and you'll understand
[Newest]Fantastic beat. Amazing lyrics. Many songs could be up here at number 1, this is top 3 for sure, it's between cartoons and cereal and money trees too. Swimming pools as well. He has too many 10/10 songs to put in the top 3 it's not fair

2m.A.A.d. city
Honestly you can tell when rappers really went through the darkest that society has to offer, and you feel it in this song. He doesn't just screw around like Tyler, the Creator (his music has a time and a place). He really creates a picture in your head and that's a great accomplishment for a modern-day rapper. Which he wasn't such a sell-out workin with ASAP, Drake, and 2 Chainz laugh out loud but that's irrelevant.
The flow is perfected on both beats! This may not be his best song but it should be in the top 5! Both kendrick and MC Eiht have a sick verse and flow. I love the G whistle at the end, it give the song such a west coast feel!
"Brace yourself Imma take you on a trip down memory lane" he really does, the beat compliments Kendricks flow and makes a sick ass song
[Newest]I love both parts of this song. Both really well done and it is one of his top songs for sure

3Money Trees
Best Kendrick song and an amazing verse from Jay Rock. Best song on the album.
Deep track, explores the effect of monetary value in human society through creative flows and great instrumentals not to mention a touch of genius from Jay... Simply amazing
Everything is great... Great instrumental, great meaning/lyrics, great flow, great guest verse by Jay. Considered best rap song of 2012 by many. Up there with swimming pools.


[Newest]I love this song. Number one for sure. It's so calm and so deep. I love every part of this song. Jay rock has a great verse as well. Really is a song I will never get bored with.

4Swimming Pools (Drank)
Didn't particularly care about it when I first heard it, but then I heard it again and again and again and again X infinity... Still listening, love it! If you are here to find inspiration for a Kendrick Lamar song to listen to, I would definitely recommend you hear it.
Its just an amazing so that should be more recognized for what it is. The workmanship and time that went into this masterpiece shows his dedication and love for music. Plus its fun
One of the greatest rappers out today.. Hands down
[Newest]It's so calm, it's one of those songs you listen to when you relax

5Bitch, Don't Kill My Vibe
Yes this is the song
Song is amazing and should be number 1
It's really catchy.A.D.H.D, M.A.A.d city, and Compton are close too.
[Newest]Meaningful. So deep the Pacific Ocean got jealous.

6Sing About Me, I'm Dying of Thirst
This song is filled with so much emotion! Very heartfelt and lyrically beautiful! Definitely needs to be higher on the list!
This song is the modern day version of Nas' One Love. If you can get through the first two verses without feeling the pain of the narrators, you don't have a heart. This is what rap is all about.
A 12minutes track, two in one song, all about life and the society was painted in this song. Believe me this should be his number one. And no video yet for the song.
[Newest]Song has fire lyrics and should be at least number 2

Well, if it isn't, I think it's the second, you must hear it, it has great lyrics¡¡

His flow and what's he's talking about his AMAZING
If you really listen to this song you can picture what is going on in his head it's a great song that tells a story
[Newest]Easiest song to understand what his saying goes with the beat.

8Cartoon & Cereal
This song is number 1.

1 cartoon & cereal
2 money trees
3 the recipe
4 high power
5 bitch don't kill my vibe
6 rigamortis
7 adhd
8 swimming pools
9 keisha's song
10 ignorance is bliss
Best Kendrick Song this far. Replace "Poetic Justice" with "Cartoon & Cereal, " Good Kid M.A.A. D City becomes a classic.
Why isn't this in the the top ten
[Newest]This is top 3 for sure. Too many people just bump with his new stuff when he has just as good if not better songs from back when he wont as popular. Great lyrics, and I love the flow of the verses!

9The Blacker the Berry
By far one of his deepest songs he ever written. Talks about how racism/hate is not one sided concept and its hypocritical to think that it is so, because we all partake in it. One of the best songs of 2015.
Probably his best song to date. So much depth and passion in his lyrics that speak about so many issues... The song is straight fire.
Has I be his best song. The message he expresses is incredible and has such a good rhythm throughout the entire song.
[Newest]The last line blew me away!

10Backseat Freestyle
Dude he kills this whole song.
Great song with great lyrics which is every song.
Sick beat. One of my favorites for sure
[Newest]Amazing beat plus sick lyrics

The Contenders

He just goes in and doesn't stop with an intense trumpet beat playing in the back of his amazing rapping
Amazing rapping by kendrick bodies the awesome trumpet beat perfectly amazing song
Bangin beat + Crazy beat= straight fire.
[Newest]Lyrically this song is easily number 1, not through his story but purely sentence and word structure.

12Ignorance Is Bliss
Best rap song of 2010.
Kendrick is the best rapper alive. This song has the most amazing flow and beat. Should be top 10
[Newest]Love everything about this song, both lyrics and beat, for sure should be top 10

13King Kunta
First time listening you'll be like what? But it grows and grows every single listen until every time the song comes on you can't stop moving.
What I like about this song is that it is different to the hip hop we hear today. Its beats is almost a bit jazzy. Catchy lyrics as well
"Stuck a flag in my city, everybody screamin' Compton! "


14F*** Your Ethnicity
.. My details be in retail... Closely second to hi power for me
I love this song. The beat to it is so mellow. And Kendrick killed the verses.
What this song is bomb, racial equality for everyone is crucial

15Poetic Justice
This should at least be in the top 8 why is it down here
Great lyrics, flows with beat
I concur, Poetic Justice has a great flow, rhyme scheme, lyrics, and feel... And feel is the most important part of music.
[Newest]Great beat, good lyrics. This should be number 1

16Ronald Reagan Era (His Evils)
Should be at least number 10. This one had a great beat and great lyrics (just like all of his songs)
The second of the two singles from Section.80, this one is underrated and has a good beat and great lyrics from Kendrick.


I don't know why this song is so underrated. it is for sure top 3

Kendrick murdered everybody in his verse!
This is his best song. He calls out like all the new rappers and just destroys them. Big Sean's verse was great too
The whole game was demolished in one verse. His verse's depth and truthfulness gave me chills.
[Newest]Kendrick Lamar massacres every other rapper in one verse


18Black Boy Fly
Anyone who voted for anything else obviously hasn't even listened to this. It's unbelievable. It has real meaning that I can relate to. It's about making it big & getting out of poverty. Also it has great lyrical skill.
This is the greatest song ever comment please I love it


The lyrics actually mean something for those who don't really care about them. Kendrick Lamar's lyrics are deep.

19Poe Mans Dreams (His Vice)
I love this track truly his best from section.80 and so nice I love the instrumental
One of my favorite songs
This song comes straight from the heart

Not even a fan of Kendrick but this song is something the industry needs more of. As someone who plays bass... I really appreciate the way he flows over such a great bass line. Complete art, deserves more respect in regards to talent and the message it sends.
This is probably one of the most positive hip hop songs. Instead of rapping about doing illegal drugs, and things like that he makes a catchy song, telling us, "I love myself". You don't find much rap songs like this one.


Kendrick Lamar first grammy winning song for best rap song.
[Newest]The bridge is one of the best verses I've ever heard from Kendrick.

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