Best Kendrick Lamar Songs

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Kendrick bodies this beat. Lyrics are amazing as usual but he really connects with a lot of today's issues in society. Metaphors are great as well, they actually work with the song unlike pointless metaphors thrown in by other rappers to get spins
Might be the best rap song of the past decade, in my opinion, it's definitely up there. So deep, an incredible beat, good performance as a whole.. It's just amazing.


In this song he shows that he is one of the best young rappers at the time and one of the best to come, sick beat and sick flow but he also addresses topics that other greats like pac looked at, just his best watch the video and you'll understand

2m.A.A.d. city
Honestly you can tell when rappers really went through the darkest that society has to offer, and you feel it in this song. He doesn't just screw around like Tyler, the Creator (his music has a time and a place). He really creates a picture in your head and that's a great accomplishment for a modern-day rapper. Which he wasn't such a sell-out workin with ASAP, Drake, and 2 Chainz laugh out loud but that's irrelevant.
The flow is perfected on both beats! This may not be his best song but it should be in the top 5! Both kendrick and MC Eiht have a sick verse and flow. I love the G whistle at the end, it give the song such a west coast feel!
"Brace yourself Imma take you on a trip down memory lane" he really does, the beat compliments Kendricks flow and makes a sick ass song

3Swimming Pools (Drank)
Didn't particularly care about it when I first heard it, but then I heard it again and again and again and again X infinity... Still listening, love it! If you are here to find inspiration for a Kendrick Lamar song to listen to, I would definitely recommend you hear it.
Its just an amazing so that should be more recognized for what it is. The workmanship and time that went into this masterpiece shows his dedication and love for music. Plus its fun
One of the greatest rappers out today.. Hands down
[Newest]It's so calm, it's one of those songs you listen to when you relax

4Money Trees
Best Kendrick song and an amazing verse from Jay Rock. Best song on the album.
Deep track, explores the effect of monetary value in human society through creative flows and great instrumentals not to mention a touch of genius from Jay... Simply amazing
Everything is great... Great instrumental, great meaning/lyrics, great flow, great guest verse by Jay. Considered best rap song of 2012 by many. Up there with swimming pools.


[Newest]Has there ever been a more iconic rap song?

5Bitch, Don't Kill My Vibe
Yes this is the song
Song is amazing and should be number 1
It's really catchy.A.D.H.D, M.A.A.d city, and Compton are close too.
[Newest]Meaningful. So deep the Pacific Ocean got jealous.

6Sing About Me, I'm Dying of Thirst
This song is filled with so much emotion! Very heartfelt and lyrically beautiful! Definitely needs to be higher on the list!
This song is the modern day version of Nas' One Love. If you can get through the first two verses without feeling the pain of the narrators, you don't have a heart. This is what rap is all about.
A 12minutes track, two in one song, all about life and the society was painted in this song. Believe me this should be his number one. And no video yet for the song.
[Newest]Usually on long songs like this I turn it off by 7 minutes, but this... I listened all the way through! Go Kendrick!

7Cartoon & Cereal
This song is number 1.

1 cartoon & cereal
2 money trees
3 the recipe
4 high power
5 bitch don't kill my vibe
6 rigamortis
7 adhd
8 swimming pools
9 keisha's song
10 ignorance is bliss
Best Kendrick Song this far. Replace "Poetic Justice" with "Cartoon & Cereal, " Good Kid M.A.A. D City becomes a classic.
Why isn't this in the the top ten
[Newest]Just such a good song lots of secondary meanings

Well, if it isn't, I think it's the second, you must hear it, it has great lyrics¡¡

His flow and what's he's talking about his AMAZING
If you really listen to this song you can picture what is going on in his head it's a great song that tells a story

He just goes in and doesn't stop with an intense trumpet beat playing in the back of his amazing rapping
Amazing rapping by kendrick bodies the awesome trumpet beat perfectly amazing song
Bangin beat + Crazy beat= straight fire.
[Newest]Lyrically this song is easily number 1, not through his story but purely sentence and word structure.

10Backseat Freestyle
Dude he kills this whole song.
Great song with great lyrics which is every song.
Sick beat. One of my favorites for sure
[Newest]100% best kendrick song ever and all time fave song ever

The Contenders

11Ignorance Is Bliss
Best rap song of 2010.
Kendrick is the best rapper alive. This song has the most amazing flow and beat. Should be top 10
[Newest]Love everything about this song, both lyrics and beat, for sure should be top 10

12Poetic Justice
This should at least be in the top 8 why is it down here
Great lyrics, flows with beat
I concur, Poetic Justice has a great flow, rhyme scheme, lyrics, and feel... And feel is the most important part of music.
[Newest]I think this should be top 5 at least!

13F*** Your Ethnicity
.. My details be in retail... Closely second to hi power for me
I love this song. The beat to it is so mellow. And Kendrick killed the verses.

14Black Boy Fly
Anyone who voted for anything else obviously hasn't even listened to this. It's unbelievable. It has real meaning that I can relate to. It's about making it big & getting out of poverty. Also it has great lyrical skill.
This is the greatest song ever comment please I love it


The lyrics actually mean something for those who don't really care about them. Kendrick Lamar's lyrics are deep.

Kendrick murdered everybody in his verse!
This is his best song. He calls out like all the new rappers and just destroys them. Big Sean's verse was great too
The whole game was demolished in one verse. His verse's depth and truthfulness gave me chills.
[Newest]Kendrick Lamar massacres every other rapper in one verse


16The Recipe
This was actually the first time I ever heard Kendrick Lamar, and a good one at that. With a feature of Dr. Dre, Kendrick and Dre produced California Love Part II with this one.


This song is really nice...i like the girls voice is the background..kendrick lamar is awesome
Was gonna vote for Black Boy Fly which is too low, but this is also low, WAY TOO LOW!
He just spits fire in this song! My favorite song on the album!

17Ronald Reagan Era (His Evils)
Should be at least number 10. This one had a great beat and great lyrics (just like all of his songs)
The second of the two singles from Section.80, this one is underrated and has a good beat and great lyrics from Kendrick.


Not even a fan of Kendrick but this song is something the industry needs more of. As someone who plays bass... I really appreciate the way he flows over such a great bass line. Complete art, deserves more respect in regards to talent and the message it sends.
This is probably one of the most positive hip hop songs. Instead of rapping about doing illegal drugs, and things like that he makes a catchy song, telling us, "I love myself". You don't find much rap songs like this one.


Kendrick Lamar first grammy winning song for best rap song.

19The Blacker the Berry
Probably his best song to date. So much depth and passion in his lyrics that speak about so many issues... The song is straight fire.
Kdot spitting fire with this one. Great flow, great message, Kendrick follows up his song I with something completely the opposite.
One of the best songs of Kendrick

20Keisha's Song (Her Pain)
"Nothing really matters, so she hit the back seat
Cause Rosa Parks never a factor when she making ends meat."

The whole story behind this song is too meaningful to acknowledge
Look at the lyrics, really deep
What this is by far kendricks best song smh

What is this? This song is amazing. It explains so much, and is a great track to finish off the amazing story told from good kid maad city. This should definitely be in too 10 for sure
Should be top 10. This song has so much meaning.
This is how quality hip hop should be.

22Look Out for Detox
The lyrics, the metaphors, the alliteration, the vivid imagery of his life, perfectly complementing a destructively dope beat. Another immaculate song by an immaculate artist
He goes so hard on this song! It's mad!
Sickest beat, sickest lyrics. Always gets me pumped when I'm working out!

23The Spiteful Chant
This song is so powerful! It is just amazing. Wow guys a true kendrick lamar fan would rate this higher
Why is this so low?!? This should be one in my opinion or at least in top 3! The instrumental and lyrical flow is simply amazing!
Best song to trip to since ever. Definitely should be higher

24The Heart II
Kendricks mostly lyrical song, he puts A LOT of heart into it!
That was Kendrick spilling his heart, he shows how he's changed
This is really the best song he talks about being in the game but forever on gods side an his passion for music..

25Poe Mans Dreams (His Vice)
One of my favorite songs
This song comes straight from the heart

26Collect Calls
The MOST underrated kendrick song of all time
So DEEP! Best kendrick song ever
Everything about this song is amazing. The lyrics, the instrumental, the hook, everything! This song is why I call him king kendrick lamar

Incredibly underrated in my opinion

28The Heart Pt. 3
You feel Kendrick's Heart and Soul on this track, it's almost as if he's about to cry with the pressure put on him to make GKMC into a classic, and he did it, which makes the song even greater

29F****n' Problems

30King Kunta

31Hol' Up
This should be like number 4
I love the tune. Not my fave lyrics though but I love this song still.
I got this on REPLAY!

Definitely should be in the top 5

32Good Kid
The best song on GKMC, the album wouldn't be the same without it great lyrics great hook and great beat
Top 5 in the GKMC album. Should be in the top 10

33Vanity Slaves

34I Hate You
Kendricks beat song about death and very creative on the third verse.
This song is so deep

35Tammy's Song (Her Evils)
SICK song amazing gravities favorite

36Kush & Corinthians

37The Blacker the Berry - Kendrick Lamar

38Love Game
This track is absolutely amazing. Both artists go in hard, using lyrical skill whilst also telling a (somewhat humorous) story throughout their verses.
First Kendrick song I heard Eminem and k are dope
... Wow... , that's all I had to say of this song

39The Jig Is Up
It blew my mind.
And now we jumping of the roof, DOTOTOTOTO. enough said
This song is just sick as kendrick#HiiPower#to the track"and now we dumpin"


41No Make-Up (Her Vice)
Similar to J. Cole's "Crooked Smile"
Top 10 in my opinion.
Similar to J. Cole's "Crooked Smile"

42Blow My High (Members Only)
No idea how this is so low down
This is it right here!

43The Art of Peer Pressure
How is this not higher on the list? This is an incredible track. Kendrick's ability to story tell is crazy and we get a very vivid narrative delivered perfectly by Kendrick. Gives a great insight into Kendrick's younger years growing up in Compton and the gang life atmosphere he was surrounded by.
This song is amazing. The way he raps in the song puts a clear picture in your head about whats going on. to be honest it isn't a chart topper but it should be ranked higher
Kendrick's ability to paint a picture with his words in thus song is amazing

44Buried Alive
So touching and beautiful

45Westside Right On Time

46Memories Back Then


48Wanna Be Heard
Really inspirational. Definitely my favorite Kendrick track. It deserves a lot more attention.
This beat is just fire, and the way kendrick flows on it is really something beautiful

49The City
This is game's song... FAIL!
Trues it's Game's song but Kendrick raps all the hooks and the final verse. Which is amazinggg

50Growing Apart (To Get Closer)
This be at least 6 or so! Kendrick pretty much says how people act in this song!
This and Hipower are the most relateable to me.

51P & P
Great beat and flow. one of his best
What? P&p should be higher!

52The Jig Is Up (Dump'n)

53Night of the Living Junkies

54Sherane a.k.a. Master Splinter's Daughter
One of Kendrick Lamar's underrated songs, the chilling beat makes it even better.


56Wesley's Theory

57Let Me Be Me
Kendrick Lamar says in this song that he isn't a killer or a gang member like the people he grew up with, and they respect him for that
This beat is just on point. Top ten or at the very least top 20.
Song is top 10 worthy. Check it

58Opposites Attract (Tomorrow With Her)
Great beat, great message. Kendrick raps along to both perspectives of people when they cheat

59Cloud 10
Nice beats and good lyrics, seriously this song is underrated.

60A Milli Freestyle


62Collard Greens
Love this song to death. Cool beat.
Love the beat, he kills his part

Sick remix give it a chance pretty sure you will love
Better than the original

64Cut You Off
What! This is without a doubt one of the greatest songs Kendrick has ever written! Personally, I think it is the best and not just my favorite song from Kendrick, but one of my favorite songs EVER of ANY GENRE! From the beat to the way he portrays the personalities of the typical male and female of the modern day society (especially African-Americans). He speaks about social ills and the petty things our people are so worried about meaningless things that don't generate positive outcomes. He is basically saying he is going to cut them off not just because they are bad for him, because they are small minded and kendrick is trying to go beyond the hood and become a great artists and influential person but these people around him just keep bringing him down with their negative energy and materialistic views. This has to be the most underrated Kendrick Lamar song EVER.
This influenced my personal philosophy a lot. The idea of cutting off all negative people from your life
The thing that makes this song good, is not only the message it gives out, but the small portion at the end. Listen to the last 40 seconds of the song. Kendrick explains hiipower

65How Many Drinks

66She Needs Me
So... Underrated! First Kendrick Lamar song I've ever heard. Amazing beat, neat story, and I love Kendrick's voice!

67Kendrick Lamar

68Best Rapper Under 25

69West Coast Wu-Tang
This song is great. Should be way higher

70How Much a Dollar Cost
This song gave me chills an empithany at the end, only few songs have done that to me, Hiiipower, Sing about me I'm dying of thirst control jay electronica & Kendricks verse, Nas Rewind, N. Y state of mind, Nas is like, affirmative action, J Cole let Nas down, January 28th, Apparently and Jay-z Lucifer, D'evils, Dead presidents II, Lauren Hill ex factor, her verse on Ready or not & Zealots

71Barbed Wire

72Imma G

73Sex With Society
Please read the title!
This is one of my favourite Kendrick songs! I know word by word. I would definitely put this in my top '10

74Far From Here

75I Do This

76Alien Girl (Today With Her)
The beat is ahead of its time.

77Heaven & Hell

78Vanity Slaves Pt. 2

79The Relevant
I can't believe this song isn't in the top 20 at least. Great beat, amazing lyrics, and hook that catches you.


81Young and Black
Deserves to be higher, such an underrated song in my opinion...

This is an awesome track

83Get Thrown

84Death Around the Corner

85We Up

86County Building Blues
This track has a sick beat by Dj Khalil, his lyrics are epic! I love his childhood imaginary friend
Sooo Underrated!

Bonus Track so nobody knows it but this and Hol Up gotta be in the top ten


88Give It 2 You
Great song with Robin Thicke


89It's On Again
Best kendrick song ever

Seriously the third verse is amazing, one of the best Kendrick verses in my opinion
So chill then the last verse is crazy
Way underrated! Amazing song

91Uncle Bobby & Jason Keaton

Pure and simple.. when you heard this track you wanted kenny to win!


94Little Johnny


96Is It Love?

97One Shot Kill

98Who Shot Ya Freestyle

99The Show

100Bloody Sport

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