Best Kid Cudi Songs


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Soundtrack 2 My Life
Man on th Moon II will never come close to this
He is the most real rapper in the game today! Every time Cudi raps he pours his soul into every line. He is someone that a listener can cling on to. I am a fan of every Cudi song ever and I hope his Grammy is on the way!
Best song period, he's super creative and wish it wasn't so hard to pick a best but he definitely killed his track man
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2Pursuit of Happiness
Pursuit of Happiness
Up Up ^^ Away
Erase Me
Cleveland Is The Reason
Man on The Moon
Embrace The Martian
Mr. Rager
Cudi Zone
Just some of the best
No matter what mood I'm in, it always puts a smile on my face. This is the only song I can listen over and over and over again
I love Kid Cudi, I love Ratatat and I love MGMT. This song is like a god's present =)
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3The Prayer
Something that inspires me. Best one of CuDi's songs and actually has a meaning. Recommended.

I love this song. It's so signature of his style with so much meaning and I love how he talks about wanting to leave behind something more than talking about apple bottom jeans and boots with the fur, and then has the day n nite beat play hauntingly in the background at the end. Almost like he hopes people remember him for more than that song
I like a lot of Kid Cudi songs but this song is my favorite. While listening to this song you ill feel as though you are riding on a cloud. This song is noy just my favorite Cudi song but one of my favourite songs all around. The Prayer is very catchy with a nice beat, and great meaning.
How in the world is this song not #1, it has such good lyrics if you listen to it, and it is such a good overall song with the chorus as well
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4Cudi Zone
Amazing song, this was a kids favorite song at my school before he was killed in a car crash. That just gives it so much more meaning.
you truly are in his zone when listening to this song.
Just such a badass song even though its #4 it should be higher!
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5Mr. Rager
Amazing song but impossible to pick the best kid cudi song since id pretty much listen to any of his songs than anyone else because he's the best in the world.
This is the first song I heard from him and I have loved him ever since. I love all of his songs and its hard to pick my favorite one. But I think its safe to say that this song will remain at the top.
I love this song it is so AWESOME he did a great job writing this and I can tell it took allot of work but the song is so good and I like the story behind the song and how it talkes about people should'nt get depressed and they should probably learn to let go but overall I've heard this song so many times and it has never gotten old
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6Day 'n' Nite
always gets everyone dancing!
Excellent song! Puts me in a good mood. Fun to dance slow too.
This song is way better than all the others. It deserves to be up at the top. It's got a really good beat. Did you know that the Crookers Remix of this song got so many more hits then the original?
Can listen to it a lll day and his first major song
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7Man On the Moon
Perhaps the best song made by a new school rapper.

Absolute great heartfelt lyrics.

Great song.
Greatest song. Just be different like CuDi and look what can happen. He overcomes adversity and shoes that you can do any thing you want no matter what Haters say.
great beat, catchy, means something more than some just jump up and dance type of song, "highly" recommended
Best song out there
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8Erase Me
I keep on running keep on running and nothing helps.. I can't get away from you

Love this song it is awesome!
I could listen to this song over and over again, and not get tired of it. This is the only song that I can do that too, showing the great of kid cudi! (: you have kanye west and kid cudi together, there is nothing like this song.
I Cannot get it out of my head. Nice video, Kid Cudi rocks in it.
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9Just What I Am
"Ain't no such thing as satan, evil is what you make it"
This song is definitely one of my favorites of Kid Cudi! It just has a sort of aroma that just makes anyone and everyone feel good. And for those who are asking if he quit smokin, I heard that this song isn't really about him GETTING high but about him WANTING to get high but expresses how he can't due to wanting custody over his child he has to take drug tests meaning he has to be "clean". Anyways I love this song an it has a lot of good meaning to it: just like all of his music
I hear that Kid Cudi quit smoking weed and then I hear this song come out of no where. WOW! Great song
Such a catchy song. Definitely recommended. Kid is by far the greatest of the century!
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10Heart of a Lion
He's saying how strong he is and what he can take on and go through. One of my favorites!
don't miss out on this one.
Amazing song, great beat and good lyrics. A Cudi track to pick you up when you're feeling down. Definitely one of his best
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The Contenders

11Up, Up and Away
This is the kind of music you can listen to and it makes you happy, he's a amazing rapper/singer/songwriter and the lyrics relate to life.


It always cheers me up, when I come home from school, It just makes me happy, no matter what, Its like there's some sort of magic in the song, but anyways, I think this should be the best. :D
This is the kind of music you can listen to and it makes you happy, he's a amzing rapper/singer/songwriter and the lyrics relate to life.


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Great song... Just great
Great beat, good lyrics, all around amazing song
Listen to sample

13That New New
I love this song. It never gets old.
It doesn't quite have a meaning but it's a good song to listen to to get you pumped for the day ahead
I love this song! It's so original, my favorite Cudi sound. You rarely hear something this quirky.
Should be way higher
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I think this is one of the best, if not the best Cudi tracks ever. The Vampire Weekend sample makes the song sound so happy and the lyrics always make me smile. All around epic tune in my opinion.
Best vibe ever! I swear the beat and the lyrics go hand and hand! Kid Cudi I swear is so creative with his beats even though he sampled but come on man... It's so smooth that it makes me wanna bust a move but the beat is so fast and uppity that no rapper with an average flow can rap to this beat. Plus the hook which came from the song Ottoman by Vampire Weekend is so perfectly delivered after with Cudi's verse. Best soft song I've heard. And I'ma bong thugs and harmony fan!

Just Good Sound By David Guetta. Wow Amazing Song
This may be David Guetta's song. But who is the man with the cool voice. Totally shocked by the absence of this song!
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Should definitely be in top 10, really shows cudi's passion of marijuana, heck he has angels in the background of the song. Very catchy, memorable, definitely top ten material
Has so much meaning!
Awesome music... I'm in love with this song...
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17Embrace the Martian
One of my favorite Kid Cudi songs! The way song makes me feel good, especially when I'm a little buzzed
This is too low on the list
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Brand new but really good, Kid Cudi is like no other rapper. I can't wait to hear future content from him! Keep up the good work!
Relatively new song. If you haven't heard it, LISTEN TO IT. It's short and sweet, deep, and demonstrates Cudi's sophistication in music.
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1950 Ways to Make a Record

20Sky Might Fall Listen to sample

21Down & Out
Crazy beat. Lyrically relatable to anyone. One of the lesser known songs if it is not higher up on this list.
Awesome song! Should be way higher.

22Already Home Listen to sample

23Trapped In My Mind
This is an awesome and has a really dreamy beat makes you think especially if you're kind of an introvert this song can really get to you.
Cudi's song of acceptance- the two albums (Man On The Moon, Man On The Moon II) were both about fighting and the struggles Kid Cudi had to deal with everyday. The closing song of the second album, the finale, explains how "it's not that bad at all".
Listen to sample

Can't say this song is the best but definitely needs to be up there with soundtrack to my life and persuit of happines. Great song. This and solo dolo should be higher
Listen to sample

25Mojo So Dope
Are you serious yall.. This is one of CuDi's dopest. Every word in this song gets me vibin!
Listen to sample

26King Wizard
How is this not higher? Probably one of the best on his new album!
How is this song not give though! Should be top 10
Some of his best fast tempo rapping
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27Teleport 2 Me
This song just makes you feel good as if you are in another world relaxed and no worries in life definitely in my opinion needs to be in the top because its a different sound coming from Cudi!
Laugh out loud whole song isn't out but it is definitely in the top 20 already
The best... It just leaves a feeling for single peeps!
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28T.G.I.F. Listen to sample

29Solo Dolo
Love every thing about this song. And kid cudi... Metaphorical genius! & pretty sexy if I do say so myself... He wouldn't be solo dolo if it was up to me. Kmsl... Love all his tracks though AMAZING!
Wow. Ridiculously low, not saying it should be in the top 5 but definitely deserves much higher consideration
I am mr solo dolo
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Great song, works along side Ratatat which is a great band :D

31All Along
Really good to listen to if you are feeling down
I love it so much I could jizz my pants every time I listen to it but I control it and don't and I have to keep typing to post anything for some reason
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32Scott Mescudi vs. The World Listen to sample

33Simple As... Listen to sample

One of the best songs on Indicud by far!
Listen to sample

35Make Her Say
Gaga + kanye + cudi in the ultimate poker face remix. This song will never get old.
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36Follow Me
Lyrical genius, look up lyrics and notice he is right with use every step of the way
Just listen to it 3 times over and you will love it.
Listen to it twice and you wont get enough of it


37Cleveland Is the Reason
This is literally. Epic
Can't believe this is so dam low :O

Beast! Trips you out if you are super duper hight! Use your imagination and you'll know what the song is about!
Great beat. Gotta love the beat and how he keeps the song dark and entertaining and funny


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There's nothing anywhere close to this
In modern music today
This song should be top ten ten, your all sleeping on a masterpiece
I don't get why this song isn't top 10 it's pure perfection
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40My World
This song is one of my favorites all time. Can't believe it's this low
I love this song and I feel it needs to be way higher up the list.
Listen to sample

41Highs & Lows

42Do It Alone
Listen to the lyrics! This song deserves to be higher!
Such a good song to just chill to its my favorite song
Struggle is the enemy, but WEED is the remedy

43Too Bad I Have to Destroy You
Love the build up
"Rejouvenated, Recreated, Rebooted, in a new program..." Great verse... Amazing hook... "People talk s*** 'bout me, they knowin' they ain't right"
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44Maui Wowie

45I Be High

By far his greatest song ever! Perfect stoner song
Listen to sample

47No One Believes Me
This is the first song I heard by him.
Listen to sample

48Solo Dolo, Pt. II
Had good beats and it featured Kendrick Lamar. The only problem is that it didn't have the dark mood like from Solo Dolo. No doubt one of the best songs on Indicud
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49Satellite Flight
By far his best new song.
Definitely top 10 worthy


51Brothers Listen to sample

52Ashin' Kusher Listen to sample

Cudi shows his confidense. Great workout song.

54The Upper Room

55All Summer
Such a Happy song and catchy.

56Christian Dior Denim

57Switchin' Lanes Listen to sample

58Never Come Down

59Symphonies Listen to sample

60Mad Solar
Great dark mood song
Listen to sample


62Dose of Dopeness
Favorite song by him to be honest

63Heaven at Night
One of my favorite songs of all time, listen to it every time I need to relax with some friends. It always sets the mood

64All of the Lights

Joe and I agree it's good

66All Talk
Cudi and Chip are best together

67Mr. K.I.D.
I was born in the shadows

68Wild'n Cuz I'm Young
Listen to this on subs
Listen to sample

69Red Eye
I know it's not a whole lot of Cudi, but its amazing none the less.
Listen to sample

70That Tree
Great song to improve your mood.
Listen to sample

71The Ruler and the Killer Listen to sample

72Ride 4 U
Such great song to make you happy

73Know Why
This is one of his best songs

74Internal Bleeding
SO DEEP. Wicked Awesome
Lyrics are super deep. you feel ever word
Listen to sample

75Troubled Boy Listen to sample

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