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21 Embrace the Martian Embrace the Martian

One of my favorite Kid Cudi songs! The way song makes me feel good, especially when I'm a little buzzed

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22 Down & Out

Incredible intro and continuous beat-- a different tempo than most of his songs in the sense that Cudi is more aggressive in his tone of voice and the pace has edge to it. Love it

Crazy beat. Lyrically relatable to anyone. One of the lesser known songs if it is not higher up on this list.

Awesome song! Should be way higher.

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23 Already Home Already Home
24 Revofev Revofev

Cool song, ok lyrics but definitely worth listening to, unforgettable work

Can't say this song is the best but definitely needs to be up there with soundtrack to my life and persuit of happines. Great song. This and solo dolo should be higher

25 Trapped In My Mind Trapped In My Mind

This is an awesome and has a really dreamy beat makes you think especially if you're kind of an introvert this song can really get to you.

Cudi's song of acceptance- the two albums (Man On The Moon, Man On The Moon II) were both about fighting and the struggles Kid Cudi had to deal with everyday. The closing song of the second album, the finale, explains how "it's not that bad at all".

26 Ashin' Kusher Ashin' Kusher
27 King Wizard King Wizard

How is this not higher? Probably one of the best on his new album!

How is this song not give though! Should be top 10

Why this song is not in top 5? It's his best

Some of his best fast tempo rapping

28 T.G.I.F. T.G.I.F.
29 Red Eye Red Eye

Not really a traditional Cudi track, since he isn't even the lead vocalist on it, but just an incredible and well-produced track all around. Been addicted to this one for a while!

I know it's not a whole lot of Cudi, but its amazing none the less.

30 Unf**kwittable Unf**kwittable

Whenever Cudi puts his raw emotions into a track it turns out a masterpiece just like this hidden jam.

This song is so underrated, may take more than one listen, but I can't get it out of my head.

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31 Solo Dolo Solo Dolo

Wow. Ridiculously low, not saying it should be in the top 5 but definitely deserves much higher consideration

Shows his true feelings about his life and how he never feels like he is accepted

Love every thing about this song. And kid cudi... Metaphorical genius! & pretty sexy if I do say so myself... He wouldn't be solo dolo if it was up to me. Kmsl... Love all his tracks though AMAZING!

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32 Simple As... Simple As...

Incredibly underrated in my opinion

33 Scott Mescudi vs. The World Scott Mescudi vs. The World

The absolute most underrated song by Cudi. Great beat.

34 All Along All Along

Really good to listen to if you are feeling down
I love it so much I could jizz my pants every time I listen to it but I control it and don't and I have to keep typing to post anything for some reason

Definitely a perfect song if you're in the right mood

35 Teleport 2 Me

This song just makes you feel good as if you are in another world relaxed and no worries in life definitely in my opinion needs to be in the top because it's a different sound coming from Cudi!

Usually don't like Cudi singing but this just is amazing. He did a stellar job on this song and definitely a good sound for Cudi.

Laugh out loud whole song isn't out but it is definitely in the top 20 already

The best... It just leaves a feeling for single peeps!

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36 Too Bad I Have to Destroy You Too Bad I Have to Destroy You

Sounds like I'm traveling through space.

This should be higher on the list

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37 Alive V 2 Comments
38 Ghost Ghost

This song should be top ten ten, your all sleeping on a masterpiece

This should be in the top ten. One of my favourite songs and I'm one of the biggest cudi fans!

Arguably his best song, don't understand how this song isn't in the top five

Honestly don't think you guys know cudi

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39 Make Her Say Make Her Say

Gaga + kanye + cudi in the ultimate poker face remix. This song will never get old.

40 Maniac Maniac

Beast! Trips you out if you are super duper hight! Use your imagination and you'll know what the song is about!

Great beat. Gotta love the beat and how he keeps the song dark and entertaining and funny - javananthonydavis

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