Best Kid Rock Songs


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All Summer Long
Best kid rock song! ?!
remindes me of good times!
Love this one--it's like a country anthem.
[Newest]I love it and I was born to it :D :D :D :D LOVE IT OR DIE!

Definitely my favorite Kid Rock song of all time. He an Sheryl Crow make magic with their voices. It's like a mix of Cher and Jesus.
I cried when I heard this song. It's truly a great song. Everyone should hear it at least once.
My all time favorite song!
[Newest]His voice goes so well with Cheryl Crow to create an awesome love song. It is definitely my favorite duet of all time.

Best booster song... Too good night. All times top in my player
Love this song it gets me pumped all the time and whats better it came in the shield
Best song to help me get pumped up sporting events.
Great song for people who feel down gets you pumped up for anything
[Newest]This shows his true colors

4Only God Knows Why
Kid rock wrote this song after he broke up with pamela anderson, Awesome feeling about love, hater and everything in the world, go through the lyrics so you can understand it,
And the composition of the music is great and it wil talk to our souls, Trust me guys it great,
One of few songs I would prefer to listen all day long
I don't know how this song made the list, and definitely do not know how it came above cowboy. Cowboy is without a doubt the best song, I wish he would keep making music. There is not other Country/Rap/Rock artist that was ever as good, or will ever be as good as him. Obviously dudes like DMX have him beat at the rap game, but kid is without a doubt the best versitile artist since I have been alive.
[Newest]This song has stuck around while the rest just faded off. His best hit by far

5American Bad Ass
Oh my goodness I love this song! I like all these other songs and agree that all summer long deserve to be at the top... but this song is just so.. rock! I love it! I sing it all the time! Makes me so happy:) it is a great song to just scream your heart out to!
Devil without a cause.. Kid rock with beaver hats... Real adrenaline rush! Kid rock rules
It's funny that the only good song by kid rock it's just stolen to Metallica "Sad But True", You just listen.
[Newest]Good song. I love IT

Laugh out loud.. That is NOT a kid rapping.. It's Joe C! He was one of rocks best friends.. They met in 94 and started working together right away. He was a dwarf.. And just sounds young. He has since passed away. :( rip joe c aka Hype man.
Cowboy, American bad @$$, born free. Yes there all good but really wheres devil without a cause. That song is boss. Kid rock even gets a kid to rap in it.
Definitely my favorite song
[Newest]I wanna be a cowboy baby!

7Born Free
A beautiful song by a great artist. I think this song is one of the best songs Rock had ever played. The rhythm is unbelievable, the song's clip is amazing.
This isn't my favorite Kid Rock song ever, but it is one of my favorites and it is my favorite on this list. But I think the whole Born Free album is the best from beginning to end. And I like All Summer Long, Born Free is better.
Kid rock is fantastic all his songs tell about life and in a truthful way.

8Lonely Road of Faith
Best song ever from Kid Rock that will ever be made.


The best song created in the 90s

The song Amen can stand on it's own! Talk about helping me out of the dark to see a better side of Life... Amen!
The lyrics of this song is so true about this world today wolves in sheep clothed pastures AMEN

10Roll On
Probably one of my favorite songs of kid rocks
Just a great song

The Contenders

song a freakn riot I also like WCSR with kid rock and snoop dog.
This song is head-banging awesome! How is this only #11 it should be #1!
How is this not ranked higher?

12Let's Ride
This Song Should Be Number 1 Or 2 Amazing New Song Love It So Much Amazing Guitar Bass Drumming And Singing


Amazing song this one should be number 1, 2 or 3 vote this one up higher please amazing guitar drums bass and singing


14What I Learned On The Road

15So Hott
Such a badass riff in this song
Shoved it in the skank's face! With this song!


17Rock Bottom Blues

18Lowlife (Living the Highlife)
I know this guy laugh out loud

19Mr Rock N Roll
Takes us on great journey through classic rock time capsule. Greatest vocals kids every laid on a track Bon Scott esque vocals over skynyrd paino boogie and ccr swamp funk.

20Good to Be Me

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