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Okay that's nearly easy listening and not really KIng Crimson. But totally magic.

42Three of a Perfect Pair
43Ladies of the Road

Awesome jazzy track off of islands, their most underrated album. confused why this isn't on the list already

45Formentera Lady

Epic!, this is a master piece
You can hear the siren's sing
Feel the the ocean's salt

46Level Five

One of the more underappreciated KC tracks in my opinion. It's just so damn funky and strange. Levin's bass really makes it great as well.

50Coda: I Have a Dream

Problems of the world. - SammySpore

51Prelude: Song of the Gulls

This song is the most underrated song of all time! A true masterpiece!

52Man With An Open Heart

Pirates of the Caribbean's Davy Jones is a Man With An Open Heart. Undoubtedly. Catchy music, eloquently said lyrics.

53Model Man
54Daniel Dust
55Lady of the Dancing Water
56The Golden Walnut

"RELEASE THE HOUNDS! " Lots of energy from the beginning! A rare form of improvisation (aside from the usual freetime-beat-freetime improv format) that is the possible inspiration for One More Red Nightmare from the Red album. Fripp said so himself. Anyways, the other improv from the same event, Clueless And Slightly Slack, is also one to check out.

Improv - The Golden Walnut
Live At Massey Hall, Toronto, ON - 06-24-1974.

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57Facts of Life
58Into the Frying Pan
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