Top Ten Best King Diamond Songs

I've just been introduced to an amazing group called King Diamond. If you've never heard of him... think Alice Cooper with satanic lyrics and heavier material.

The Top Ten

1 Abigail Abigail

This is a true classic by the King! Welcome Home is also really good and of course Cremation is one of the best instrumentals ever

2 Welcome Home Welcome Home

The best Song with the best Vocals

Great song here! Andy Laroque and King Diamond are unique! There ain't none as them

The best Song with the best Vocals, the best Solos and the best Mikkey Dee!

3 Give Me Your Soul Give Me Your Soul
4 The Family Ghost The Family Ghost
5 Halloween Halloween
6 Behind These Walls Behind These Walls

My personal list
1. The Candle
2. Abigail
3. Black Horsemen
4. Behind these walls
5. Welcome home
6. Burn
7. Sleepless nights
8. Eye of the witch
9. Family ghost
10. Invisible guests

7 Haunted Haunted
8 Arrival Arrival

Love this track just after the funeral so haunting when u listen in the dark, you can almost vision yourself in the story, my favorite album by king diamond keep up great work king,

9 A Mansion in Darkness A Mansion in Darkness
10 Spirits Spirits

The Contenders

11 The Trees Have Eyes The Trees Have Eyes
12 No More Me No More Me
13 Cremation Cremation

One of my favorite instrumentals. Dark, gloomy, catchy guitar riff. What more do you look for? - PsychoSandman33

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14 Never Ending Hill Never Ending Hill
15 Them Them
16 No Presents for Christmas No Presents for Christmas

Very creepy, but awesome and funny, love adding Tom And Jerry in the chorus - RustyNail

17 Omens Omens

This song is amazing. Such a high energy rocking awesome piece of music.

18 Sarah's Night Sarah's Night
19 The Invisible Guests The Invisible Guests

That one is killer! - MarianeFayad

20 Sleepless Nights Sleepless Nights
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Top Remixes

1. Behind These Walls
2. A Mansion in Darkness
3. The Trees Have Eyes
1. Abigail
2. Welcome Home
3. Give Me Your Soul



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