Best King of The Hill Episodes

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A Portrait of the Artist As a Young Clown
Season 10, Episode 5

2Hank's Bully
Dusty old bones full of green dust!


3Redcorn Gambles His Future
Season 9, Episode 11

4A Fire Fighting We Will Go
Hank and the guys are the three (in this case four) stooges when it comes to keeping the city of Arlen safe from fires and fire hazards.

5What Makes Bobby Run?
Season 5, Episode 7

6Revenge of the Lutefisk
Season 3, Episode 21

7Reborn to be Wild

8Bobby Goes Nuts

9Talking Shop
Season 8, Episode 22

10Aisle 8A

The Contenders

11Mutual of Omabwah

12Happy Hank's Giving

13Hank's on Board

14Three Coaches and a Bobby

15Ho Yeah!


17The Bluegrass Is Always Greener

18To Spank With Love

19My Own Private Rodeo

20Pretty, Pretty Dresses

21Get Your Freak Off

22Ms. Wakefield

23The Texas Silksaw Massacre
Hank flipping out reminds me of my dad... Easily the funniest hank moments from the show I'd say

24Hank's Dirty Laundry

25Now Who's the Dummy?

26Dang Ol' Love

27Sug Night

28Jon Vitta Presents: 'Return to La Grunta'

29Good Hill Hunting

30High Anxiety

31To Kill A Ladybird

32Strangeness On A Train

33The Hat Miracle

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