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To be honest they have too many great songs but I live this song, reminds me a little of what vampire weekend does. Nonetheless I put this in a mix for my friends Christmas present

22Red Morning Light

First song I heard from them and still my favorite... back in 2004 when it was the intro for fifa 04 lol... - thatguyalex

Great guitar and lyrics. Should be top 20. So should Genius.

This is KOL at their rugged best before they sold out to the pop world

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This is personally my favorite kings of leon song. Best guitar solo by mathew.

Great love story... great meanings, peacefull.
This songs reminds me a teenage true love. Just great!

24I Want You

Best song I know. The beat is so awesome and I just adore the guitar here. And bass. And basically everything about this song. The lyrics are so great and always remind me of the person I love. I would make love to this song.

What the hell?! I was just skimming through the list and see 'I want you' at 34! It is by far the best kings of Leon song! Just because its not mainstream

The bass is incredibly simplistic, I could play it within 24 hours of owning a bass, yet its very memorable and sounds great. The guitr is so emotive its Amazing, the lyrics are great and are sang beautfully,this is a personal opinion as their best though, I still like the bucket, revelry,notion etc just as much.

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25Four Kicks

This song should be in the top 10 its awesome and very good vote for it because I've go bored of sex on fire and use somebody.

Wow can't believe that all the classics are this far down four kicks is amazing

How is this song not their best song?

26Black Thumbnail

WHOA HOLD ON PEOPLE. This is an awesome. The lyrics are notoriously genius and the song deserves much more than no 15.

27Back Down South

Felt like this song brought me to the south, and I experienced everything they've been through. Defiantly a 10!

Very good song, really good song I'm wasted. Truly deep and sensual, me so horny hearing this! Makes my ding dong go badongdongdong

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28Pickup Truck

To me the best song they have because its so catchy and the music is super soulful. It makes me dream. Absolutely loving it. Download it now.

Just a masterpiece, the last minute of it is just astonishing! Should definitely be in the top 5 if not first!

Just awesome the vocals are crazy catchy beat just what the kings should like

Amazing song evokes so much emotion

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This song is just incredible..the fun drums and guitar deserves to be in the top ten!

Needs to be way higher. Easily one of their best songs. Best chorus by far

Best from last album and probably their best song, deserves more votes!

Best song to start your day with!

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30King of the Rodeo

Best chorus I think I have ever heard. I play this song all the time and I just don't get bored of it. Please for this song because it is an amazing piece of songwriting and it's incredibly catchy. Good work guys!

Song's got a sizzle about it. More of a country rock song. The first time I listened to this song I was like man I should have it. The song's a must have for all kol fans.

Great track love the sound not a country fan but think this is great.

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31The End

This song is amazing and the lyrics are so meaningful. Such an amazing song. I don't know why it isn't higher on the list.

Great song from Come Around Sundown. - Bman23

What! This song deserves the top spot, this was written by God. Love it!

This is a joke... The greatest track by the king at number24

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32Holy Roller Novocaine

This list is just travesty.

33Joe's Head
34Wait for Me

I can't believe it isn't higher up! Seriously one of the most comforting and soothing songs out there, hits straight home for me!

First time I heard this song I literally replayed in silence in my room 7 times. Unbelievable

Massively underrated. An amazing song

Get high, sit in your porch and listen to it...!

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God I love this song! The chorus is simply perfect and the guitar is great!

36My Party

My Party is underrated. The drums on this track really stand out among the other songs, and the riff is just as good. It got me into Kings of Leon when I randomly picked out Because of the Times after I had heard about the band.

48th? Really?! Love the way the singer screams, the riff, So my party So my party...

I love the drums, bass, and guitars in this song. - Metts

37True Love Way

I do not listen to Kings of Leon very often, BUT of the 3 songs that I do know by them, this song is their best one. So poetic.

The shi cray. True Love Way is poetic. Once you really listen to what Caleb is saying, you'll be swayed.

The sound is very good and the song itself has a very deep meaning inside it. Very poetic and perfectyly sang by caleb

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38The Face

"bury yourself away, the one and only face" this line just summons how awesome is the lyrics of this song.

Wow can't believe this isn't higher

Pure emotion, beauty, and elegance to this lonely song. The kings have put a perfect southern romance touch like no other kol song iv'e heard! Caleb brings everything he has in this heart-wrenching song. You had me holding on another time and place. "Ride out the wave"

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39The RunnerV1 Comment

What is wrong with you people? LISTEN TO THIS! If you like K.O.L. the There is no way that you wont not like this song. ONE OF THE TOP 5 SONGS BY KINGS OF LEON. Absolutely brilliant! Please take two minutes to download this songs! Please! Its THAT good.

Now seeing one of the classics in this position got me thinking if this people are normal!

Great song, should be top 5 easily better than sex is on fire.

Should be in the top 5 for sure

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