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61Rock City

Should be a top 15 song honestly amazing guitar solos caleb voice is so good I just think they worked so hard on this album and you guys don't give them enough credit for their newer albums.

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This song is incredible. No way it can be so low. No way. Sends me to another place. God bless kings of leon.

Best Bridge of theirs. Great song overall.

Same with this song it should be about #11

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63Spiral Staircase

This should be in top 10, it's absolutely mind blowing.


KOL was best at the beginning and this song is one of their best, even though not well known. Caleb's acoustic rhythm, Jared's bass and Matt's dirty blues leads are so great together. Dusty basically kicks the entire top 10's ass (except Knocked Up)

65My Third House

Most people don't know this song exists, but it's part of Because of the Times and it's one of my all-time favorites of any band. - Songsta41

66Molly Chambers
67Pony Up

Yeah, cool song! Shame everybody's missin' the point of the point of the bands growth.

69Last Mile Home

One of KOL's newest is also very underrated. Haven't heard one like this since Talihina Sky. Definitely a new favorite!

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70Frontier CityV1 Comment
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