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61 Giant Spiny Snowflake
62 Swiss Army
63 Spike Bomb
64 Lightning Boulder
65 Cutter
66 Paint

Completely useless but it can blind the Heavy Lobster. Again it takes one shot.

Note: The paint ability is not from enemies it's used secretly from boss battles

The Camillion guy (dunno how to spell it because ima noob)
Heavy Lobster
And Marx Soul

67 Beam

Beam is always my main in Return to Dreamland, has so many useful attacks, and can function as a ranged weapon, a shield, and a melee weapon (multiple moves for each use except shield). I don't understand why Beam isn't even close to on the list when it is so perfectly well rounded.

I also like it it was also my first copy ability

Beam should be my most used abilities in Kirby Super Star Ultra there a bunch of Waddle Doos. You can charge your beam and yeah

Pretty strong!

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68 Wing

Really cool in the newest game Triple Deluxe. Love the high mobility.

Use the wings to attack in this one. I used this to beat Queen Sectonia.

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69 Snow Bowl

Rolls like a bowling ball super fast and destroys everything it touches

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70 Jet

Known as "Fuse" in other areas of the world, and in Japan as "Jetto Kaabi" Jet kirby can DEMOLISH your oponents if used correctly! First off, the chain-jump jet engine makes vertical movement flawless in a game that requires tricky movement! Kirby's Jet Dash invinciblity frames can plow any moving enemy into the dust, and wreck bosses! Most of all, The Jet Cracker is an atomic blast of pure engine firepower! WHATS BETTER THAN IMPALING ENEMIES WITH A ROCKET FART?!?!

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71 Sleep

Sure, it's a waste, but it relates to lots of people in real life! (Plus the damage dealing bubble, wish I could do that in reality) And the fact Squeak Squad made it useful.

Sleep makes you just sleep and do nothing

In squeak squad it heals you

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72 Broom
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