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21Begin Again

Heard this on their Ultra Festival performance and was hooked!

This song might not be very popular compared to Bonfire, LRAD, Boss mode, etc, but is is one of the best songs on the Abandon Ship album I've ever heard. Ever since Pendulum split up, some people have been waiting to hear Rob Swire's voice again. Finally, this song has been heard with Swire's voice.

22Save the World

Awesome beat and the best song I've heard in 2012


Such a great song and one of the best dubstep tracks I have heard in a long time. They are my second favourite dubstep artists behind Skrillex which is amazing.

Suffer should be first and Fire Hive second and Internet Friends third!

24F*** 'Em

Knife party the best :))


It's a new song. If you haven't heard, then check it out! You won't regret it. It's such a good song.

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26I Still Love You
27EDM Trend Machine

Knife Party + Deep House = AMAZING

29Parliament FunkV2 Comments
30Robot Bass

I can't believe that Internet Friends VIP replaced it, because it's just so f'cking awesome. The drops, the songs, the music inself, like I said, it's just so incredibly awesome.

32One Click Headshot
33Microwave Sex
36Plur Police - Jauz Remix
37Battle Sirens
38The Box
39Fake Blood
40Riff Wrath
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