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101 Zico (Block B) & Sojin (Girl's Day) - It Hurts (Mask OST)

Like how zico raps

102 Should I Confess? - Soyu (Playful Kiss)
103 Baek Ah Yeon - Daddy Long Legs (Cheongdamdong Alice)

Can't stop loving this song. Always be my fave!

Beautiful voices and chorus

104 Sung Si Kyung - To You (Reply 1994 OST)

A really good cover of Seo Taiji's song, love the drama

105 Lee Sun Hee - Fox Rain (My Girlfriend is a Gumiho)

Never get bored listening this song.. Best harmony of music and voice

Very nice song.. It has a very beautiful lyric... I love lee sun hee

Heard it too and very heartbreaking type

106 Sometimes - ZIA

Emotional and deep...

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107 SNSD - Day By Day (Beethoven Virus OST)
108 The One - Best Wishes to You (Gu Family Book OST)

Another touching and catchy soundtrack by the One.
It moved me whenever this is song is played in the drama.
It always reminds me of Kang Chi and Yeo Wool

109 Sunny Hill - Do It (I Love Leetaeri OST)

Just good to hear...

110 Junsu - Too Love (Sungkyunkwan Scandal OST)

Our Junsu is The BEST!

111 Cho Kyuhyun - Just Once (The Great Seer OST)
112 Park Yong Suk - Queen (Sassy Girl Chun Hyang OST)
113 Hallucinations- Jang Jae in (Kill me Heal me OST)

Rapping part mixed well with ballad. Best ost for me in 2015 so far.

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114 Eternal Love - Michael Learns To Rock (Healer)
115 Ailee - Goodbye My Love (Fated to Love You)

I have heard this song so often. I started learning Korean partly because of this song. So many emotions..

116 Ali - The Two Of Us (Producer OST)

Love this song! It always remind me of the scenes in the drama!

Love the song

117 Tree Bicycles - One More Time (Boys Over Flowers OST)

Awesome song and the best than the heartstrings. So heartstrings is 0% and bof 100%

118 Hwanhee - My Person (Beethoven Virus OST)

His Voice is so moving.

So much emotion in his voice, beautiful song

119 Dong Woo - Does It Hurt (Wild Romance OST)
120 My Destiny - Lyn (My Love From The Stars OST)

This is the best ost I have ever heard!

Semma it super.i love the drama also its just super and kim so hyun oppa I love you

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