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Freak On a Leash
Before hearing this song I didn't listen to Korn but now I have listened to just about all their songs, but this is still the best. I have to lift every time I hear it. You haven't lived until you've heard it
This is obviously one of their signature songs and their most well known song but I feel as if other songs like Falling Away From Me, Here To Stay, Make Me Bad etc aren't getting enough love here. They're as good as this.
Follow The Leader one of the gratest album of the band that contains the biggest KoRn song ever.
[Newest]Amy Lee version is the best, Korn rocks!

2Falling Away From Me
This song is amazing! Its intro/soft verses contrast beautifully with the heavy angry patches of the song and its almost beyond compare to most of KoRns other music, one exception being Freak on a Leash.
By far my favorite Korn song. Nothing compares to the heavy riff, and the intro is phenomenal.


! How is this not 1!?! KORN'S GREATEST SONG!
[Newest]Talk about Nu Metal. This was the first song I saw them play at Mayhem in July. These guys are wicked.

I love this song it rules and I listen to it everyday korn rule and can't get enough of this song but freak on a leash rules too. AWESOME.
I don't understand how Twisted Transistor can EVEN compete with this! This is leagues ahead of that song!
Twisted Transitor sounds like an entirely different band. This song is classic Korn and deserves a high slot.
[Newest]This would be a perfect Dead Rising boss theme!

4Twisted Transistor
Amazing chorus, I love korn's new style. It's just as good as their old stuff. Korn haters should listen to this and try to hate them after.
Awesome. That's all I have to say. It's Jonathan with the rest of the band that makes a awesome voice and good singing the hole time. I honestly think this is there best.
This is easily Korn's best song to date, coming from an unbiased and relatively new fan of Korn. Heard this on the radio and fell in love, learned about all the good Korn songs. I still have to say this remains my favorite from them though.
[Newest]This is my favorite song of KoRn of ALL time

5Coming Undone
what a freakin kick ass song from korn!


This is one of the best Nu Metal songs ever. I heard it on the radio a few months ago, and I started listening to Korn a few days later and this was the first song. I think that the best bands out there are Korn, Linkin Park, and Slipknot.
The first song I heard by this band, truly kicks ass and pumps me up every time I hear it.
[Newest]Best by korn, really makes you wanna get up on your feet and start playing an imaginary guitar and sing with it

6Here to Stay
This is definitely the best song by KoRn... obviously after Freak On A Leash of course! This has one of the most powerful riff that korn has ever made, the chorus is so catchy and the drums are incredibly amazing and full of rhythm, David Silveria FTW! Head and Munky complemented each other very well at the time of doing the "Bring it Down" Riff and Field is just from another world! the song is 10/10
I couldn't choose which song is the best for me, but I finnaly picked Here to Stay because of the riffs (which are amazing! ) and the energy which I feel every time I can hear Jonathan singing 'Bring it down'. It shame to say, but I'm not Korn fan for a long time, my boyfriend show me their music and I totally fall in love with the band (now he's laughing which band I'm gonna 'steal' him next). I just love the feeling when I hear the music and Jonathans voice. Once they make me feel incredible good, other time the lyrics makes me cry like a baby. This is the real music- when you can feel each emotion listening it and you know that it can help you in any situation.
I reckon this 1 or wake up hate is 1 of their best. GREAT song! This was the first song of theirs that I heard and I immediately loved it! >
[Newest]This state is elevating as the hurt turns into hating

7Got the Life
Wow this song is bloody amazing, it should be higher up on the list the intro for this song is also so sexy ^^,
Incredible song! One of the best and addicting bass KorN has ever made! I fell in love with this song as soon as I heard it!
Very sad that this song is at number 9. What were the people thinking when they chose Twisted Transistor and Evolution over this one. Those two songs were some of the biggest mistakes KoRn has made.


[Newest]Since 94. Korn was most known for the song Blind. Which put them on the mark. though I've got hooked on the Korn band wagon with this breakthrough song from there third album. Follow the Leader. Got the life. The video was a different side of Korn lots of fans never knew. There party vibe less serious less dark. Still Korn is one of those unpredictable kick ass bands.

This is an amazing song. Good one to listening to while driving somewhere
With big bass
I was really close to picking Twisted Transistor, but the amazing lyrics and overall epicness of this song made me reconsider, I know the reason it's not number one is because Korn has too many styles to be herded into one group.
This is my favorite KoRn song, it has awesome lyrics and great loud bass, Definitely the greatest KoRn song of all time.
[Newest]Their best song of all!

Great guitar
Great riff
Great vocals
Great and extremely catchy chorus
Great drums
Great Bass
Great keyboard
Great song


A while back I found a bunch of KoRn songs on and made a playlist for just them. There were about 30 songs or so, and Evolution was the fourth on the list. I never made it past Evolution-I would just keep replaying it over and over and over again.
Easily #1, it feels different than most of korn's songs, feels more compact as in not a bunch of ideas glued together but one huge idea... I don't know, that's just how I feel about this song and no other korn song feels that way, so it's an easy choice for me


[Newest]What? This is one that should not have been published...

10Make Me Bad
This song has the BEST VIDEO ever and such an an awesome chorus! The guitar riffs go so well with the bass and vocals, this song is so underrated, it's legendary should be top 3 at least! VOTE!
Yea man the bass sounds like skeletons tap-dancing in this song! This is one of KoRn's best songs! It should totally be in the top 5.
This song should be a lot higher up on the list. This was my FAVORITE song by Korn, and still is. Vote this one way up there!
[Newest]Probably the best all around KoRn song

The Contenders

11Narcissistic Cannibal
Fantastic chord progressions, great lyrics. The chorus is quite good, besides being obviously catchy. It displays their amazing songwriting talent of music that is both catchy and well written. Interesting elements including the organ. I love how they keep reinventing things. That's that they're known for, after all. I love Jonathan Davis's voice! Utterly beautiful. Such a fun, great song. Great job you guys! This one should get higher on the list. For sure!
This may be their greatest song yet. I mean, don't get me wrong I love Blind, Falling Away From Me, Freak on a Leash, Ya'll Wanna Single, and Ball Tongue. But this song redefines KoRn. Whether you think that's a good thing or not is up to you, but if you ask me, they're old stuff was overdone a long time ago. Come on people, let's support the fact that KoRn may have just created their second new genre!
I was so spectical about "Kornstep" when I heard of it, then my friend played this song and it has changed my whole perspective of music... A superb song from an awesome album! Korn has proved over time and time again that they can adjust the dynamic world of music. Gotta love 'em!
[Newest]I don't get why people hate their new stuff. I think it's pretty good.

12Right Now
Certainly not their best.. But a serious contender for the number 1 song if you're looking to bang out. There's so many great songs but this definitely deserves top 5
It's hard to pick the best KoRn song, but there's just something special about this one that beats all the others...
This is leaps and bounds above all the other Korn song. This was the first song I heard from them, talk about being dissapointed when I found out that the rest of their songs were not like this at all. So good rift, awesome drums and great vocal.
[Newest]Definitely a top ten worthy song. Great beat, catchy rhythm.

13Did My Time
This is my new favorite KoRn song. You can really hear the bass in this track and Fieldy did an amazing job on that (this may be my new favorite bass track), Head and Munky outdid themselves on this (especially in the solo) and I can't stop listening to the chorus. This song deserves to be in the top ten at least


The best song off Take A Look In The Mirror
Awesome song. I listen to it before football games and it gets me so pumped up. Korn overdid themselves with this one.
[Newest]This is a great song. At least for the first ten

This should be in the top 5 you noobs, I bet you haven't even listened to this song! Look at the lyrics, oh wait, I forgot you're too young for this. I've listened to Korn for almost a decade now and this is definitely one of their best songs from arguably their best album, it never gets old. Top 5:
1. Falling Away From Me
2. Here To Stay
3. Freak On A Leash
4. Make Me Bad
There's only 2 songs out of the 3 first Korn albums on this list... What is wrong with you people? No A.D.I.D.A.S.? No Got The Life? No Divine? No Clown? Come on, classic Korn is the best, man
Just a catchy song in general. I really like the trashy sounds of the guitar, drums and fieldy's bass too. I'm surprised that this is 16th.
[Newest]This song is great! Reminds me of a promiscuous friend I have

15Shoots and Ladders
Why is this so low on the list? My god this the korn! Vote this song up! NOW!
I never thought my favorite song from Korn would include bag pipes and the lyrics are nursery rhymes but I'm totally in love with it and the music video is pure Korn


17 with 1% of the votes? Guys, this is hands down in KoRns top 5. Its scary, freaky, heavy, melodic, and just all around epic. It really defines what 90s KoRn was all about--telling the truth about the world in an original creative way (bagpipes anyone? ) Just watch the video and you'll realize that this is WAY better than Coming Undone or Evolution!
[Newest]Oh man, I haven't listened to this song since 1999!

16Love & Meth
"Feeling complacent, I can not be contained.
I'm so lost and lonely now."

This song has everything. Powerful guitar riffs, amazing drumming and incredible melodies. The chorus has quite possibly the best vocal performance in Jonathan Davis' career. There is so much power in the bridge...unbelievable.

I can't get enough of that song! My favorite!


I absolutely LOVE this song. It's their best EVER. Thank you, KoRn for making this legendary song.
Best ever on The Paradigm Shift. Korn just came to my country (Australia) since 2013
[Newest]Best korn song since untouchables era

17Somebody Someone
Awesome song that truly deserves at least the top 20... I need somebody someone to vote for this song with me. The intro alone should place it in the top 20 one of the greatest intros ever! S
What, this is best for me!
Must be in top ten. Bottom line
[Newest]I love when it hits 3:00

18Alone I Break
I'm ADDICTED to this song.. It's so sad I love it..

Now I see the times they changed
Leaving doesn't seem so strange
I am hoping I can find
Where to leave my hurt behind
All the shit I seem to take
All alone I seem to break
I have lived the best I can
Does this make me not a man?

Just wow..
Seriously great song! It is somewhat different from other Korn songs but it is just truly amazing. This is definitely a favorite in my top 5. Give it another listen!
This is just awesome song.. Am suprised to find it so low on the list. This song has pain emotions all over. "I have lived the best I can, Does this make me not a man? " that says it all

Amazingly powerful song, should be ranked way higher than 22! One of their first singles with so much energy!
This is a great song. I listen to it almost every day. It pumps me up.
This badass song deserves to be at least in top 15!
[Newest]This should be four.

20Good God
It's quite sad to see how little recognition songs from Life Is Peachy are getting, it is their best album. This song is epic, listen to the bass, the passion in Jonathan's voice etc. Top 10.
Jesus.. Only 22? That really shows how little REAL KoRn fans are here. That's just sick... Should be at least top 10
Should be at least in top 12
[Newest]This is one of the heaviest and powerful of all.

21Y'all Want a Single
Great song. This song is the perfect song to play when you want to get down and go crazy. This song should be in the top 5.
Fantastic song should be WAY higher! Perfect song for beeing mad at someone (or something).
Absolutely brilliant, should be at least top ten!
[Newest]Should be in the top ten with that bass in the song gives me chills

22Ball Tongue
I love this cause the "random sounding" in the chorus... And it's far too low on this list! BALL TOUNGE!
Everything about this song is just incredible. From start to finish it doesn't let up!
This song is just so unique, the structure is so strange and the chorus doesn't even have lyrics, it's just awesome

23Word Up!
I love this Korn cover. I never would've thought they could pull this off, but they did. It lifts my spirits whenever I hear it.
This song is inspiring to everyone and I listen to this whenever I need inspiration to do anything I wish every band could pull off songs as good as this. BEST SONG EVER KORN IS THE BOMB keep it coming guys you are truly amazing I love you guys KORN FOREVER!
This song is history... Made me a bit sad seeing this song deep down in no.11... Vote for this guys this deserves to be on those top tens
[Newest]This is an awesome some why is it not in the top ten

Very powerful song... Seriously just listen to it. John's life wasn't the best >. >
Best song that shows the roots of korn and what started korn kids. Powerful and dark and real. Song speaks to kids that don't have a voice and helps experssion and make stonger and not alone
One of the most saddest songs ever
[Newest]Darkest song ever. I love it

Raw emotion, anger in the voice, and the guitars are heavy. The song is badass.
Phenomenal lyrics. JD puts so much into this song. One of their best songs by far
Love this song, should have been ranked up way higher. It's emotion can be shared with many people
[Newest]How is this not on here!? The chords are killer!

26Dead Bodies Everywhere
Damn! This is so lame... Its one of korn's best song. At least it should be mentioned in top 10. Th
Are you kidding me? Has anyone heard this song. Listen to Dead Bodies and to Twisted Transistor back to back and then judge which one should be in the Top 10!
How is this not in the top ten?!? Fantastic riffs and one of korn's more commercially successful tracks!
[Newest]This song should be higher up

27Get Up!
Just letting you guys know, this song has Dub-Step Roots.
So if you are as open minded as I am, you will come to see that... THIS SONG KICKS ASS!

Its loud and just the DEFINITION of a song to be played as full volume in a car!
Before those of you who don't like dubstep down vote this, listen to the whole song. It's just them going in a new direction and in my opinion it kicks ass
Come on this is one of the best korn songs ever... Should be at least top 10
[Newest]One music as make me fan of Korn

SUPER powerful SONG!

Epic death growl. My favourite music
Oh God what is there to say? This is without a doubt Korns BEST song. Munky and Heads intense riffs, Heads chorus... The end is the most INTENSE part of the song. Every hair on my body stands up hearing this song.
Best growl ever, this song is truly amazing shame it has an end

29Kill You
This song is my favorite song from life is peachy and one of my favorites from korn. Very underrated song
This song brings me good memories

No way this is the best Korn song. It is the perfect mix of chilling, then hardcore and this song should have been into the 10 for sure. I have listened to many of Korns other songs and believe me this is the best one.
The best of the best, forever!
The music is good
For ME...

31Prey for Me
Come on guys! A great song and a 'must vote' one
Beautiful sound, beautiful lyrics

Powerful old school sound, great lyric, so much feeling
First song I ever heard from the band, got me hooked right away and I love this track's sound.

33My Gift to You
Why is My Gift to You 86th! This song is number one and cannot be beat! Awesome Bagpipes in the beginning and dark and heavy bass and lyrics. All you need to do is listen to this song once, and you will know why it is their best song of all time!
Should be in top 3. Twisted Transistor, Coming Undone and Evolution in top ten? Ha, My Gift to You slaughters all these songs.
Most epic korn song!
[Newest]This song is extremely underrated. Should be number 1, my god this song is so perfect.

34Oildale (Leave Me Alone)
The title says it all."WHY DON'T YOU JUST LEAVE ME ALONE?!?!?!? My heart's gonna break from the fall! Holding on to petty things, giving all the hate it brings! WHY DON'T YOU JUST LEAVE ME ALONE! "Kick butt song! Jon has a lot of anger in this song. Geez, I need singing lessons from Jonathan. Ha, I got the lyrics right!
One of their best; why number 18?
This went from 18 to 35!? Truly a shame. Deserves at least number 5.

35Hollow Life
This song is a masterpiece. I can't understand why this song is so low on the list come on guys give this song some love. It's clearly one of their best!
This HAS to be in the top 10 at the very least, it's brilliant!

"We come to this place, falling through time living a hollow life"

Hauntingly magnificent :-)
Come on guys this should be at least in the top 5 it has so much emotion and feel to it I can understand why it is jonathan's favourite song
[Newest]Truly the best KoRn song, biggest shame ever this song is not in the top ten.

36No Way
Most desperate, deranged, megalomaniac, delusional, intense Korn song ever written.
One of my favorite non-singles by them. Awesome song.

By far the most powerful song, specially regarding lyrics and guitars. It's just raw emotion, bringing a tear out... And when the song's over, you just need to listen to it again.
I hurt so bad inside... I wish you could see the world through my eyes, each day is the same... I just want to laugh again.
Best KoRn song of all time!
[Newest]Emotion, Emotion, Tearjerker, Emotion.

This is one the heaviest songs they've written, the high guitar is just so awesome, and the scatting the bridge works so well, they really should play this song live again, it's been awhile
Amazing song with effects on the instruments, different rhythms, distortion, headbang interlude, JD's solo, powerful bass... Everything is good in this song.

39Counting On Me
This song is SO UNDERRATED Johnathon davis's voice gives me chills and this and did my time are my faves
The bass in the intro leads perfectly into the rift. This is another KoRn song about being fed up, but if you "take a look in the mirror", this song could be about overcoming self-doubt Definitely my favorite song.

Korn in their prime, man. Weird that it's so low, but I suppose with their new sound there are new opinions. Still love their old stuff and this one here is just... Sick

41Need To
Are you getting me this song is so underrated. Listen to it!
Fantastic song featuring some of Korn's best and most emotional lyrics. I can't believe this is all the way back in 49th. Seriously, are you people deaf?
This song 'Needs to' be higher. Eh see what I did there ;)


[Newest]I think only young asses are voting here) This song is so powerful!


beatboxing has reached new levels of epicness due to this song.
Very good intro song to an amazing album

44Mass Hysteria
Best song in the last album. Should be a single.
Best song in the last album.

45It's On!
This is BY FAR koRn's best song ever. How is it 78th? It came on the best album as well... Sort it out
Underrated super headbang song. Effects and riffs are awesome.

46No Place to Hide

47Helmet In the Bush

48What We Do
My new best song
Best on the album. JD Nails the Vocals and the song is fantastic.

What! My bad I thought this was top 10 best KoRn songs not top 10 most popular KoRn songs. Don't get me wrong I love all KoRn songs. BEST BAND EVER! So someone should fix this!
What the hell! That song is so dark!

50Hey Daddy
Very creepy with an amazing chorus and has a very strong meaning about multi personallities
Awesome song listen to it and you'll see it belongs pretty high
Love it! In my top 10 for sure

How is this song so low on the list? I think that is is an amazing song, it's relatable and motivational, and it reminds people like me that we're not alone. I think that I love this song so much because I relate so well to it. I was bullied frequently throughout my primary and High School years, and I know that I am not the only one. This is by far my favourite KoRn song, and I'm shocked that so few people share the same opinion.
This song just reignite my interest for korn.. After a very long time
This song is awesome because it tells people that self harm and suicide are never the answer
[Newest]Why is this so low? I'm not saying it's #1 but it's pretty damn good!

A very sad song that tells a story

53Mr. Rogers
I listen to this song everyday (for the record, I do not at all hold a grudge against Fred Rogers) to remind me that I should be more careful about what my kids watch. I grew up on really scary and inappropriate kids shows like Billy & Mandy, iCarly, Mr. Meaty, etc.
How is this not top 10?
This song can tell a stranger what koRn is all about!
One of the best songs by Korn!

54Here It Comes Again
Really great song, specially the chorus, whilst songs like freak on a leash and twisted transistor are still great songs, this is still my personal favourite.

KoRn for the win... I will wear my band hat with pride.


55Ass Itch
Comon, this is classic Korn and the title ain't bad either. Should be much higher.


Only here, Damm! Should be higher, Alive is such a powerful song
Awesome bass awesome beat awesome revision great n the album one of the best songs on it
Ha, this beast is top ten easily.

This song is awesome and it deals with abusive individuals. It must be in a higher position.
Classic Korn... Never better

58Chaos Lives In Everything
What an awesomely powerful tune CHAOS is. My previous fave was Coming Undone, but this blows everything away. Hope they put it back on their set lists so I get to see it live.
Listen to the BBC version, without the dubstep...

Seriously, this is their best track by a mile.
The chord progression in the chorus... The lyrics... This is an absolutely unbeatable tune. Best in their catalogue by some distance I recon.

59Open Up
This has to be my favorite song. Everything is perfect about this song, not to heavy but also not too light. It is just right and I especially love the ending. It's so beautiful.
Underestimated I think, definitely have a listen.
Love the way they have some songs that nobody knows are golden

60Do What They Say

If more people listened to this song I would guarantee that this song would at least be in the top 10. The lyrics are good, the riffs are good, and overall it's an excellent song. I would recommend anybody to go look this song up on and see how awesome this song is themselves.
This song is so underrated, it's their most underrated song. Should be at LEAST in the top 15 on this list, some of the songs that are ahead of this has me scratching my head... Have people actually listened to this song? Do it.
This song is one of the best off the untouchables album

62Spike In My Veins
76 what the f? You know this song exists, right everybody?
Top 20 song at least!


64Let's Do This Now
I'm surprised this isn't in the top 10, Honestly what is this doing so far behind?

65Kidnap the Sandy Claws
Come on! One of the best KoRn songs out there! The beginning is also extremely catchy.


I think that Korn working together to make another song for the album Nightmare Revisited was a great idea. This is one of my favorite songs because it introduces two of my favorite things Tim burton and Korn
This song needs to be number 1. It has much going for it. Plus, who doesn't love Tim Burton and Korn? The two together is amazing. Best childrens movie of all time.

66Are You Ready to Live?

67Make Believe

68Hold On
This is by far their most underrated song, but it's one of my favorites and a true masterpiece
This is one of my fave songs! Awesome voice, awesome music!

69Way Too Far
It ain't metal or just rock or any genre...
Listen to it once...
This is a disgrace for the song to be so pushed down the list...
This should be in the top 3! Such an underrated song.
Awesome song! The dubstep sounds amazing...


71People Pleaser

72Let's Get This Party Started
Oh man just listen to the lyrics!

Sometimes I wish I could be strong like you
It doesn't matter
Each time I wake I'm somehow feeling the truth
I can't handle

And this is just a part of brilliance!...
This should be at least in top 20, such a kick ass song!


74Pop a Pill

75Kick the P.A.


The chorus is probabley my favorite korn chorus ever

78Love Song
My friend died and this is his song

79Ever Be
Awesome song! Slow pace and different, but still great.

80Everything I've Known
How is this song so low? It is so underrated! It has a dark entrance and an epic lead on to one of the best choruses in the world!

81Camel Song
This is a very underrated KoRn Song! I wish they would play this live!
Fieldy does great on this song


Epic ending.. I'll live forever!

83Getting Off
This is a very underrated KoRn Song! I wish they would play this live!
Agree... Needs to be played live


85Seen It All

86Never Never
This song is so amazing and his awesome. Should be in the top tens to be sure
Not traditional Korn... Fantastic change up. Personal top 10!

87Let the Guilt Go
I fell in love with this song... I love the chorus & the 'letting guilt waste away' bit. Amazing song!
How is this not higher?! This song is amazing I love his voice in this <3_<3


89Wake Up

90Burn the Obedient

91Innocent Bystander
Can't believe this isn't higher. It has such a haunting and catchy chorus! It's awesome!

92Wake Up Hate

93No One's There
This or Hollow Life would be the song I would have played at my funeral if I died tomorrow. It's powerful, emotion invoking, tear jerking, a song that will make anyone that is alone feel overcome with love and a sense that Jonathan knows our pain. Even if I could not relate, this is just a fantastic song, a song for everyone. Not just the used, the abused, not just for Korn lovers, or metal lovers, this is a song for the world to enjoy, and they should. #92? What a slap in the face.
Absolutely one of the top 5 KoRn songs of all time. Blows my mind I am now just adding this to the list. The Lyrics are deep and everything about the song is addicting. How can any REAL KoRn fan not love this song?
Everybody erase your history map 10 times and vote for this song ten times. What is this doing on 98th place. Beautiful song.
[Newest]What? There is definitely nobody there.

94Break Some Off
Well there are tons of badass korn songs but I would really like to see this one higher. I mean the hatefilled growling in this one is really quite cool and one of the better moments on take a look in the mirror. of course we can all say freak on a leash is the very best thing korn has put out and rightly so but its important to show appreciation for the pieces of the bands catalogue that are less known. korn is truly one of the finest bands
This needs to get bumped up higher. This one does a really great job of combining their soft sound and they're pissed off I'm gonna kill you sound. Plus some of the best growling I've ever heard!

95Throw Me Away
Super creepy and catchy!

96Earache My Eye

97Never Around

98Play Me (ft. Nas)
Gotta love this song, especially JD's part, it's AMAZING!
How is this so low? This song is great!

99Eaten Up Inside
Very nice song. Should be higher then 83. Vote this up!
This song is amazing. Give it a try, listen it and vote it up.

100It's Me Again

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