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41 Divine Divine

What! My bad I thought this was top 10 best KoRn songs not top 10 most popular KoRn songs. Don't get me wrong I love all KoRn songs. BEST BAND EVER! So someone should fix this!

What the hell! That song is so dark!

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42 Chi Chi

Korn in their prime, man. Weird that it's so low, but I suppose with their new sound there are new opinions. Still love their old stuff and this one here is just... Sick

43 It's On! It's On!

This is BY FAR koRn's best song ever. How is it 78th? It came on the best album as well... Sort it out

I don't know where this song deserves to be, but it's definitely higher than 68

This has to be higher on the list it has a bad ass intro, great way to start the album for follow the leader, and is the type of song you get lost in, and to headbang to.

Underrated super headbang song. Effects and riffs are awesome.

44 Seed Seed

What! This sucks how is this song not higher this is song in my opinion is one of korns up beat but heavy songs, and is very catchy, people please rate this higher, or at least listen to this song.

0.3! Spot 50! Come on! This song should be higher on the list

45 Helmet in the Bush Helmet in the Bush

Probably their darkest song ever... Should be in top 20 AT LEAST

El paco. YA know you can call me el paco right? Love this song! I love all of the KoRn songs created. Makes me excited for the new CD later in 2016!

46 Never Never

This song is so amazing and his awesome. Should be in the top tens to be sure

Not traditional Korn... Fantastic change up. Personal top 10!

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47 Hater Hater

How is this song so low on the list? I think that is is an amazing song, it's relatable and motivational, and it reminds people like me that we're not alone. I think that I love this song so much because I relate so well to it. I was bullied frequently throughout my primary and High School years, and I know that I am not the only one. This is by far my favourite KoRn song, and I'm shocked that so few people share the same opinion.

This song just reignite my interest for korn.. After a very long time

This song is awesome because it tells people that self harm and suicide are never the answer

Why is this so low? I'm not saying it's #1 but it's pretty damn good!

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48 Souvenir Souvenir

Love the lyric, simply an awesome song. Should be somewhere in the top 15.

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49 I'm Hiding I'm Hiding
50 Love Song Love Song

My friend died and this is his song

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51 Dirty Dirty

By far the most powerful song, specially regarding lyrics and guitars. It's just raw emotion, bringing a tear out... And when the song's over, you just need to listen to it again.

I hurt so bad inside... I wish you could see the world through my eyes, each day is the same... I just want to laugh again.

Emotion, Emotion, Tearjerker, Emotion.

Extremelly powerful and atmospheric song. It also features some of Korn's most emotional lyrics.

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52 Predictable Predictable V 1 Comment
53 Counting On Me Counting On Me

The bass in the intro leads perfectly into the rift. This is another KoRn song about being fed up, but if you "take a look in the mirror", this song could be about overcoming self-doubt Definitely my favorite song.

This song is SO UNDERRATED Johnathon davis's voice gives me chills and this and did my time are my favorites

This song is amazing. For me it is a toss up between this and hereto stay as the best song. Can't believe counting on me is 66. So underrated yet so good.

Raw, emotional, heavy, and beautiful

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54 A Different World A Different World

Such an underrated song it's so good

55 Are You Ready to Live? Are You Ready to Live?
56 Here It Comes Again Here It Comes Again

Really great song, specially the chorus, whilst songs like freak on a leash and twisted transistor are still great songs, this is still my personal favourite.

KoRn for the win... I will wear my band hat with pride. - Giusti97

57 Hey Daddy Hey Daddy

Awesome song listen to it and you'll see it belongs pretty high

Very creepy with an amazing chorus and has a very strong meaning about multi personallities

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58 Another Brick in the Wall Pt. 2 Another Brick in the Wall Pt. 2

Best Of The Best Cover You Can Hear Of Pink Floyd! Hates Off Korn.. Must Must Listen I Am surprised That The song IS Not On Top 5 Song

59 Everything I've Known Everything I've Known

How is this song so low? It is so underrated! It has a dark entrance and an epic lead on to one of the best choruses in the world!

Should be higher, at least in the top 20. :3

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60 Tearjerker Tearjerker

A very sad song that tells a story

Very dark and sad, just like my life ;_;

Beautiful and sad song with a great ending

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