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81It's Me Again

I think most of the people voting here haven't heard half of KoRns songs. How can swallow not even be on this list. The top songs is completely wrong, yes the most popular song but this is called top 10 BEST KoRn songs

This song is brilliant. Please help to get this higher... It deserves better!

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83Seen It All
84Never Around
854 U
86Another Brick in the Wall Pt. 2

Best Of The Best Cover You Can Hear Of Pink Floyd! Hates Off Korn.. Must Must Listen I Am surprised That The song IS Not On Top 5 Song

87Way Too Far

It ain't metal or just rock or any genre...
Listen to it once...
This is a disgrace for the song to be so pushed down the list...

This should be in the top 3! Such an underrated song.

Awesome song! The dubstep sounds amazing...

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88Ass Itch

Comon, this is classic Korn and the title ain't bad either. Should be much higher. - 8gerrard8

89Open Up

This has to be my favorite song. Everything is perfect about this song, not to heavy but also not too light. It is just right and I especially love the ending. It's so beautiful.

Underestimated I think, definitely have a listen.
Love the way they have some songs that nobody knows are golden

90Wake Up

The people on this list need to wake up and vote this song higher

Man it's masterpiece! Really so low?

This is one of KoRn's heaviest intro EVER! I love it. Wake up guys, this song is kickass.

91Next in Line

Gruesome meaning, great song though - youriv

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93I Will Protect You

This song is amazing, Jon Davis really pours his heart out into this song. And I can apply the lyrics to my own life, just like I can with almost EVERY Korn song that was ever made. This should not be listed as 92! - jarredshah


Only here, Damm! Should be higher, Alive is such a powerful song

Awesome bass awesome beat awesome revision great n the album one of the best songs on it

Wow number 89! COME ON GUYS! This is probaly my favorite song from the albumn along with break some the way should be higher on the list also. Classic korn, with that powerful chorus the way Davis screams on the chrous is amazing..i love his voice so distinguised.

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This song is so underrated, it's their most underrated song. Should be at LEAST in the top 15 on this list, some of the songs that are ahead of this has me scratching my head... Have people actually listened to this song? Do it.

This song is one of the best off the untouchables album

If more people listened to this song I would guarantee that this song would at least be in the top 10. The lyrics are good, the riffs are good, and overall it's an excellent song. I would recommend anybody to go look this song up on and see how awesome this song is themselves.

I'm certain that this songs chorus is the best thing on this planet

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96People Pleaser

Intro scares me! I love this song

98Kick the P.A.
99Let's Do This Now

I'm surprised this isn't in the top 10, Honestly what is this doing so far behind?

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