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121Starting Over

Guys come on! Are you f'ing serious, this is like the most mind blowing song ever! You must give it a try before overlooking it like this!

I can't believe that this song is at 114! It absolutely deserves undoubtedly a much higer place.


This is just a shame to see this so low, this song is one of their best and is definitely the most under appreciated Korn song ever

Come on guys
I know that that's not the kind of music from korn we are usted to know but this song is super

123Sean OlsonV1 Comment

Needs to be in the top 10 or 20 at least! It starts out slow but its an epic song

V1 Comment
125Lead the Parade
126Holding All These Lies

Beautiful song. I'm appalled that it isn't on this list. - NikBrusk

127Wish You Could Be Me

Not long, but the lyrics are so powerful, this is why I love Jon Davis and Korn. - jarredshah


Probably one of the most chilling introductions to an album that I've ever heard.

129It's Gonna Go AwayV1 Comment

Not my favorite but the chorus is amazing - Jonerman

131Last Legal Drug
134Porno Creep
136Punishment TimeV1 Comment
138One More Time

I'm not shocked this song didn't even make the list, but I don't care, cause it has been my favourite since the first time I sat and listened to Untouchables.
Nobody seems to care for this song and that's just fine with me, because it's all mine, haha

I agree the voting system does suck one more time is awesome, the lyrics are pretty dark along with John Davis's vocals, truly chilling and dark, great song overall.

Are you kidding me this is one of korns best track off of untouchables truly absurd. And is catchy also the voting system sucks!

139The Past
140I'm the One
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