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141I'm Done

What is this doing all the way down here?! This is one of the best korn songs ever made but it's a shame that its very unknown

142Am I Going Crazy
143Lullaby for a SadistV1 Comment

I love every Korn album so much but I must admit that this is probably their worst song

A wonderful and catchy song from Korns Untitled album. Very underrated

145The Game is OverV1 Comment
146Tell Me What You Want

The breakdown has an awesome riff

This I believe is a bonus track of the paradigm shift and is VERY bad ass! it sounds nothing like the other songs on the album. the courus is more old school Korn and shold be somewhere on this list!

147Intro - Untitled
149Love and Luxury
150It's All Wrong
151Move OnV1 Comment
152Burn the Obedient

The riffs on this song are some of the best I've ever heard. This is a total sleeper song but I think is their best. Move this up on the list, it's a top tenner for sure!

When I looked at this list, I expected this song to be in the top 20. But no. It is 139. I'm sorry, but that's stupid. This is one of the best korn songs ever. YOU ARE ALIVE!

The chorus and guitar are quite good - redbluedeath

Loved this song, first song I heard off Follow the Leader

154Let the Guilt Go

I fell in love with this song... I love the chorus & the 'letting guilt waste away' bit. Amazing song!

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155Children of the Korn

I love this song! From ice cube vocals

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156Fear Is a Place to Live
157Bottled Up Inside

SO much emotion, I love Korn, they are all that keeps me alive... - jarredshah

You have got to be selling me tacos right now, why the hell is this song at 145, this song in my opinion is one of korns best, the meaning behind this song is that hate and anger that is bottled up inside wanting to come out.

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My favorite song EVER! This song is so motivational every time you listen to it

"What do I have to do?
Why won't you please let me through?
I'm going head into
Something I know I will Fail"

Best lyrics ever

This song is so beautiful! Needs to be moved up! Untitled is WAY underrated

This song is amazing it should definitely be higher.

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159Bitch We Got a Problem

This song is so underrated, and deserves love! It's a true master piece, and is different than some of there other songs. This is my favorite song by them! Come on guys we can do better than 149!

I don't even like this song too much but it defiantly is not the worst korn song, not even close

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