Best K-pop Artists of 2012

This shows the list of Korean artists that we so love. Whether a group, or solo artists are included. Please vote so that we can see who are the best of 2012.

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1Super Junior

Singing, dancing, acting, MC-ing, DJ-ing, composing music and lyrics, variety skills, and many more! They do have talents! Multi-talented! They shake the world with Sorry, Sorry. They are the real Hallyu Star, the best Kpop Artist ever!

Super Junior is the best K-pop Artist.. Because they never disappoints their fans in their performances. All their songs are really nice. They have the best singers in kpop best dancers and rappers that I know. Even if they are facing many trials in their career they never fail in giving entertainment.. That's why E.L.F. really supports super junior till the end no matter what happen.. SUPER JUNIOR THE LAST MEN STANDING!

No need to elaborate! They are the best! Their music, performance are superb! And also.. Their personality.. They humble.. Appreciate their fan.. They are the king of kpop! Hallyu star, SUPER JUNIOR THE LAST MAN STANDING!

Big bang is best not super junior

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SNSD is the first female band that I know in Korea. I really like them ever since the first time I heard their songs and beautiful voices. SNSD Hwaiting & Make K-Pop goes really true on you all

Fighting GG! You're the best! We've to reach the 1st place!

Let's go Soshi! You worked so hard & we-SONE always know that!
Anti stop disliking our comment! ) come on ) really? /

These girls are legends!

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They totally deserve to perform. Doesn't their success in MTV EMA Worldwide Act tell you something? That they are really deserving of a world stage and that they have an amazing fan base which stretches out from Korea until throughout the entire world. I'm from Malaysia, and the time they came over to perform at Korean Music Wave(only GD, TOP & Seungri) I swear the crowd went crazy! They had the loudest cheers and also the fans sang together with them and the fans knew every single word of their songs! I feel bad for the other artists that performed but truly Big Bang owned the stage. If it's already like that with only 3 members performing in Malaysia, imagine if that happens with 5 members on stage. It would be mind blowing awesome I swear! LET THEM PERFORM!

BIGBANG is the best korean boy band ever. They so manly, they have good voice and nice. Really love them, hopefully they can be the winner

I love BigBang. I think they totally deserve to win this. They are amazing singers, dancers and performers. They know how to rock the stage and they know how to make extremely good music videos. They have been working so hard. They deserve it!

Bigbang is the best and that's true

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SHINING SHINee is super talented boyband
SHINee always give you all the best in they performance
SHINee will growing better and SHINING to all over the world
Always love-to your heart-juliette-stand by me-romantic-love should go on-hello-lucifer-love like oxygen-ring ding dong-quasimodo-replay

They are just so great! An shine so bright, LOVE them..
They have amazing talent!
Even I love other artist, but I just want to vote for them, they are really catch my heart, five of them are really amazing amazing amazing!

Love them so much! Great combo in sound and in style! I usually can't stop listening to them once I hear their songs playing on my playlist.

I sorta love shinee anyway - defrina

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Always keep the faith! I believe Cassiopeia still support them just like before. I believe even their did not win this voting but for me their still number 1 and the BEST among all Korean group. They good in singing, dancing, tall, good looking and humble and in order word, they have full package...

I think tvxq deserve to win because they are really talented and they shows that they can succeed even if it's only the two of them with out the other three. They worked really hard so we should support them and wining this award is the less we can do for them

Tvxq deserves to win, they are really so talented and powerful on the stage, with incredible voice and dance

Surely its dbsk as the pioneer of the kpop phenomenon All over the world.

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If possible, any cassie would want the real TVXQ back. So I'm voting JYJ in hopes they'd meet at top together as always.

Yoochun, Jaejoong, Junsu trying! Cassiopeia will always support you! JYJ no1! Always keep the faith!

JYJ, good at singing, good at composing music, good at acting, and of course they have a good personality, their charity action make me proud of him, their voice, their music, make me feel in heaven. JYJ Dae to the Bak

Simple, because they are THE BEST!

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BEAST will be the best forever and B2uties will always be by your sides. BEAST HWAITING! Keep up the great work, we will support you guys 4eva!

Beast may not be the most popular group in the world, but they're going to make it there eventually. Doojoon, Hyunseung, Junhyung, Yoseob, Kikwang, and Dongwoon have all great talents and they got so far in only less than three years and people thought they wouldn't make it since they were a "recycled group", and yeah they might've been in other companies before they joined Beast but making it this far, you even forget that they were kicked out. Those who don't know them shouldn't say anything to offend their fans, especially with any group. War and Peace will come out soon and I can't wait til it will.

Beast is the no.1korean male idol group.

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2ne1 is the best! The best Music plus the best fashion coupled with the distinct personality of each member, CL, DARA, BOM and MINZY, they have transcend over K-POP stereotypes and have made a mark not just as idols but as role models of woman empowerment in a fashionable way.

2NE1 equates WOMEN EMPOWERMENT! They are uber talented and very original. FIERCE yet soft and feminine on the inside. 2NE1 are the BEST!

They are the best among the rest. 2ne1 is one of the strongest and most talented in Korea so they are supposed to win this poll..

2ne1 is the best

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9Kim Hyun Joong

He deserved to be the one of the guest, because he's the singer, dancer, all around Performer and very Popular in the whole Asia! He is the best and "The Only ONE". His album break all records as a solo artist. He even topped the other group idol in terms of sales and Period of time in just 2 weeks, he was able to be number one, not only in Korea, but other countries, like Japan, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, even in Peru.

A man and an artist that we love and we know what to do, and also thank him for the joy that brings soul through his music.

The multi talented artist... A very humble man... It's worth of voting him! He never fail to makes he's fans to be happy... Please vote for him! Thanks!

Kim Hyun Joong is a great singer with amazing voice, multi talented having great personality, a true gentleman with so many good qualities like humbleness, concerned/respect towards his Fans, colleague, friends and family. His life reflects in his works. He is very serious about his works and take full responsibility of it.

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This group is really something, it has 12 members in it yet I can't who is my bias.
They must win the Best Rookie Award this year!

The fact that they are 2 sub units working as 1 makes them special in every aspect. I am an EXOtic and they have it all: Looks, talent and inspiration. They worked really hard to get to where they are, and they will work harder to keep going up the scale for us EXOtics. All of their songs are fantastic! Mama, History, Angel, Two Moons ft Key from SHINee, Don't Cry, What is Love and Machine. They are the best new group! [for example, Suho (leader of the Korean sub unit) trained 7 years before debuting, they deserve to be well known and admired for their perseverance and hard work. ]

EXO... This group is my ultimate flower boy group. They are so talented! Starting with Grandpa Suho, he has this soothing voice that can make girls melt in seconds. Then there's Giant Chanyeol, his voice is so sexy and his derp personality makes in so cute ^^. Baekhyun, His voice is rough but charming and his eye smile is too die for. DO's voice is insanely powerful and his owl are so adorbable. Kai is an amazing dancer and eye-candy. Sehun, that poor boy has lisp but, that just makes him sexier, and his milky white skin can beat mine any day. Now to EXO-M, Kris, "I can fly since I'm a dragon" that was so cute ^^ And his stare is like HOT. Luhan is like prettier than SNSD and I mean it and who would believe that he's 22?!?! Xiumin is the cutest bun I've ever seen he's the main/lead dancer and singer and let me tell you when he struts his stuff... I die. Lay, that unicorn... Is so SMEXY! Chen.. He can sing to me until I die and I will never get tired of it. And lastly our Kungfu Panda... I would get him all the gucci he wants to see him do Bbuing Bbuing for me personally. In other words they're a bunch of cute, sexy, adorkable that I can't get enough of.

I love k-pop group, all croup but for me EXO is the number one (1) for me

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Love them all. They're the first group that catch my attention. Love beast 2PM, love dorky 2PM, love cute 2PM, love their great brotherhood.

However busy 2pm may be, it does not forget service to fan.
And doing one's best in 2pm is always being continued.
Their singing ability and a dance are wonderful.
I aid 2pm forever.

2pm is the best performance. I love all of them, song, dance or anything.

They are a good boys. The smiles of them make me fall in love with them.

I promise I'll beside them until forever.

I love the way 2pm dances and catches the crowds attention.

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NU'EST is my hero, my love. I love them. They have talent, beauty and energy. Although they come from a small company, but what they achieve is really undeniable!

Accidentally opened iTV (1 kpop music channel of Vietnam) I saw "Face" of NU'EST. It's amazing how! From dancing to the song, their music and they style it's so amazing.. I never ​​impression on so, I never interested in any one kpop group. And immediately I was look for information in the Internet about Nu'est, Nu'est is wonderful. The most impressive to me is Ren, when watching the mv "Face", I was wondering "weird, kpop group have 1 single female member! ". Now I think it so funny. Ren owns of great beauty, which is why I was attracted. I hope Nu'est will come to Vietnam!. We will always support NU'EST in everywhere! NU'EST fighting! ♥

Love love love love love love love love love love love love
love love love love love love love love love nu'est thousands time

The most underestimated group of all time. NU'EST fighting! ♡

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13U Kiss

U-Kiss is the most UNDERRATED k-pop artist of all time. They are just amazing. If you don't know who they are, go look them up. NOW! They are so talented and their songs are amazing! Especially, their new songs. They work so hard, and have gone through a lot individually and as a group. Each member has something in them that make them wonderful, and it's impossible to like just one member. They make ballads, pop songs, r&b and so much variety. To be honest I wanted them to be on this list, but after all they are underrated, probably because of the company they are in. All us KissMe's can do is wait for the day they get recognized worldwide, and be famous ALL AROUND THE WORLD, and since I'm from America, if this were to happen my dreams of seeing them would FINALLY come true


Yeah I vote U-KISS because their Neverland Neverland is good ~ I like Neverland more, more and more than other U-KISS's Songs but I still like all of their songs

They are one of the best group in korean. I like the beauty guy kevin, charisma eli and cute dongho~

One of the best groups, undeniably underrated.

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14C.N. Blue

They were the only rock band that became extremely popular, even throughout Asia, oppose to K pop boy bands. They don't need to break the stage cause one song can make you crazy... CN Blue FIGHTING

Really outstanding among all the Dance groups in Kpop because CNBLUE is a band. CNBLUE always rocks fans and raises listener's emotion in LIVE shows!
CNBLUE zzang!

I really like them! Yonghwa oppa so cute ^^. They are so amazing and awesome group! I wanna meet them one day!

Best band ever! They are sweet and caring. They are so humble. Fighting!

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I don't know why is she at 35th place. She should be more higher position. I mean she's talented, amazing. How can't you vote for her? She is like the best female artist I have ever seen. Vote for her, U-ana

Awesome! Daebak! You always the best for me! Keep your struggle hard! Fighting

IU has an amazing voice with a big range of ability. IU Hwaiting!

IU is an artist who is really young but has a voice like an angel.

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YESS! B1A4 FIGHTING~~~~🌟aim to be the top because lots of people love you and are watching over you from around the world! STICK TOGETHER! I love all of your songs and they are SO addictive that I always annoy my brother with them! I love B1A4 SO MUCH OMYGOODNESS and I am hoping that someday B1A4 can make a song that will remembered for years and years. B1A4 FIGHTING! 😉

They're the cutest and adorable boyband ever! Every member has their own funny characteristics. They don't need powerful dance to become Hallyu Star.

They are just awesome :) BANA:) they are just so adorable and handsome :) b1a4 fighting <3 from Singapore :)

B1A4 is the best!

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I like there fierce dance moves. I know they are a rookie group but they don't appear like newbies. They have a powerful charm to them and each member of the group has there own style.

Bap have really strong voices, when I first saw them I thought they had been out for Agee but then I found out they were only rookies!

They have the strength of "Warriors" and the "Power" like no other. They may be young but their music style is great.

Forever with BAP <3 fighting

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We love KARA^^
Because KARA's very precious for us. ^v^

There are just so much people who judge Kara's singing skills, at least they have the confidence to go up stage and sing for everyone, I just want to state for those who always say they have no vocal skills to try and sing if they're so good, Kara debuted in 2007 with Kim Sung Hee, when she left they were still strong and welcomed the new members. They're like one of the most friendliest girl groups out there! They've improved so much and because of the news of them disbanding they stayed together as one. KARA FOREVER


Proud with all of what Kara accomplished, but they still deserve way more appreciation. They are the best hands down

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The girls of f(x) work their butts off almost every album that comes out and it shows 100% they deserve more recognition in my opinion! Each group members voice and style is so unique and different, that it isn't hard not to become a fan of the beautiful and talented f(x). I voted for f(x)!

They're music is very unique and up-beat they don't try to be very sexy or very childish they're music is something I really enjoy the deserve more attention GO F(X)! They're fans should be called special f(x)

Go f(x), I know just like your name, you guys will blossom like a flower and become so beautiful too

This girl group, their songs always comes with a catchy dance and a catchy phrase inside their songs like their song electric shock or nu abo.

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Although, they go for temporarily solo activity over a year right now, but their spirit still left... Thus, there's no need to argue about them.. About how good they are, the manners they show and teach their fans, the songs that still linger in their fans mind, how they dance and everythings... For me, SS501 are the best and no one can't beat it...

ITS501! People can you believe it they still exist.. Don't dare to turn over they still alive Lets make them to the TOP.. #1 Fighting...100% I'll give you my strength and I'm your #1 supporter I'm at your back HYS, KHJ, KKJ, KHJUN, PJM, my babies (though your older than me) hihi lets make some miracles, SS501 forever laugh out loud... FOREVER and Ever aigoo... Your songs really amazing Your voices not just a typical but its in the genes.. Born 100% original.. Not just you are a completely making me insane and lots of peoples but your voices which makes my hearts and soul flying.. I'm addicted with your songs and voices.. It was all Awesome.. A day, an hour. And minute and every second I'm addicts I need your voice to cure me, not just! But 5 of you combined into 1... Its DOUBLE SS501

For me SS501 is the best boy band I ever know. Song, dance, and their voice are awesome. I know, they are have solo activities now. But me and their fans never give up to wait for their comeback.

They are amazing and I am really waiting for their reunion they are the best in Korea

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