CN Blue


Jung Yong Hwa is one heck of a talented singer, musician and composer... He is a lead vocal that exudes charisma which is what is needed in a front man of a band... CNBLUE is a force to reckon with once Koreans stop stereotyping and just accept these good looking people are good musicians too.. They are young and yet accomplish a lot.. Just go first to their live stages and you will be convince immediately.. They have an interesting fandom too which is consist of not just crazy teenagers but one who actually appreciates their music... They are like the hidden card of kpop once fans gets bored with repeated overuse concept and start appreciating what real talent is...

I never had any interest with K-Pop although I've been hearing other a lot about it back then. But after witnessing Yonghwa's performance at Heartstrings. I tried to research his other songs and found out that he is a member of CNBlue. I was mesmerized by their songs. They were really awesome. I love their live performances. Their music is different from other Kpop songs. Its like version of Matchbox/Maroon5.

CNBlue had always been the best of all. Yeah, I have other fandoms, but still, CNBlue is the No. 1 for me. They always care about their fans, about what their fans think or what are they supposed to do in order to make their fellow Boices happy. But for me, they don't need to change. They don't need to learn how to dance in order to impress us (though I know that they're still trying to do their best to learn) 'cause they always had what I'm looking for a band. They may not even be brothers but they act as if they are, and they also care about their fans so much as if we are a family. Their songs can make me cry, make me happy or even get me to sleep.
And lastly, even when the first time I noticed them, I already knew that they'll always be my no. 1. Fighting CNBlue! ♥

This should be the top... Maybe because their music is too high for all listeners.. Their music are much more modern consume all type of genre, ballad, rock, r&b and others.. Yong Hwa voice and singing style, Jong Hyun skill at ripping guitar and music arrangement, Jung Shin bass using many style of effect, and Ming Hyuk skill at drumming and his ability to sing while playing drum also he can play drum with various style and tempo.. They should be the best band than others..

CN BLUE is such an amazing band, not to mention their outstanding comeback! Even though there have been lots of misunderstanding and criticizing about them, they pulled together strong and went through the pain. They always look out for each other having each others back, friends treating each other like families will be a long lasting band for sure!

Seriously I don't know why the other groups can be the top than CNBLUE because the title we are discussing now is about the "band" but not the "group". So CNBLUE surely is the best band in South Korea, there is an amazing leader with awesome voice in their band, they are 3 younger brothers who are listening and giving effort and cooperation to their eldest brother who is also their leader, their music is amazing and they are the first band who is launching the world tour now. So, I don't think other "group" can fight with CNBLUE as a "band" in this discussion.

Young wha is so talented for composing these amazing songs. Also all 4 members are taking their performances seriously. We can feel their passion towards music. CNBLUE's live is the best!

Love it so very much I has a lot of good songs... Good singer
And they are all super amazingly hot and sexy looking I
Would love 2 meet them all, it would be so amazing
I hope that you will love them as much as I do
Thank you
Amazing music

They are the best indie band for me, without them I wouldn't be able to play my acoustic guitar, they are the band that encourage me to continue play my music. I love them and I want to thanks to leader Jung Yong Hwa, because he said within three chords you can write a song, now I can write a song and play my guitar. Thanks to CNBLUE member Lee Jong Hyun, Kang Min Hyuk and Lee Jung Shin brothers. I hope they will continue remain in their band and continue write songs.

CNBLUE is amazing in every way! All members are extremely talented in what they do, they play their own instruments on stage and make their own music. They show their appreciation to their fans and if you hear them live they will actually blow you away and it's as clear as day that they love what their doing. The music is amazing and catchy and not to mention they are all hoott (Kang Min Hyuk <3). Not only that but they all act as well and are amazing at it (Heirs, Your Beautiful, Gentlemen's Dignity, Blade and The Petal (all hit dramas)). Jung Yong Hwa and Lee Jong Hyuns voices are amazing and their not just a everyday kpop boy group, their a band that must, will and have to keep on playing music for years and years to come. CNBLUE is AMAZING!

CN Blue has still managed to create great music! With Yonghwa as there leader, CN Blue is definitely a force to be reckoned with. I cannot wait to see what they do next. FIGHTING!

I love cn blue because there music is good.. And they are the best boyband than others.. And jung yong hwa is the best vocalist.. Just improve more to be the number 1 boyband.. Cn blue can defeat super junior..

CNBLUE always create great music! They even compose the songs by themselves and perform it. They will make a comeback sooner this year and will use a song YongHwa composed! Fighting

Of all the bands in south korea,. This group can express their true feeling through music,. That is why I do prefer to listen their music,. I so love their music,. They were all talented,. They could compose a song in a different kind of genre,. CNBLUE,. Just keep going! May God blesses you more!

I love cnblue! Its great to see kpop artists that can entertain people without dancing! They're a really good band! CNBLUE FIGHTING!

CN BLUE, 4 guys who love music from their heart, That's why I can feel it when I listen to their music. They are hardworker, always try to give their best on their performance, I believe CN Blue will be a long-lasting band

They're really unique and unlike other kpop groups, they really focus on their music and I have never seen such a group of talented guys. Their songs are incredible and not only are they awesome in the music industry, but also have made a name for themselves in the kdrama world too. They are the band I wish will stay together and continue making music until they turn 80 years old. Even then I would attend their concert, scream and jump up and down when every single hair on my head has turned white. CNBLUE FIGHTING!

CN Blue fighting don't let anyone get in your way! Wooh! The best CN BLUE! Cn to the blue that's right got them high!

I love CNBLUE! They were hit with heavy criticism when they just debut but they pulled through it together as a group. The members are extremely talented not only in singing, playing instruments but also acting. However the thing I enjoy about the group most is the music they create. I love the fact that almost all their songs are self composed and written. Jonghyun's voice melts my heart, Yonghwa's voice is catchy and perfect for the rock sound. I love the fact that all 4 members have distinct looks and personalities but if you watch their interviews you can tell they really care about each other. CNBlue will be together for a very long time to come!

I love cnblue because they have give a inspiration in my life.. They are very special and very talented.. I want they to be the top kpop band.. The song I like the most is Intuition, Try Again Smile Again, LOVE Girl, Love, Hey You n many more or I just want to say all of theie songs! CNBlue hwaiting! Love you~

With this talented musician, they really inspire people. They don't just have the looks but also the brain (composing their songs) especially the voice. Such talented guys, Best Korean Band ever! :) they have proven themselves with their album re:blue. Genius Jung Yong Hwa. Hands Up and the Best Lee Jong Hyun (especially with "Blind Love"). Ever Cute Kang Min Hyuk you play your drums so amazing. Charactered Lee Jung Shin you shine in your own way.

I like their group's spirit and their efforts. I don't know much about other kpop bands, but I really like their music, I listen to them every time is possible. I like the fact they are composing their song, they are playing the instruments, they are friendly and funny in interviews, they are really doing efforts in making connections with their fans, especially having a strong and constant presence on different social media channels.

I just love them! I love their songs every song. I can't even say what's best to describe every song they sang. I hope there is one song or more than a week. Is it too much? Hehehe I love them that's why. Although I'm can't attend there every concert I will assure that I'm always here for them. God bless and keep fighting in all the triumph that comes in your way. HWAITING ^_________^ Joyce is always here for Code Name BLUE. And by the way, blue is my favorite color.

They are being criticize because they are good.. I'm not a fun of kpop but this group is really good they are genuine musicians.. Love their heart for music..

Fresh and original new sound with a retro twist! I love CNBlue the most! They are lovely in every form!