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FT ISLAND is the best of band! They are different and multi talented. Their performance on stage is amazing!
Lee Hongki's voice is so powerful and unique
Choi Jonghun is the coolest guitarist ever
Lee Jaejin's voice is soft
Song Seunghyun is guitarist and rapper the best for me
Choi Minhwan is the cutest drummer
They are pure & young, they follow freedom, they share BELIEVE with Primadonnas.
They are so friendly with the fans and never ever have an ego characteristic.
5 of them is a band, a team, they assemble to produce only ONE MUSIC-that is FTISLAND'S MUSIC.
They music composed, sang and played is from their heart, that is why their music touches my heart.
Such a brilliant music!
They always try hard to improve their ability in music. At the time they moved to Japan, they can not speak Japanese at all and they only perform with a few of audiences. But now, they prove that they have grown up and their musics are become more mature!
They have great song, great band, great voice... Totally great things that can influence people to listen to their music... As they aged the manly side has been brought up and they can produce more quality songs.. Keep up the great job ft island...
FT Island is the best band, members are unique and special! Hongki's voice is one of the best ever, and rest of the band is talented like hell. Not to mention that they are really attractive young guys jjang!
They all have an INBORN talent and good looks, and complete stage performance, especially their lead vocal (Hongki), expresses the songs emotion through his face expression. &
FT ISLAND is the best band for me. This is because each member of the band has the advantages of their own. They have the talent to sing, play musical instruments and create music. With these advantages make them a band that is able to be independent in order to achieve success. With the assistance contributed by all members of the band, the songs they sing will have a big impact for the fans who are fond of this band. I am a primadonna for the FT ISLAND. 사랑'" FT ISLAND
Ft. Island is very awesome in any ways. They will make you laugh, cry and even smile Lee Hongki's voice is unique that is really hard to find in any other boy bands. Their combination of Japan Korea's songs is such a great one. I love them. I really do. Primadonna forever
FTISLAND is the best rock band ever! 1: they just don't sing and dance, they can play instruments. That's what we call TALENT! 2: everyone never undergo a surgery unlike those other idol groups (won't name names so I won't offend anyone) 3: they were the ones who write their songs and help in preparing the lyrics, musical arrangement etc. 4: they love primadonnas so much! Sadly, they were not that much known in Korea. I hope they'll be as famous as other idol groups. Their songs are great! You can always feel hongki's emotions the way he sings their songs. Jonghun is the best guitarist ever and he's super hot! Seunghyun, although he entered the group late, he's still good and adorkable and a good rapper too! Jaejin is the best bassist ever! He also sings on some parts of their songs. He's voice is very calm and sweet! And lastly, minhwan, the greatest drummer! He started with his cute aegyos but grew up and became a handsome guy! And also wonbin, though he left the group, they were still very comfortable with each other. you should watch their live performances and you'll also be amazed with them! FTISLAND daebak! Hwaiting! ~
They are really like the treasure for me and all pris... They're so amazing, especially Hongki's voice... And all of member have a great skill in music, they can play many instrument... FT Island the best! &
Such great music and vocal they had. they should be number 1 because this is top ten band. not boy band.
Best Rock Band Ever! All Five Of Them Can Sing, All Five Of Them Are Great At Playing Instrumental, And All Five Of Them Care For All Of Us Pri. , So Does Won Bin. They All Started When They Were Young And Now Look At Them. Ft Island Have Reach Their Dreams. Each Of Them Have Their Own Singing Skills And They Are Funny When To Comes To Question Like, " Were They Mischievous In The Past? All Answer, " Yes, We Were " Jumping And Laughing. I Just Love FTISLAND. Hong Ki, With His Vocal, Mischievous Personality, Ways To Make Us Laugh. Joog Hun, His Guitar Playing Makes Me Get Goosebumps. Jae Jin, That Mature Look Makes Me Melt, So Does His Voice And The Way He Looks Down On His Guitar Makes Him Look Cool. Min Hwan, Ofcoures, His Cuteness Blows Us Pri Away, But I The Way He Plays Drums. Seung Hyun, His " Good Morning Bob" I Just Love That. His Guitar Movements, Love It! Now Even Though Won Bin Is Not Part Of FTISLAND, He Is Still An Treasure Island To Us Pri. FTISLAND FIGHTING!
Ft island is the best. Their music is so good and full of emotion and so different from all the other kpop bands. Plus hongki has the best voice EVER.
FTISLAND IS THE BEST KOREAN ROCK BAND EVER! Why? Because all of them are multi talented! They can sing, they can play instruments, they can act, they can also dance! they are also endorsers of some products, models and they are true to each other. We Primadonna's love them not because of their handsome faces but because of their talents and nice attitudes
They have the ability to play music very well
And combined with the voice hong ki is very beautiful. Their songs are very touching.

FT Island is the best band ever! Hongki's voice just leaves me breathless is great! Powerful! And awesome! Seung's voice as rapper is also amazing!, the other members Minhwan, Jaejin, Jonghun are excellent instrument players and such a charms they are funny, cute and beautiful & I love their voices and how they perform wao! FT Island's performances are just AWESOME! I just Love them!
FT island is the best! They are such a great band, all of them together look great!
The are not just amazing in making records the are just as amazing at preforming live. It will blow your mind how good the are, Hongki's voice are the clearest most powerful I ever heard live. And the are all gorgeous good looking have great charms, and you can't help to fall for them. The are amazing and I wish them a good future.
Ft island is the best. They inspire me through all their song. Talent, enthusiasm, passion... They have all. I love them, love the way they cheer me up and make my heart melting. Ft island fighting! They deserve all the best things because of their dedication for the music of the world in general and kpop in particular...
Ft Island is the best rock band! XDD They're songs are not some words they sing and you could listen to but somehow their songs is something you could relate with too. It makes you feel what they feel. Aside from that, they also treat everyone like a family. They're not just a band that sings and perform but they also know how to be funny in many ways.
FT Island is my favourite band..
- Choi Jong Hoon ~ The best leader
- Lee Hong Ki ~ Cutie Vocal
- Lee Jae Jin ~ Nice Voice and Cutest Bass..
- Choi Min Hwan ~ Sweety drummer..
- Song Seung Hyun ~ The Best Rapper and Cutie Guitarist

Primadona love FT Island forever
FT Island.. Fighting
FT Island is the best ban for me! Their songs are really inspiring and they have the killer looks! They are so funny but most of all I really like the way they treat their fans. They are so friendly not like others... I've got some inspiration to them just like playing bass guitar and! FT ISLAND ROCKS
The BEST KPOP band to do a live show. Watch them You'll understand us. Aside from being talented, they are ALL good-looking without the help of plastic surgeries. They are REAL PEOPLE. Oh and by the way they're not just idols. They are MUSICIANS. They can make their OWN music.
That's true! I can't live without them! They are like making my day happier every time I saw them! Their songs, cuteness, adorable moves and everything makes me love them even more and more everyday, that's why they are always the first place in my heart!

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