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102Busker Busker

I love Busker Busker--their music is so unique!

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103SmashV2 Comments
104A-PrinceV2 Comments

I love them! However, not many people know about them. :(

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It shoul be in top 20's. Their songs are incrediebly awesome! Especially their song She Is and others. Clazziquai Fighting!

107Tahiti GirLsV1 Comment
108C-RealV1 Comment
109Led Apple

LED APPLE should be one of the best... I know you're thinking, I do not make sense... But they're really good!

I'm surprised LEDapple is not in is list yet. THEY'RE LIKE THE BEST BEST BEST BEST BEST DAEBAK DAEBAK DAEBAK group EVER! They're so amazing and Hanbyul's voice is just INCREDIBLE. They're not your ordinary KPOP band, they play their music by themselves and they're just really really really good!

I'm new with LED apple but they are truly amazing!
Hanbyul fighting


Nice girls who don't just think about themselves, always humble and kind! Lovely group, personalities that are down to earth, caring and fun to get to hang out with... I believe they will succeed one day! And their songs are really great to listen to as well!

I love them as two of thm are the same country as me, I hope they will grow and get more popular!

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Open your eyes people this is EvoL a band which deserves to be in a higher rank!

Their music videos may be crazy but at least it's not all show offy like Sistar and the songs are good anyway.

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New group they have good talent


Dohee for the win! Tiny-G is basically... munchkin version of other girl groups... Their concept is a bit off but they have a lot of talent and potential to be more.

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The main singer, Eunji has held a note for 11, yes.. 11 seconds in their debut song. Not only that, they were the ones that popularized the cute concept in Kpop. They also still maintain superstardom ever since they started all the way back in 2011.

Pretty girls singing songs of love is perfect

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117StellaV1 Comment
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