Best KPOP Songs of All Time

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201It's Okay - BTOB

A heartfelt ballad with amazing vocals and the lyrics are sentimental and inspiring.
Plus, every member got a good amount of lines.

202Lion Heart - SNSDV1 Comment
203Insane - Ailee

Beautiful and Rare like ailee

204Where the Wind Comes from - Kim Kwang-Seok

Absolutely Best Korean Song of All Time - peyman_eun

V1 Comment
205Break Down - Kim Hyun Joong
206View - Shinee

This is an amazing song. DOWN DOWN DOWN VIEW!

207My Copycat - Orange CaramelV1 Comment
208Letting Go - Day6

Loves the lirycs and when the first time I hear this song, the music is really great...

V1 Comment
209Jiggy - F.Cuz
210Hands Up - BigBang

... BIGBANG:HANDS UP! Me:Well if you say so, I SURRENDER &... BBVIP4EVERGDT.O. pTaeYangSeungRiDaeSsung... So amazing, talented sexy, hot, >. Utes there's nothing you can do but surrender to the sound of their voices and forget your troubles...

211Balloons - DBSK
212Let It Go - Heo Young Saeng

Let It Go.. Let it show men Its Young saeng World. I love the song and HYS.. He's voice really amazing. THis his solo album and I wish him luck so everyone lets go for Young Saeng My greatest voice ever.. LoVe him so much and good luck to you..

213I Love You and I Love You - Oh Won Bin
214Bad - BIGBANG
215Yayaya - Tara
216Getting Tired of Waiting - 2pm
217Man Man Ha Ni - U-KISS
2180330 - U-Kiss
219Fan - Epik High
220Hoot - Girls' Generation
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