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261 No Mercy - B.A.P No Mercy - B.A.P

The dance moves, though! Still love this song. My top ten favorites from B.A.P. Go something like...
10. Warrior
9. No Mercy
8. Excuse Me
7. Hurricane
6. Coffee Shop
5. Stop It
4. One shot
3. 1104 angel
2. Rain Sound
1. With You

262 Stop Stop It - Got7 Stop Stop It - Got7
263 Voodoo Doll - Vixx Voodoo Doll - Vixx
264 Beautiful - Park Boram Beautiful - Park Boram
265 Luv - Apink Luv - Apink

They have always been a group I listen to for refreshing happy feel, I don't care if people say they aren't good cause to me they are the best and some of their songs most of their songs are so uplifting that it brought me through a lot of bad times. If I was feeling gloom or sad I would just play their songs and I'm out of bed dancing and singing. Thanks to them. I love them so much they are a great group and I know they are genuine. They make you so happy with their down to earth simply personalities and they are simply beautiful. Honestly it is their down-to-earth factor that got them where they. They know their flaws and they work hard so no matter what haters say Apink is perfection and I love them so much(not even a guy)

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266 Catallena - Orange Caramel Catallena - Orange Caramel
267 Lonely - B1a4 Lonely - B1a4

I love the harmonious voices.

268 Apink - Mr. Chu Apink - Mr. Chu

Cutest song ever. This would be always remembered as time passes.

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269 Heart Attack - Aoa

Probably one of the biggest songs of summer last year for Kpop. Heart Attack was what made them solidify their position as one of the biggest Kpop girl groups of today

This song is wow for a band which was...

270 Just Right - Got7 Just Right - Got7

Such a nice song. I like how the song is about that you are just right the way you are. thank you GOT7 for making this song

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271 Airplane - F (X) Airplane - F (X)

How come I'm having to personally add this song?!?! This song should be in the top, it's outstanding and recognised as one of F(x)'s best songs! The song builds so well, the music itself is spectacular, and their unique vocals make the song outstanding!

272 Loser - Bigbang Loser - Bigbang

This song is song is so good.

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273 On the Street - Sung Si Kyung
274 Cars - Gary Numan Cars - Gary Numan
275 Bad - Infinite V 2 Comments
276 Talk Talk - Girls' Generation Talk Talk - Girls' Generation
277 Heart for 2 - ZE:A
278 Be My Baby - Wonder Girls Be My Baby - Wonder Girls
279 Not Alone - Park Jung Min Not Alone - Park Jung Min
280 Yesterday - Kim Kyu Jong Yesterday - Kim Kyu Jong
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