Best KPOP Songs of All Time

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301Poison - SecretV1 Comment
302Don't Touch My Girl - Boyfriend
303I Yah - Boyfriend
304Janus - BoyfriendV1 Comment
305Share the World - TVXQ
306Missing You - Teen Top
307Like Cho Yong Pil - Phantom
308Don't Cry My Lover - TVXQ

This is a very sad song, but so sweet... I miss the old TVXQ. I hope one day they can become the 5 member group again. I miss their harmonic voices. But I'm happy that Yunho and Changmin are keeping the music alive by performing some modified versions at their concerts.

309Lies - T-ara

I love this song, it's really catchy

310Change - Hyuna

How come most of the songs above are mostly 2ne1 and girls generation? They are good, but this song beats every SNSD and 2ne1 song. I wish there were more hyuna songs like this. Most awesome song ever.

Best k pop song ever. This song makes you wanna fight and very hardcore too.

311Coffee Shop - B.A.P
312Mama Beat - Lc9V1 Comment
313Candy - H.O.T.

I totally agree. A lot of these songs are very catchy, a prime example would be Mirotic by TVXQ. I was hooked for weeks! Well anyways, there are way too many kpop songs too just pick one that's the best. But I think H.O.T deserves to be recognized and at least in the top...15! Also, Teen Top did the most ADORABLEST cover ever! GO CHECK IT OUT. Oh, and watch the original too...please?

V1 Comment
314Monster - Super Junior
315Super Girl - Super Junior MV1 Comment
316Boom Boom - Super Junior
317Shy Boy - Secret
318Venus - Hello Venus

Happy and cute song

319Lie - CNBblue
320Hey You - CNBlue
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