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101I Know - Seo Taiji and Boys

Kpop music from 90's

102Girl's Day - Something

One of my all time favourite kpop songs! LOVE THE DANCE and song

103Twinkle - Girls' Generation - TTS
104Love In the Ice - DBSK
105Why Did I Fall In Love With You? - TVXQ
106Heaven - Ailee
107Bad Woman - FT Island

Hongki- one of the best voices in Kpop, and FT Island unfortunately, totally underrated, that's a shame, because no one can express feelings like Hongki!

It's awesome, how I feel myself, when I see them do something... They're always perfect and funny.
I think, that we, Primadonnas are very lucky, because of they are for us &"
I love them better then everything...
And SeungHyun's first mv with them... THE BEST SONG EVER (LL)

Unbelievably amazing. I love this song. Even my mom likes it and she doesn't like Korean songs. There's something about his voice in this song that makes it amazing to no end. Thank you, FT island!

I love its Music Video. It made me cry. I love Hongki's husky voice. They really act naturally. I like it :))

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108Love Revolution - CNBlue

Love revolution suh a wonderful song like other cnblue's song I don't belive how is perfect like this they are really rock especially in my head and where you are is wonderful I am a big fan of cnblue and always be a boice all of cnblue members are fascinating some time I think they are really humans I hope they are succsecssful every time blue boys you always must be perfect for boices we always suport you

Cn blue is a wonderful band with good singers and great songs,
Cn blue Fighting!
And everyone sing wonderful in cn blue, even the drummer Kang Minhyuk

CNBLUE are amazing! Their music own unique style! And they're very talented band!
CNBLUE Fighting!

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109Alone - Sistar


Love the harmony the group did and the voice of their leader is outstanding.

This is the best concept and best song sistar ever did

Amazing dance, amazing voices, amazing dresses, amazing girls!

Amazing, amazing, amazing!

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110The Story Only I Didn't Know - IU

The best song of IU in my opinion this song her voice and this song is raelly amesome! I like the Lyrics I never heard song likea the

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111Hello, Hello - FT Island

Annyeongiranmal Hello Hello

Ijen Goodbye Goodbye

Two different meaning of "annyeong" in Korean, what a wonderful song combine with Hong Ki powerful voice. FT Island fighting, keep moving forward, Primadonnas always by your side.

Ahnyeonggi raman hello hello
Ijen goodbye goodbye

This song its awesome. The vocalist which is Hong Gi has an awesome voice and his voice is energetic and powerful. The music is nice especially the opening when there was guitar. Try to hear this song and you will like it.

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112Why? (KYHD) - TVXQ

TVXQ is a wonderful duo of YUNHO and CHANGMIN.
Their powerful dance performance and the forcible vocal of "Why? (Keep Your Head Down)" are very attractive.
This is just an excellent piece of music of K-POP.
I expect their activity from now on.

How can you NOT vote for "THE KINGS". I mean even without 5 this song is absolutely amazing, how can Lucifer or Mr. Simple even compare? They do NOT show off vocal talent. This song DOES. Everything about this song is pure amazingness.

Keep your head down, just humble and show the best powerful performance dan best quality vocal and dance

Such an emotional song

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113Ma Boy - Sistar

I fell in love with SISTAR, Ma Boy is awesome!

Very good song! It makes me feel really happy and I especially love the rap parts

I really like the song, it's not boring and it's very3x catchy..after listening to their song you can't stop yourself singing.."OH MA BOY"..your the best SISTAR..Saranghae..

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114Lovely Dovey - T-ara

T-ara.. Love you.. The most beautiful girl group without plastic surgery.. Unlike girls' generation...
Hwa young = park shin hye

They are the best when it comes to girl groups, lovey dovey is funcky and fan. I love this song and my best girl group T-ara, QUEEN'S FOREVER

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115Superman - Super Junior

I think it should be one of the top ten songs. Its a song reflecting the struggles and triumph of a group miraculously succeeding in the industry. It represents the truth in all of their 13th glory members. If the truth shall set us free then why does the truthfulness of this music piece lost luster in our eyes?

I love this song because they really are an amazing band and they deserve to praise themselves! They aren't being egoistic, they are simply saying the truth! I LOVE SUPER JUNIOR!

This song is just perfect and so awesome I love super junior

Love the rapping especially Donghae

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116Hot Issue - 4Minute
117Heartbeat - 2PM

This song really is amazing! 2PM really awesome in this song! Their performance is super duper WOW! Their dance, the choreography is daebak

Awesome song and I love watching the choreography of it. I thought this would be higher on the list.

The lyrics just pierced my heart

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118Be Mine - Infinite

I can't believe that this song is not one of the top. Srsly. Suju songs are catchy but repetitive I'm sure many would agree. Infinite jjang

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119JoJo - Shinee

This is the song that made me fall in love with Kpop... So refreshing, not your typical dance/techno beat.

Best song of SHINee ever! Their talented, hot, funny and sensitive(emotional).
They should Perform there! They actually are the first Kpop group to go to London
For their concert! By letting them go there to perform will not only bring Kpop to everyone, but also making them proud

120Bubble Pop - HyunA

HOW IS BUBBLE POP NOT ON THE LIST YET?! Its an amazing song! People might complain that it's annoying, she's promiscuous, etc., but you cannot deny that it has all the qualities of a perfect kpop song. I am a huge BigBang fan but this is the one song I have listened to every single day sometimes on repeat, for a year and not even gotten a little bit tired of yet:) Its perfect to just feel good and dance around to!

Bubble Pop Is The Best K-Pop Song Ever Made. Hyuna Is Amazing And She Is One Of The Best Singers In Korea At The Moment

In my opinion, Hyuna is the hottest and best singer in Korea...
Her shape, her breast her back everything is attractive to everyone.
And also in Ice cream and Ganam Style.

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