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July 31, 2015 - Chithra is one of the best singer in the world. She sing all kind of songs and select which is top. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

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Ooveru Pookalume
No one could sing this song like Chitra madam... She s d nly one perfect female play back singer in the world... She can sing any language song without any minor mistakes also...
Good efforts. Chithra sings this song as inspired
this song explane
about what is true life
[Newest]Its very good songs

When Padma Shri KS Chithra first sang this song, she was still new to film music scene, especially tamil music. However, her pronounciation was very good. Not only that, this song is a mixture of carnatic and folky (naatupura) music. She did justice to the song by singing in accordance with the music and storyline of the movie. Whenever, she sings this song nowadays, you still can feel the same aura in her voice!

3Poove Poochuda Vaa
when I hear this song I remember my aunty

THis song from Punnagai mannan is very nice
My all time favourite songs. Nobody beat her voice.. Soulfull singer

5Chima Chima
this song is good example her sexy voice
I like this songs very nice song

6Oyila Padum

7Uyire Uyire
Chithra range of voice in this is song is extraordinary unbeatable and also she has not lose her sweet voice with that tempo

8Hello Hello Doctor


10Kattrodu Kuzhalin
this is very nice. this song make feel us to connect with the pure romance.
i can't xplain the romance through words to you. thanks for singing this song

The Contenders

11Thathi Thom

12Oh Priya Priya
She sung more songs after malayalam is telugu count it
She is great singer all the time

13Madhuram Gayathi Mama Hridayam
This song stands testimony to the fact that chitra can sing complex songs with ease

14Payale Chim Chum
This is an award winning song of chithra in Hindi language one of the most superb and nice song

15Kalyana Thean Nilaa.. Kaaichadha Paal Nilaa....
She is really a great singer, which is established in this song including her voice culture... Amazing and incredible song.. Thanks to chitra amma to give this song to us... Love you amma...

16Chinna Kuyil Padum
Cute and innocent voice of chithra is very nice to hear simply superb

17Kannalane Yenathu Kannai
One of my favourite song of chitchat chechi

18Idhazhil Kathai
Chitrha's tempo of voice is remarkable and very cute and beautiful.

19Ariyathe Ariyathe
Her best song I should say.. Here the content mostly supports her tamil songs, else I'm sure, it is her best in this list

20Yenge Yenathu Kavithai

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