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1Can't Get You Out of My Head

Part of the Fever album. Reached number 1 in many countries and flew to the top of the charts. This song is one of her best and most famous songs ever.

Song makes me act like Kylie on the video
Even the beat is singable lalalalalala

Now this is a timeless song. Just think about it, it was released in 2001 and it still sounds fresh. It's definitely her most famous song, it's her signature, but it's as well, one of her best. This song has some kind of dark vibe, you know, it's so mysterious. Not to mention that it just gets stuck in your head, you just can't get it out of your head. That "la la la" part is the catchiest thing ever. You just know it before you relaize it, like you dmight not know this song's name but you know that part. And Kylie nailed it, oh yeah.

I love kylie she is so gorgeous.

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2Confide In Me

Even though Can't Get You Out of My Head is undoubtedly her most famous song, this one is, in my opinion, her best, quality wise. Don't get me wrong, I adore Can't Get You... but I can relate to this song on a whole different level. It is brilliant, honestly. And it's amazing that it still has the same magic as it did when it first came out. If I were to make my personal favourite top, this one would definitely be no1. This song made me love Kylie even more. It's fascinated be since it came out. And its video is perfect. A perfect video for a perfect song.

Underrated song! This one proves Kylie can sing. It's perfection in every way
Her sultry, soft, whispery voice
The baroque strings
The twangy guitar
The thick drumbeat
The Middle Eastern rhythm
The length (could be longer)
And the dreamy state it keeps you in
Shivers every time -

This song keeps me in Trance, I'll be dreaming of her voice... And I absolutely love the high notes she makes a lot at the end :D

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3On A Night Like This

At first I didn't get the love for this song until one day when I actually realised what a masterpiece this song is. First and foremost, this song is so relaxing and at the same time, it is so romantic and it makes you feel nostalgic, it's like you've known it all along. When in fact, it might be your first listen. Anyway, Kylie sings this one perfectly. Her gorgeous voice just mix with this gorgeous track. And there you have one of her best music video that just completes this already powerful song. I adore it!

This song is so magical. Definitely one of my favourite of all time. It is so good that while listening to it, it's just you and the song and nothing more. I can't even explain -although I want to- what I feel and how I feel this song To everyone who says this song is overrated: my God, have you even listened to this masterpiece? If anything, this amazing song is nothing but underrated. It simply deserves much more recognition. Much more.

Beautiful song and part of the Light Years album.

Close to number one

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4All the Lovers

she got fourty and she still got the good voice
this song prooves that

Well, this is one of the songs that got me interested in Kylie. I'm still fascinated at how euphoric it sounds, it's just as if it was from a different world, a perfect one. Though, the enitre album is fire. It will ever be, I believe, because just like this song, it is timeless. I think this song deserves to be no. 1. Can't Get You Out Of My Head is good and all, it's her most famous song, it's her signature but this song is just that good. It deserves the top spot. And its video is iconic.Definitely one of Kylie's best, if not the very best. So innovative and different and good. It's overall ICONIC..

This song embraces all forms of love

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5I Believe in You

I will admit that I'm still a little mad that we only got two brand new songs on Ultimate Kylie (don't even get me started on The Best Of, like come on, not even include Timebomb? ). I mean, why weren't we given a mastered version of Loving You (great song, by the way, even if it's only demo quality but anyways) plus/or any other new songs? Or eventually a third CD with b-sides, rarities and unreleased songs? But, at least the two songs we got are amazing, I'm telling you. I adore both I Believ in You and Giving You Up. I love them both but slightly more I Believe in You.It is so pure and intense, Kylie goes hard. She would eventually recreate the magic of I Believe in You on Aphrodite album but this song is so special for me. I also love the music video. Kylie's like an angle, she looks gorgeous (she always does though, let's be real).

I Believe in You is pure gold, people. There's something so magical about this song, it kinda makes you think that it is outta this world. I love verything about this song, her vocals, the lyrics, its video. It is amazing, it's relaxing, it is a perfect Kylie tune.

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6Love at First Sight

I absolutely adore this song. Fever is such a perfect album and this song is probably one of the best, if not the beat one, on the entire album. I am so happpy that it got released as a single. Kylie was on fire during this period / era. Can't Get You Out Of My Head is amazing on its own, it is simply iconic. But Love at First Sight is, in my eyes, better. It is so fresh and just listening to it makes me feel so good, it cherishes me up. It has that effect on me, you know. I also think that its video is so on point. That choregraphy has always amazed me. I remember watching it as a child and getteing impressed by it. Maybe that's why I love the song so much, I don't know. As a side note, isn't it hilarious that Kylie has two songs titled Love at First Sight? (There are also two Right Here, Right Now by the way. Also an unreleased Feels So Good that's completely unrelated to the released one on Kiss Me Once. Just in case you wanted to know.) Anyways. Love this song.

This is (and will always be) my favourite Kylie song

The best kylie minogue song ever.

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7Put Yourself In My Place

I listen to this song most often. 10 times in a row at a time. The song suits Kylie's voice well as well as the musical accompaniment. Her voice her sweet and sultry, and then she she displays her vocal prowess that she pulls off beautifully.

I also like the guitar part the goes, "the, the, the, uh, err, err, err. "

Now, this song is the real deal. I think that '90 Kylie was the best so far, or at least to me, though I absolutely adore Kylie no matter the era, you know. But "Kylie Minogue" -the album- is by far her best album for me. "Confide in Me" is a masterpiece (and it deserves to be numer one! ) and "Put Yourself in My Place" comes close to it. It should be at least in the top five. It difficult to choose a "best Kylie song" since she has so many excellent songs. But it is so clear to me that this song deserves a far higher spot on this list. As I've previously stated, its enitre parent album is a work of art and this song is one of the best songs from the whole CD -and that means something. The lyrics, the melody, her vocals. Not to mention the emotion. I am not an overly emotional person nor am I a person who gets easily impressed but this song has the power to make me feel it. And that's one of the most important things when we're talking about music.

Soft, slow song, though really nice and relaxing. Can never get enough of this song! - PinkJessa

8Come Into My World

So Close, But I think this is my favourite song by her! For years, Can't Get You Outta My Head, But now I think this! And I'm listening to it now I think!

Come, come into my worl... Oh, yeah, I love this song so much, I can't even tell. I am so happy that it gave Kylie a Grammy award (not that it would mean something, mmh, special or unheard of since Grammys nowadays are just about fame and who pays the most. It is so sad, actually but that'a how it is.) It'a part of the Fever album and it was released as its final single. Personally, I wish we would've got more singles off the album. Like, for example, Love Affair should've been released. Love Affair and Come Into My World are among the best songs from Fever. I can picture music videos for both of them. Even though I love Come Into My World music video, I admit that I would have prefered something exotic, something kind of mystical, you know. The cover art for Come Into My World is amazing actually, that's the kind of esthetics I would have gone for. And Kylie would have perfectly suited it. But, in any case, it doesn't really matters when talking the quality of the song, a song that ...more

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I will vote for this song because this song is the BOMB. This is, in fact, Kylie's best song and it should be number 1 on this list. Why? you'd ask. For so many reasons. First of all, the production of this song is flawless, that's undeniable. The aura of this song is so modern and new and yet it's a pure Kylie classic. Then there are Kylie's vocals that are untouchable. Overall, this song is perfect. Sure, the music video spices it up a bit and that's not a bad thing - per contra. The only thing I'm mad about is that it was used as an anniversary track. Like, come on, why was such a smashing track? Just why? I don't understand it it, honestly, I do not understand it. They could've at least included it on "The Best Of Kylie Minogue" but no, they thought that that's what fans want, another CD with reordered already released Kylie tracks. No, generally, people want new stuff. I don't have nothing against greatest hits albums but only if they include at least one brand new track. And it ...more

Great song better than others tan some of those you have posted above. Fast, dancing -- I think that's what represents her. I think get outta y way should be higher up too. No doubt about can't you get out of my head though of course. But this song's great.

This is cool because it is catchy and has a beat like

This song is so amazing! It has such a catchy rhythm. It should be in the TOP 10!

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10In Your Eyes

This song's got to be on top!. I'm surprised that it's at 4! The beats are hypnotic and the lyrics are sexy. What more do you need from a number 1 song...

Her best song by her best album: Fever. Just love it.

Spent many a night out dancing to this track it's amazing

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Can't stop listening to this song. I replay it every time.

12Spinning Around

This is where the famous gold hotpants were introduced in the year 2000.

"Did I forget to mention that I found a new direction and it leads back to me" - Best quote ever!

First of all, why is Spinning Arpund so low on this list? It deserves to be at least in the top ten. Like, I get it, people love more On a Night Like This and that's a good song, for sure. But Spinning Around is on a whole other level. It's such a shame it is often overshadowed by On a Night Like This. I adore both of them, just like I adore Light Years, their parent album. But Spinning Around is so criminally underrated and I don't understand why. It's suhc a jam. It's so sassy. And that video is everything. I love this song so much. It just deserves a higher spot on this list.

Love this song its epic

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13Your Disco Needs You
14Get Outta My Way

Part of the Aphrodite album. Amazing music video and an amazing song, went down well with fans at her 2011 tour.

Best producer collaboration with Stuart Price to produce an amazing song!

Most underrated and popularity deserving song of hers yet. Very catchy, should be no. 2.

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I've always loved this one. She never turned her back on her "pop" roots, even when others were scared to stay on that path. This song is the perfect representation of that.

Brilliant and upbeat, makes you want to dance! Part of the album X.

I listened to this song a few days ago and I think it's the most peppy music I have ever heard. True words written by reviewers...
It makes you happy every time you hear it and just want to dance on its tunes.

One of the best pop songs of recent times

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16Finer Feelings

This song is so shamefully underrated. In fact, so is Impossible Princess, even though it is simply Kylie's best album. Every single song from that album could easily be number one -though I think that Too Far is actually "the best". Sure, Can't Get You Out of My Head is a mind-blowing dance song, All the Lovers is one outta this world type of song, On a Night Like This is the perfect pop song and so on. I could go on and on and on...and so on. Kylie is such a versatile artist, she's known as a pop star even though that's not the only genre she's approached. Don't get me wrong, I love her enitre discography: her pop song, her hidden indie jems, her experimental stuff, everything, in a single word. But when talking about a "best Kylie song / album" we should just remember that out of two equally amazing tracks, one written and composed by X famous writer and one written and composed by Kylie herself, the one that deserves the "crown" is the one Kylie ...more


The song from her album "Aphrodite" deserves to be on this list because it is a fun and catchy song!


Beautiful, sexy and sophisticated. Part of the body language album.

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