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1Can't Get You Out of My Head

Part of the Fever album. Reached number 1 in many countries and flew to the top of the charts. This song is one of her best and most famous songs ever.

Song makes me act like Kylie on the video
Even the beat is singable lalalalalala

Yes, The best one she ever made!

I love kylie she is so gorgeous.

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2Confide In Me

Underrated song! This one proves Kylie can sing. It's perfection in every way
Her sultry, soft, whispery voice
The baroque strings
The twangy guitar
The thick drumbeat
The Middle Eastern rhythm
The length (could be longer)
And the dreamy state it keeps you in
Shivers every time -

This song keeps me in Trance, I'll be dreaming of her voice... And I absolutely love the high notes she makes a lot at the end :D

One of her most famous songs.

3On A Night Like This

Beautiful song and part of the Light Years album.

Amazing to move the night

Best single from light years, hands down.

Close to number one

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4All the Lovers

she got fourty and she still got the good voice
this song prooves that

Dance, is all I wanna do, so won't you dance?
enough said

This song embraces all forms of love

5I Believe in You
6Love at First Sight

This is (and will always be) my favourite Kylie song

The best kylie minogue song ever.

The best kylie minogue single.

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7Put Yourself In My Place

I listen to this song most often. 10 times in a row at a time. The song suits Kylie's voice well as well as the musical accompaniment. Her voice her sweet and sultry, and then she she displays her vocal prowess that she pulls off beautifully.

I also like the guitar part the goes, "the, the, the, uh, err, err, err. "

Soft, slow song, though really nice and relaxing. Can never get enough of this song! - PinkJessa

8Come Into My World

Newer song than others...

So Close, But I think this is my favourite song by her! For years, Can't Get You Outta My Head, But now I think this! And I'm listening to it now I think!

Its spinning around my head


Great song better than others tan some of those you have posted above. Fast, dancing -- I think that's what represents her. I think get outta y way should be higher up too. No doubt about can't you get out of my head though of course. But this song's great.

This is cool because it is catchy and has a beat like

This song is so amazing! It has such a catchy rhythm. It should be in the TOP 10!

This song is actually... Amazing!

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10In Your Eyes

This song's got to be on top!. I'm surprised that it's at 4! The beats are hypnotic and the lyrics are sexy. What more do you need from a number 1 song...

Her best song by her best album: Fever. Just love it.

Good song
It should be number 2

Spent many a night out dancing to this track it's amazing

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Can't stop listening to this song. I replay it every time.

12Spinning Around

This is where the famous gold hotpants were introduced in the year 2000.

"Did I forget to mention that I found a new direction and it leads back to me" - Best quote ever!

This is second to Can't get you out of my head that I liked.

Love this song its epic

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13Your Disco Needs You

I've always loved this one. She never turned her back on her "pop" roots, even when others were scared to stay on that path. This song is the perfect representation of that.

I listened to this song a few days ago and I think its the most peppy music I have ever heard. True words written by reviewers...
It makes you happy every time you hear it and just want to dance on its tunes.

Brilliant and upbeat, makes you want to dance! Part of the album X.

One of the best pop songs of recent times

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15Get Outta My Way

Part of the Aphrodite album. Amazing music video and an amazing song, went down well with fans at her 2011 tour.

Best producer collaboration with Stuart Price to produce an amazing song!

Very good and underrated.

This song makes me so happy

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16Finer Feelings

The song from her album "Aphrodite" deserves to be on this list because it is a fun and catchy song!


Beautiful, sexy and sophisticated. Part of the body language album.

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