Best Kyuss Songs of All Time

These guys are really underrated but an awesome stoner rock band so I had to addv this list! Feel free to check it out and vote.

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1Gardenia - Welcome to Sky Valley

Awesome intro and riff, then a great instrumental section in the middle which slowly builds up for 2 1/2 minutes back into the chorus! - petrucci75hammet

An awesome Kyuss song, this basically defined the phenomenal stoner band that defined stoner, that defined music itself, I am privileged to hear such an excellent masterpiece.

2Space Cadet - Sky Valley
3Hurricane - ...And the Circus Leaves Town
4Demon Cleaner - Sky Valley

I actually prefer Garcia's vocals, but this song is just a masterpiece in so many ways.

5Green Machine - Blues for the Red Sun
6One Inch Man - ...And the Circus Leaves Town

Very stony. Great bass

7Thumb - Blues for the Red Sun
8Spaceship Landing - ...And the Circus Leaves Town

10 minutes of phenomenal stoner rock, starting with a massive riff before transitioning into a badass psychedelic section. All the best parts of Kyuss condensed into one song.

950 Million Year Trip (Downside Up) - Blues for the Red Sun

An amazing song to begin with, and then it hits the three minute mark... Wow...

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10100 Degrees - Sky Valley

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11El Rodeo - ...And the Circus Leaves Town
12Freedom Run - Blues for the Red Sun
13Size Queen - ... And the Circus Leaves Town
14Odyssey - Sky Valley
15I'm Not - Wretch
16Thong Song - Blues for the Red Sun
18Supa Scoopa and Mighty Scoop - Welcome to Sky Valley
19Molten Universe
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1. Asteroid
1. Space Cadet - Sky Valley
2. Hurricane - ...And the Circus Leaves Town
3. Demon Cleaner - Sky Valley



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