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21Lost Heaven

Why this song not in 1st potision?
This is The Best Song anime from Fullmetal alchemist I ever hear...
So don't be regret if you not hear this song...


Underrated song from L' Arc En Ciel! How is it that this song got no PV? The lyrics has a deep meaning and surely one of the best in KISS album


Awesome Promotional Video story line. This is one of my favorites from the band. Sounds very emotional.

one of the best songs of this band the pv is great too - ronluna

Love the song..the melody was awesome and Ken guitar solo..

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First song I listened to its amazing

The first song which make me impressed with L'Arc~en~Ciel. Has a beautiful melodies which I think eternal. Never get bored and have a spirit every time I listen to it. Can't describe more. Only can say beautiful

25Lies and Truth
26Winter Fall

This is what Japan pop/rock really is!

The intro though

27Stay Away

Should be in top ten... Great bass tab...! Great lyrics...

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28Ibara no Namida

one of the most emotional somg from this band. - ronluna

29Perfect Blue

This song should be in Five position all, no doubt about it. You must try it

One of the best laruku song they've ever made... seriously guys, you must try it

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31Alone en la Vida
32My Dear

This is such a great song, can't believe its not number 1 :S

Lovely makes you just want to express your emotion

This is my all time favorite L'arc~en~Ciel song. It is simply beautiful and moving. It makes me so happy, yet so sad at the same time, but I absolutely love it!


Preferrably the live version, its dark, tranquil and sounds incredible

34Shi no Hai

A very underrated, but genial masterpiece, my number 1

35Nexus 4

The song has the groove that I like...

This song is flipping amazing! I listened to it without knowing the name but after a long search I found it~

36Hurry Xmas

It's just the first song that I heard from them...

37Seventh Heaven

This song has a great energy. L'Arc-en-Ciel are beautiful! And Hyde is just an amazing singer.

38Garasu Dama

If your only now getting into Larc en ciel, this is a great song to start with as it defines what Larc en Ciel's new style of music is.

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Dune is one hell of a great song!!

Amazing! One of their first songs

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