Best Lady Antebellum Songs


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Need You Now
Very awesome mayn its sweet and touches my heart... When I was going thru a really bad phase I was listening to this song and I got a mssage from my boyfriend saying "i'm sorry, n I need you now" it was amazing
For me, "Need you now" is the best of lady antebellum it is certainly catchy with a very deep meaning. The very first time you heard it, it was instantly stuck into my brain and my phone, and until now I can't stop listening to it.
Awesome song... It touches my heart every time I listen it...
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2Just a Kiss
Way better than Need You Know its more catchier and is just awesome! Vote for this and not Need You Know because its better so VOTE NOW!
A song so soulful that it drives me to tears with the passion in it. Just another masterpiece from lady antebellum... Hope they just keep it coming
LOve this song! It is awesome and cute and sweet and aww! Heart
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I love love love this song
This song should surely be in the top five
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4American Honey Listen to sample

5I Run to You
So Good, So Catchy. Like This. Well done, guys. So proud
Great song.. truly deserves the number 1 spot
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6Lookin' for a Good Time Listen to sample

7Ready to Love Again

Unlike all other "We broke up" songs, this song is very cheerful as it say it gives you hope to love again, it is very catchy and the lyrics are just beautiful

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8Dancin' Away With My Heart
Great song... Never heard anything better...
Awesome, awesome song. Brings back memories for all of us!
This one should be at the top!
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9Long Teenage Goodbye Listen to sample

10Out of Goodbyes
Anything with M5 is great
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The Contenders

11Get to Me Listen to sample

12Wanted You More
Jon Bon Jovi has the most unique and best voice in the business. No one else sounds like him. All the new stuff sounds the same!


Are you kidding! It's the best of lady antebellum!
Hello good morning! It should be on either frst or second! Its awesome with awesome lyrics!
Thanks lady antebellum and this song is so nice to hear..
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13Love Don't Live Here Listen to sample

14We Owned the Night
You have to hear this song, guys!
Really, it's a great song ever!
Seriously people? This MASTERPIECE qt 12th? Listen to this, I'm sure this song would be loved by one and all, a perfect song!
This song should definitely be in the top 10!
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It's a great song...I never get tired of listening to it
I love this song, it's so meaningful. I've never get tired listening to this
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16Can't Take My Eyes Off You Listen to sample

17The First Noel Listen to sample

18Nothin' Like the First Time Listen to sample

19Prefect Day Listen to sample

20Love This Pain Listen to sample

21As You Turn Away
What a song man it deserves a better place
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22When You Got a Good Thing Listen to sample

23I Was Here Listen to sample

24One Day You Will
It touches my heart every time I listen to it.
This is the song for the brokenhearted persons. believe me, you'll not regret :"')
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25Hello World Listen to sample

26Things People Say
This song deserves to be in the top 10
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27Our Kind of Love
It debuted at number 50 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts dated for May 24, 2010. [2] It was first released January 17, 2010 as the third and final promotional single as part of the iTunes Countdown to Need You Now.
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28All for You Listen to sample

29Never Alone
This song is just such an amazing song. From the meaningful lyrics, to the texture of lady antebellum's voice. Such a good song and deserves to be at least in the top ten!
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